Ameren Missouri provides electricity for 424 cities in Missouri including cities such as Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, O'Fallon, and St. Charles. The entity is an investor owned organization. The supplier recently disclosed a total of 1,241,040 customers, 3,720 of which are industrial accounts, one is a transportation customer, 162,061 are commercial customers and 1,075,258 of which are residential properties. The average residential electricity rate for Ameren Missouri is around 9.99 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 25.09% less than the national average rate of 13.33 cents. This ranks the provider 601st out of 3511 providers in the country for lowest average electricity price. Around 32,119,373 megawatt hours were sold by the provider to retail accounts in 2019 and 5,476,692 megawatt hours were sold to other providers via the wholesale market. The electricity produced in the company’s power plants made up 92.42% of the electricity sourced by the company and the purchase of wholesale electricity made up an additional 7.58%. The total revenue for Ameren Missouri in 2019 from electricity sales was $3,092,827,500, with $2,854,814,200 coming from retail sales to end users and $143,728,200 from wholesale electricity sales.

About Ameren Missouri

The US average monthly residential electric bill is $120.11, while the Ameren Missouri average is 12.45% below at $105.16 per month. Electricity production from sustainable fuel sources by the company totals 2,306,089.01 megawatt hours, ranking the provider 68th out of the 3511 we track in the United States. The company is the 26th largest generator of hydroelectric power in the nation out of 3511 providers. Ameren Missouri is the 1st (out of 200) highest polluting electricity provider in the state and 25th (out of 3511) highest in the country.

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

Ameren Missouri has roughly 28,769,745.19 megawatt hours, or 82.90%, of its electricity generated using Coal. The supplier’s electricity sales efforts result in CO2 pollution totaling 26,275,402,536.06 kilograms, which is the 25th most of any supplier in the US. The company also ranks 34th worst in emissions per megawatt hour sold, averaging 847.69 kilograms of CO2 emissions emissions per megawatt hour sold. This is, perhaps, the more important of the two metrics. There are 22 power plants associated with Ameren Missouri in some capacity, which means they have the 1st highest number of generating plants associated with an electricity supplier out of the 200 providers operating that we follow in the state and 101st out of 3511 in the nation.

Ameren Missouri Net Metering

Fortunately, Ameren Missouri offers net metering options to their consumers. Without net metering, solar panel installation is significantly less attractive economically, as citizens have no way to sell excess electricity back to their supplier.

Energy Loss

Ameren Missouri currently loses roughly 4.78% of the electricity that they generate. This percentage of energy lost gives them a ranking of 63rd worst out of 200 companies who report energy loss in Missouri and 1346th worst out of 3511 in the US.

Ameren Missouri Rate & Electric Bills

Ameren Missouri residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in August.

Historical Electric Rates:

Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.145/kWh$0.077/kWh$212.59/mo.$64.55/mo.
601st9.99¢Ameren Missouri's Average residential price per kWh
1429th$105.16Average monthly electric bill for Ameren Missouri's residential customers

Ameren Missouri Overview

  • Company Type:Investor Owned
  • Parent Company:Ameren
  • Headquarters:1901 Chouteau Avenue
    Saint Louis, Missouri 63103
    United States of America
  • CEO:Warner Baxter

Ameren Missouri Contact

Ameren Missouri Service

Quick Facts About Ameren Missouri

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Ameren Missouri is 10th out of 3511 suppliers in the nation for total megawatt hours generated from coal.

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Ameren Missouri generates 93.35% of their total electricity production from non-renewable fuel types. The total electricity produced from non-renewable sources is 32,397,255.56 megawatt hours, which is 35th highest out of 3511 suppliers in the nation.

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The generation of the megawatt hours sold by Ameren Missouri led to a rise in CO2 pollution of 5,768,677,090.74 kilograms (28.13%) within the past 12 months.

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Ameren Missouri generates 0.02% of its total megawatt hours generated from solar power sources, ranking them 246th in the United States for percentage of total electricity production that comes from solar power.

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Ameren Missouri ranks 196th in the United States out of 3511 providers for total electricity production from natural gas, with generation totaling 245,979.49 megawatt hours a year.

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Generating 34,703,344.57 megawatt hours annually, Ameren Missouri is ranked 39th for total generation of all companies in the US.

Energy provider of the year for Missouri, Major Provider Category
Largest Producer of Renewable Electricity
Missouri, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for Iowa, Major Provider Category
Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
Iowa, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for Iowa, Major Provider Category
Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
Iowa, Major Provider Category
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Energy Loss

Ameren Missouri's energy loss due to business operations.

