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L & O Power Cooperative is a cooperative, which means the company is owned by its customers and they vote in individuals to run the company. They sold 489,119 megawatt hours in 2020 from wholesale sales to other electricity suppliers. The electricity sourced consisted of megawatt hours procured via the wholesale market. They purchased 489,297 megawatt hours on the wholesale market. In 2020, the company made a total of $28,653,400 via sales via wholesale electricity channels.

About L & O Power Cooperative

The company does not have ownership in any electricity plants and all of the power that they sell to their customers must be purchased from other suppliers.

Energy Loss

Loss of electricity from heat dissipation while transmitting electricity and other causes is part of being in the electricity generation business. Suppliers are required to report these losses to government agencies who track electricity infrastructure efficiencies. L & O Power Cooperative reported a yearly loss of about 1.40% of the electricity that they transmit. This percentage of electricity lost results in them being given a rank of 1307th worst out of 3511 providers reporting energy loss in the United States.

L & O Power Cooperative Overview

  • Company Type:Cooperative
  • Headquarters:1302 South Union Street
    Rock Rapids, Iowa 51246
    United States of America
  • CEO:Curt D. Dieren

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L & O Power Cooperative Service

  • Outage Phone:(712) 472-2556
Energy provider of the year for Iowa, Mid-Sized Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Energy Loss
Iowa, Mid-Sized Provider Category
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Energy Loss

L & O Power Cooperative's energy loss due to business operations.

-1.40%Light BulbIcon representing Light Bulb.

Total Energy Loss


1307 National Rank

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L & O Power Cooperative FAQ:

What is the phone number for L & O Power Cooperative?

You can reach L & O Power Cooperative by phone via (712) 472-2556.

Who is the CEO of L & O Power Cooperative?

L & O Power Cooperative’s current CEO is Curt D. Dieren.

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