Ppc Solar

Solar Installer

Established in 1979


245 Paseo Del Cañon East , Taos NM

(505) 395-2244 | [email protected]

Ppc Solar is a reliable installer in Taos, New Mexico, which is in Taos County. Ppc Solar’s main office is at 245 Paseo Del Cañon East. The company has been in business since 1979.

Ppc Solar’s solar panel installation and related services are available in New Mexico.

  • In New Mexico, Ppc Solar provides service to about 0.16% of the state. They serve cities such as Albuquerque and Taos.

Ppc Solar can give customized quotation upon request. You can contact Ppc Solar through their phone number at (505) 395-2244 or through their customer service email at [email protected]

Ppc Solar Coverage Map

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About Ppc Solar

Ppc Solar services in New Mexico , including the following cities:

Ppc Solar Services

Ppc Solar offers a set of services for your convenience:

  • Installation of solar arrays.
  • Installation of batteries for energy storage.
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Published: 2022-07-05