-4.78%Light BulbIcon representing Light Bulb.

Total Energy Loss


1346 National Rank

Ameren Missouri Energy Makeup

Ameren Missouri Coverage Map

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Ameren Missouri State Coverage

StateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.CustomersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Sales ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Rank Based On RevenueArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.% of Provider's Residential Sales in StateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.

Ameren Missouri County Coverage

CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PopulationArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProvidersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Avg. County Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Avg. Electric BillArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Adair County25,343212.13$126.03/mo
Audrain County25,388310.31$125.70/mo
Bollinger County12,133410.61$122.04/mo
Boone County180,463311.24$110.68/mo
Buchanan County87,364512.51$143.63/mo
Butler County42,478310.18$129.28/mo
Caldwell County9,020311.31$125.25/mo
Callaway County44,743211.89$138.55/mo
Cape Girardeau County78,871511.78$121.63/mo
Chariton County7,426612.08$140.74/mo

Power Plants Owned by Ameren Missouri

PlantArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.City/CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.StateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Primary Fuel TypeArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Production (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Emission (kg)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Emissions/MWhArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Toxic Chemical ReleaseArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Closing DateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Franklin County MO Coal 16,701,410.1916,858,861,735.171,009.43YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
Jefferson County MO Coal 8,264,1537,520,037,789.02909.96YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
West Alton MO Coal 3,610,201.014,464,376,823.841,236.6YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
Callaway County MO Nuclear 3,360,499No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Keokuk IA Conventional Hydroelectric 1,009,45962,246,084.6461.66No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Lakeside MO Conventional Hydroelectric 879,86254,254,760.761.66No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
High Prairie Wind FarmAmeren Missouri (100.00%)
Schuyler County MO Wind 494,03314,165,423.1428.67No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Oakville CDP MO Coal 243,643.37299,724,872.031,230.18YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
Pinckneyville IL Natural Gas 71,66942,373,291.52591.24No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Venice IL Natural Gas 64,83839,816,807.66614.1No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.

Ameren Missouri Fuel Makeup

CONVENTIONAL HYDROELECTRIC Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
Conventional Hydroelectric
WIND Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
Natural Gas

