Electricity Rates in Nebraska

Electricity Rates, Plans & Statistics

Electricity Companies & Statistics in Nebraska

  • Population
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  • Total Production
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    41,254,459 MWh / 21.03 MWh per capita
  • Total Consumption
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    32,740,544 MWh / 16.69 MWh per capita
  • Total Production from Renewable
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    13,490,122 MWh / 6.88 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Emissions from Consumption
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    16,670,975,857 kg / 8,499.08 kg per capita
  • Total Production from Non-Renewable
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    27,764,337 MWh / 14.15 MWh per capita
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Average Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Nebraska

Nebraska residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in July.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.125/kWh$0.092/kWh$151.89/mo.$82.01/mo.
5th10.92¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Nebraska
13th$109.31Average residential monthly electricity bill for Nebraska Residents

Nebraska Electricity Fuel Mix

Nebraska's Electricity Prices and Usage

The average residential electricity rate in Nebraska in 2022 is 10.92 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 24.48% lower than the national average rate of 14.46 cents. Nebraska ranks as the 5th best priced state in the nation using average electric rate. The state is home to over 150 electric companies, but residents are usually stuck with only one or two supplier options because Nebraska has a regulated electricity market. Customers in the state have 0.61 electrical outages on average per year, with outages lasting around 41.27 minutes on average. The national averages for outages and duration are 1.21 outages and 122.99 minutes. Power production facilities in the state generate 26.00% more electricity than the state consumes, meaning the excess electricity can be exported or stored for later use. The state generates 32.70% of their electricity using sustainable fuel sources, which ranks them 18th in the United States for ratio of renewable fuel sources to non-renewable sources. The state consumes over 32,700,000 megawatt hours to meet their electricity needs, ranking the state at 35th in the country for total electricity consumption.

Residential Electricity Providers in Nebraska

ProviderService TypeResidential Rate (¢)Residential Average Bill ($)Residential Sales (MWh)Residential Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
Omaha Public Power DistrictBUNDLED11.57107.83,904,490451,868,0009,469,100.02
Lincoln Electric SystemBUNDLED9.8083.261,317,630129,151,390246,893
Nebraska Public Power DistrictBUNDLED10.40100.79844,38087,793,81215,767,756
Norris Public Power DistrictBUNDLED8.63141.2325,48328,091,000
Southern Public Power DistrictBUNDLED8.82123.52255,07822,494,758
Dawson Public PowerBUNDLED11.32149.39251,86328,519,079
Loup Power DistrictBUNDLED9.99127.94246,05024,570,000146,382
Grand Island UtilitiesBUNDLED9.7781.8220,24021,511,941435,461.65
Fremont UtilitiesBUNDLED10.9099147,37316,065,059603,706
Cornhusker PowerBUNDLED10.18160.64137,22813,973,588

Commercial Electricity Providers in Nebraska

ProviderService TypeCommercial Rate (¢)Commercial Average Bill ($)Commercial Sales (MWh)Commercial Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
Omaha Public Power DistrictBUNDLED8.86561.893,752,133332,522,0009,469,100.02
Lincoln Electric SystemBUNDLED7.81545.541,463,300114,326,236246,893
Nebraska Public Power DistrictBUNDLED8.24391.351,103,08490,894,81215,767,756
Northeast Nebraska Public PowerBUNDLED6.571,228.37217,04814,254,000
Loup Power DistrictBUNDLED9.56436.62207,70419,860,000146,382
Grand Island UtilitiesBUNDLED9.98353.88193,10719,273,550435,461.65
South Sioux City UtilitiesBUNDLED8.661,153.39155,11113,425,500
Cedar-Knox Public Power DistrictBUNDLED7.361,113.85132,4229,744,000
North Platte Municipal Light and WaterBUNDLED9.64491.13128,19812,353,000
Hastings UtilitiesBUNDLED9.27366.88108,52810,059,872619,017.18

Power Plants in Nebraska

PlantCity/CountyPrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (KG)Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Toxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Otoe County Coal 7,423,842.017,364,295,566.59991.98
Lincoln County Coal 7,242,8767,107,907,675.6981.37
Nemaha County Nuclear 6,830,538
Omaha Coal 1,723,041.011,813,238,521.871,052.35
Grande Prairie Wind FarmBHE Renewables (100.00%)
Holt County Wind 1,535,869
Adams County Coal 1,438,7751,606,186,108.81,116.36
Rattlesnake Creek Wind ProjectEnel Green Power (100.00%)
Dixon County Wind 1,230,640
Milligan 1 Wind FarmMilligan 1 Wind, LLC (100.00%)
Saline County Wind 1,090,452
Lancaster County Coal 1,036,8631,181,951,998.961,139.93
Plum Creek Wind Project (NE)Plum Creek Wind, LLC (100.00%)
Lincoln Wind 1,022,091

Quick Facts

Nebraska is the 36th largest producer of electricity in the US, producing 41,254,458.8 megawatt hours.

