Solar Installer

104 Northwest 64th Terr , Gladstone MO

(913) 387-9474 | [email protected]

Solar installer Ampxr is based in Gladstone, Missouri in Clay County. You can find the company’s business office at 104 Northwest 64th Terr.

Ampxr provides solar installation and related services in Kansas and Missouri.

  • In Kansas, Ampxr services around 100% of the state. They serve cities such as Wichita, Overland Park, and Kansas City.
  • In Missouri, Ampxr operates in about 100% of the state. They serve cities including Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield.

Asking Ampxr for a customized quote is simple. You may contact their phone number at (913) 387-9474 or you may send your queries via email at [email protected]

Ampxr Coverage Map

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About Ampxr

Ampxr services in multiple states including:

Ampxr Services

Ampxr offers a set of services for your convenience:

  • Installation of solar arrays.
  • Solar systems for selling electricity back to the grid.
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Published: 2022-07-05