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Whether you would like to compare your current electricity provider, your city or even an entire state, our data allows consumers to see how their average monthly electricity rate and average monthly bill stack up. Each electricity provider is ranked by comparing other providers that operate in the same state and also on a national level. Cities, counties and states are ranked and compared to similar locations on both a state and national level, allowing you to get the complete picture of how. New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Columbus, OH, Washington, DC, Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, and many more are available to explore!

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Energy Emissions

We often have an idea of our monthly electricity expense, but do you have any idea what type of fuel is really being used to make the electricity that powers your home? We allow you to see a breakdown of the different fuel types that major electricity providers, cities and states as a a whole use for their electricity generation. Our data can be broken down into renewable vs non-renewable or even on an individual fuel type, such as coal and solar. Take it from us, the results may surprise you.

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Search your local area and see what electricity providers and solar installers you may have access to. Most states have regulated electricity markets, meaning you may only have one or two options when it comes to choosing who you buy power from. Consumers shopping for solar installers in all states and those shopping for electricity in states with a deregulated electricity market may find that they have dozens of options to choose from. Our non-biased, government sourced data can help you narrow down the options that work for you.

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National Average:16.02¢/kWH

Easily compare electricity provides and solar installers nationwide by leveraging the power of more than 1 Billion data points.

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Find Energy was founded by a team of friends who believe that everyone should have easy access to information regarding where their electricity and other energy sources are coming from. We are programmers, marketers and advocates for sustainable energy. We believe everyone has the right to understand how their energy is produced and how their monthly bill stacks up to their neighbor and the rest of the United States. We empower consumers by lifting the veil on convoluted electricity and energy data. You can read more about us on our "Mission" page.