Our Mission

Our Mission

Why we built FindEnergy.com

Flick a switch and the light comes on. This immediate access to energy is part of what makes modern life possible… but did you know that immediate access to electricity most of the time represent a fire burning off somewhere in the distance?

It is easy to become disconnected from this reality and its implications. This is why we started Find Energy.

At Find Energy we see our mission as having 3 parts:

  1. Take the immense amount of government data that is usually only used for government policy and make it accessible so consumers can make informed decisions about their energy options.
  2. Present the energy industry in a realistic manner.
  3. Make enough money to sustain and grow this project. We have taken no outside funding and are 100% bootstrapped by our co-founders.

Our View Point:

Candidly, we on the Find Energy team describe ourselves as “Frustrated Realists.”

The Frustrated Realist Ideology:

  1. A future with abundant clean energy is the goal.
  2. Modern living has created the largest energy demand in the history of mankind. To deny that demand presently or in the future would likely have catastrophic consequences on our way of life.
  3. All energy generation discussion should be based on physics… not ideologies. As much as possible we try and refrain from easy to grasp narratives such as “green” or “dirty.”
  4. Real world circumstances make the “renewable vs fossil fuel” conversation anything but clear cut.
  5. Affordable energy directly translates to economic growth.
  6. Economic growth is a necessity to sustain current ways of life and populations.
  7. We’re in this together.

When we started FindEnergy.com we were 100% focused on the adoption of fuels with low carbon emissions… that said as we have come to a much deeper understanding of both the physics behind energy generation and the requirements that we have as a nation, we have determined the most effective way to frame data revolves around two key principles:

  1. Energy generated relative to emissions. (Kg/mWh)
  2. Total Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI)

These two metrics work hand in hand and every energy source has its pros and cons.

  • Solar is clean, but it requires a ton of materials to produce, has a limited life, relatively low EROEI, and needs a backup power source.
  • Coal generally has huge emissions per kWh generated, decent EROEI, but it is generally cheap, and most consumers choose a low price over being green.
  • Nuclear has the highest EROEI, is great for base-load power, but due to stigma (possibly unwarranted), no one wants a nuclear power plant in their back yard.
  • And the list goes on.

The reality is, everyone needs affordable energy, and the cleaner that energy can be the better for all. We believe that a well educated public will result in these two realities becoming commonplace at a much faster pace than an uneducated public. At it's core, this is the goal of FindEnergy.com.

Nick Reese
Last Reviewed By: Nick Reese
Published: 2022-07-30