Our Mission

Our Mission

Why we built FindEnergy.com

Clean and cheap energy is what everyone is after. Whether you’re driven by price or personal values around your carbon footprint, our goal at Find Energy is to simplify your family’s decisions around how you power your lives.

Where We Fit in the Current Landscape

How energy is generated and sold in the United States is complex. Currently there are 3,585 energy providers selling retail power and over 5,415 generating power.

To the average consumer, they often only think about their power company when they are paying their bill, yet 179,779,543 consumers live in deregulated states and may have additional options for power that they may not be aware of.

Currently, we estimate that 61.56% of the power in the United States is generated via fossil fuels. As a consumer you may be led to believe that the shift towards green energy is happening rapidly and while it is moving in the right direction, this perception is also fueled by the major marketing campaigns put on by energy companies touting their green initiatives while the majority of their profit still depends on fossil fuels.

At Find Energy we pull back the cover on who is polluting, what amount, and what impact it has on your life.

Our belief is that informed customers make better decisions, so we’re doing our part to help present the data in an understandable and unbiased fashion.

Guiding Principles

Transparency, Not Just Policy: Much of the data in the energy industry is opaque. If you look at any of the government agencies websites responsible for regulating the energy sector they are focused at presenting data for policy makers.

We believe that by making this data more transparent for consumers we can drive more conscious decision making which leads to a more efficient market.

Carbon Footprint Accountability: While marketing campaigns may sing the praises of a company’s new solar field, the data doesn’t lie when it comes to understanding the true carbon impact that different providers have. We report carbon emissions for everyone from the largest energy producers in the United States all the way down to small town and rural energy providers.

Consumers First: Consumers browsing FindEnergy.com will see every known energy option available to them, regardless of whether we have a financial relationship with a given provider or not. We put the consumer’s interest above all else in order to provide the most robust information source on the internet.

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Published: 2021-06-11Last Updated: 2021-10-12