Electricity consumption per person in Nebraska amounts to 16.69 megawatt hours per year.

More people call Nebraska home now than a year ago, as the state's population has risen by 1.40% during that time.

Omaha Public Power District is the largest provider in Nebraska when calculated by megawatt hours sold.

Nebraska produces 14.15 megawatt hours of electricity per person in the state from non-renewable electricity fuel sources. They are the 11th highest state in the nation for non-renewable generation per capita.

Nebraska is the 41st largest producing state of solar energy.

CountyPopulationProvidersPlantsResidential Rate (¢)Residential Avg. Electric Bill
Adams County31,205359.02$123.30/mo
Antelope County6,2953410.12$146.35/mo
Arthur County434212.11$267.80/mo
Banner County674413.13$142.47/mo
Blaine County431110.29$184.22/mo
Boone County5,3793110.17$159.65/mo
Box Butte County10,842512.21$256.88/mo
Boyd County1,810310.95$118.28/mo
Brown County2,9032112.44$142.34/mo
Buffalo County50,0843211.24$146.83/mo
Burt County6,7223113.41$226.26/mo
Butler County8,3693110.65$146.94/mo
Cass County26,5983111.53$107.54/mo
Cedar County8,380428.29$128.41/mo
Chase County3,893511.75$124.74/mo
Cherry County5,4556111.86$194.55/mo
Cheyenne County9,4684113.37$131.16/mo
Clay County6,10449.32$146.96/mo
Colfax County10,582710.36$151.63/mo
Cuming County9,0133310.13$161.55/mo
Custer County10,5457610.35$182.60/mo
Dakota County21,582319.99$142.28/mo
Dawes County8,199313.23$196.53/mo
Dawson County24,1114311.29$148.66/mo
Deuel County1,8384112.42$127.70/mo
Dixon County5,606339.82$147.11/mo
Dodge County37,1676112.07$159.35/mo
Douglas County584,5261411.57$107.80/mo
Dundy County1,65459.90$130.40/mo
Fillmore County5,5515110.62$183.38/mo
Franklin County2,889418.85$123.33/mo
Frontier County2,5194113.20$120.76/mo
Furnas County4,6366111.66$107.98/mo
Gage County21,704318.70$139.19/mo
Garden County1,874212.39$195.38/mo
Garfield County1,8133111.39$163.17/mo
Gosper County1,8932211.48$127.63/mo
Grant County611112.06$279.27/mo
Greeley County2,188410.32$164.37/mo
Hall County62,895418.96$118.45/mo
Hamilton County9,42958.94$125.83/mo
Harlan County3,0732111.44$108.12/mo
Hayes County856310.11$130.08/mo
Hitchcock County2,616411.68$126.88/mo
Holt County10,1274210.88$121.96/mo
Hooker County711310.62$201.52/mo
Howard County6,47539.75$161.57/mo
Jefferson County7,240419.44$138.07/mo
Johnson County5,2904111.64$107.88/mo
Kearney County6,68838.89$123.56/mo
Keith County8,3353111.47$124.42/mo
Keya Paha County7691112.57$139.68/mo
Kimball County3,4342214.51$130.50/mo
Knox County8,3913210.01$128.23/mo
Lancaster County322,608378.93$126.63/mo
Lincoln County34,6765311.55$145.35/mo
Logan County716110.29$184.22/mo
Loup County607110.29$184.22/mo
Madison County35,585519.90$150.85/mo
McPherson County399210.49$194.94/mo
Merrick County7,66869.08$127.03/mo
Morrill County4,555612.64$161.72/mo
Nance County3,380410.13$157.27/mo
Nemaha County7,0744211.57$107.96/mo
Nuckolls County4,09539.35$148.27/mo
Otoe County15,9124411.55$107.53/mo
Pawnee County2,544211.53$107.54/mo
Perkins County2,858311.63$125.26/mo
Phelps County8,96849.23$120.85/mo
Pierce County7,317619.95$146.39/mo
Platte County34,2963510.16$158.08/mo
Polk County5,2143110.21$144.48/mo
Red Willow County10,7026112.93$117.80/mo
Richardson County7,8713211.51$107.00/mo
Rock County1,262112.57$139.68/mo
Saline County14,292628.71$140.14/mo
Sarpy County190,6041111.57$107.80/mo
Saunders County22,2784111.23$120.50/mo
Scotts Bluff County36,0848212.43$161.92/mo
Seward County17,609218.70$140.37/mo
Sheridan County5,127312.67$234.70/mo
Sherman County2,959311.14$170.07/mo
Sioux County1,135514.07$152.69/mo
Stanton County5,842410.59$160.32/mo
Thayer County5,034728.72$140.70/mo
Thomas County669110.29$184.22/mo
Thurston County6,7735112.32$202.22/mo
Valley County4,0592111.41$169.06/mo
Washington County20,8652111.82$123.59/mo
Wayne County9,697539.92$147.68/mo
Webster County3,395449.33$147.81/mo
Wheeler County774410.62$158.92/mo
York County14,1255110.57$180.83/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

