Unrivaled Electric

Solar Installer

Established in 2020


3783 Bakers School Road , Spencer IN

(812) 361-3604

Solar installer Unrivaled Electric is located in Spencer, Indiana in Owen County. Their address is 3783 Bakers School Road. Founded in 2020, Unrivaled Electric has been running the business for 2 years.

Unrivaled Electric’s solar installation and related services are being offered in Indiana.

  • In Indiana, Unrivaled Electric covers approximately 2.17% of the state, including cities such as Bloomington, Ellettsville, and Smithville-Sanders CDP.

Unrivaled Electric carries products from various dependable companies like: Tesla and Generac.

Unrivaled Electric can provide custom-made quotation upon request.

Unrivaled Electric Coverage Map

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About Unrivaled Electric

Unrivaled Electric services in Indiana , including the following cities:

  • Bloomington
  • Ellettsville
  • Smithville-Sanders CDP
  • Spencer
  • Gosport
  • Harrodsburg CDP
  • Stinesville

Unrivaled Electric Services

Unrivaled Electric offers a set of services for your convenience:

  • Installation of solar arrays.
  • Installation of batteries for energy storage.
  • Monitoring of independent energy generation.
  • Solar systems for selling electricity back to the grid.
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Published: 2022-10-15