For every person in the state there are 8,499.08 kilograms of CO2 emissions. This adds up to total emissions of 16,670,975,856.92 kilograms of CO2 emissions from electricity use, making the state the 31st highest for total emissions in the US. Coal makes up 48.14% of the fuel sources used for electricity production in Nebraska. Other fuel types used include Wind at 28.98% and Nuclear at 16.56%. Nebraska has 104 power generation plants, which is the 31st most in the country and 14th most when considering facilities per person in the state.

Conventional Hydroelectric
Natural Gas

Nebraska Net Metering

Of the 149 electricity suppliers in Nebraska, 57 of them report that they offer net metering. The state has highly restricted net metering and feed in tariffs that make solar and other types of electricity generation more realistic.

Energy Loss

There are 20 companies in Nebraska that reported energy loss, including Omaha Public Power District, Lincoln Electric System, and Nebraska Public Power District. Together, these 20 providers average a yearly energy loss of 3.42% of electricity generated. The national average for energy loss is 2.76%, which earns a rank of 29th best in the country for Nebraska in this category.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

Encouraging residents to consider installing solar panels can definitely be a challenge due to high installation costs. Governments can help ease costs by issuing rebates and tax breaks to their residents. Nebraska offers very limited state tax credits to citizens who purchase solar. The state has no all encompassing rebate program, but local rebates are available to many residents who wish to install private solar at their home. Fortunately, Nebraska offers a 100% tax exemption to homeowners who wish to purchase solar panels at their home. The state currently does not offer a sales tax exemption for the purchase of private solar panels, leaving citizens out in the cold for this one.

State Level Initiatives

Customers who are shopping for electricity options that are powered by renewable sources will have better luck if there are state level legislation that encourage green energy usage. Many states require renewable fuel sources to make up a percentage of the fuel used for electricity production. These stipulations are known as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). Nebraska, unfortunately, has no standards in place. In addition, there are currently no low income solar programs to assist low income families to install solar panels.

FAQ: Common Questions About Electricity in Nebraska

How much does electricity cost in Nebraska?

A good electricity rate in Nebraska would be anything below the state average of 10.92 cents per kilowatt hour. Anything below that amount would be better than most other rates in the state. Currently, the different rates in the state range from 3.82 cents per kilowatt hour up to 19.67 cents per kilowatt hour.

Where does Nebraska get its electricity?

Coal is the primary fuel source used for electricity production in Nebraska, making up 48.14% of production. Wind and Nuclear also make up 28.98% and 16.56% respectively.

What electricity company is the largest provider in Nebraska?

The largest electricity supplier in Nebraska by megawatt hours sold is Omaha Public Power District.

What is the average electric bill in Nebraska?

In 2022, Nebraska has an average electricity bill of $109.

Does Nebraska have a deregulated electricity market?

No, the state has a regulated market, where residents' electricity company options are usually determined by their location or state legislation.

How many electric companies offer service in Nebraska?

Nebraska is home to 149 electricity providers offering service in the area.

How many power plants are located in Nebraska?

There are 104 electricity plants in Nebraska.

What electricity companies are in Nebraska?

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