Cities Ameren Missouri Has Coverage

  • Advance, MO
  • Alexandria, MO
  • Allenville, MO
  • Amity, MO
  • Annada, MO
  • Anniston, MO
  • Arbela, MO
  • Arcadia, MO
  • Argyle, MO
  • Arnold, MO
  • Ashburn, MO
  • Ashland, MO
  • Atlanta, MO
  • Augusta, MO
  • Auxvasse, MO
  • Bagnell, MO
  • Baker, MO
  • Ballwin, MO
  • Baring, MO
  • Barnett, MO
  • Bel-Nor, MO
  • Bel-Ridge, MO
  • Bell City, MO
  • Bella Villa, MO
  • Belle, MO
  • Bellerive Acres, MO
  • Bellflower, MO
  • Benton, MO
  • Benton City, MO
  • Berger, MO
  • Berkeley, MO
  • Bernie, MO
  • Bertrand, MO
  • Bethel, MO
  • Beverly Hills, MO
  • Bevier, MO
  • Bismarck, MO
  • Black Jack, MO
  • Bland, MO
  • Blodgett, MO
  • Bloomfield, MO
  • Bonne Terre, MO
  • Bowling Green, MO
  • Bragg City, MO
  • Brashear, MO
  • Breckenridge Hills, MO
  • Brentwood, MO
  • Bridgeton, MO
  • Brumley, MO
  • Bucklin, MO
  • Bunker, MO
  • Byrnes Mill, MO
  • Cairo, MO
  • Caledonia, MO
  • California, MO
  • Callao, MO
  • Calverton Park, MO
  • Camden Point, MO
  • Cameron, MO
  • Campbell, MO
  • Canalou, MO
  • Canton, MO
  • Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Caruthersville, MO
  • Catron, MO
  • Cave, MO
  • Cedar Hill Lakes, MO
  • Center, MO
  • Centertown, MO
  • Centralia, MO
  • Chaffee, MO
  • Chain of Rocks, MO
  • Chamois, MO
  • Champ, MO
  • Charlack, MO
  • Charleston, MO
  • Charmwood, MO
  • Chesterfield, MO
  • Clarence, MO
  • Clark, MO
  • Clarksburg, MO
  • Clarksdale, MO
  • Clarkson Valley, MO
  • Clarksville, MO
  • Clarkton, MO
  • Clayton, MO
  • Columbia, MO
  • Commerce, MO
  • Cool Valley, MO
  • Cooter, MO
  • Cottleville, MO
  • Country Club Hills, MO
  • Country Life Acres, MO
  • Cowgill, MO
  • Crestwood, MO
  • Creve Coeur, MO
  • Crocker, MO
  • Crystal City, MO
  • Crystal Lake Park, MO
  • Crystal Lakes, MO
  • Curryville, MO
  • Dardenne Prairie, MO
  • De Soto, MO
  • Dearborn, MO
  • Dellwood, MO
  • Delta, MO
  • Des Peres, MO
  • Desloge, MO
  • Dexter, MO
  • Diehlstadt, MO
  • Downing, MO
  • Dudley, MO
  • Dutchtown, MO
  • East Prairie, MO
  • Easton, MO
  • Edgerton, MO
  • Edina, MO
  • Edmundson, MO
  • Eldon, MO
  • Ellisville, MO
  • Elmer, MO
  • Elmira, MO
  • Elsberry, MO
  • Eolia, MO
  • Essex, MO
  • Ethel, MO
  • Eureka, MO
  • Ewing, MO
  • Excelsior Estates, MO
  • Excelsior Springs, MO
  • Farber, MO
  • Farmington, MO
  • Fenton, MO
  • Ferguson, MO
  • Ferrelview, MO
  • Festus, MO
  • Fisk, MO
  • Flint Hill, MO
  • Flordell Hills, MO
  • Florissant, MO
  • Foley, MO
  • Foristell, MO
  • Fountain N' Lakes, MO
  • Frankford, MO
  • Freeburg, MO
  • Frontenac, MO
  • Fulton, MO
  • Gasconade, MO
  • Gerald, MO
  • Gibbs, MO
  • Gideon, MO
  • Glen Allen, MO
  • Glen Echo Park, MO
  • Glendale, MO
  • Glenwood, MO
  • Gordonville, MO
  • Gower, MO
  • Granger, MO
  • Grantwood Village, MO
  • Green Park, MO
  • Greendale, MO
  • Greentop, MO
  • Hallsville, MO
  • Hamilton, MO
  • Hanley Hills, MO
  • Harrisburg, MO
  • Hartsburg, MO
  • Hawk Point, MO
  • Hayti, MO
  • Hayti Heights, MO
  • Haywood City, MO
  • Hazelwood, MO
  • Herculaneum, MO
  • Hermann, MO
  • Higbee, MO
  • High Hill, MO
  • Hillsboro, MO
  • Hillsdale, MO
  • Holcomb, MO
  • Holland, MO
  • Holt, MO
  • Holts Summit, MO
  • Homestead, MO
  • Homestown, MO
  • Howardville, MO
  • Huntleigh, MO
  • Huntsdale, MO
  • Hurdland, MO
  • Iberia, MO
  • Innsbrook, MO
  • Iron Mountain Lake, MO
  • Irondale, MO
  • Ironton, MO
  • Jackson, MO
  • Jacksonville, MO
  • Jamestown, MO
  • Jefferson City, MO
  • Jennings, MO
  • Jonesburg, MO
  • Josephville, MO
  • Kahoka, MO
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Kearney, MO
  • Kelso, MO
  • Kennett, MO
  • Kimmswick, MO
  • King City, MO
  • Kingdom City, MO
  • Kingston, MO
  • Kinloch, MO
  • Kirksville, MO
  • Kirkwood, MO
  • Knox City, MO
  • La Belle, MO
  • La Grange, MO
  • La Plata, MO
  • Laddonia, MO
  • Ladue, MO
  • Lake Ozark, MO
  • Lake St. Louis, MO
  • Lake Tekakwitha, MO
  • Lakeshire, MO
  • Lakeside, MO
  • Lambert, MO
  • Lancaster, MO
  • Lathrop, MO
  • Lawson, MO
  • Leadington, MO
  • Leadwood, MO
  • Leonard, MO
  • Leslie, MO
  • Lewistown, MO
  • Liberty, MO
  • Lilbourn, MO
  • Linn, MO
  • Lohman, MO
  • Louisiana, MO
  • Lupus, MO
  • Luray, MO
  • Macon, MO
  • Malden, MO
  • Manchester, MO
  • Maplewood, MO
  • Marble Hill, MO
  • Marceline, MO
  • Marlborough, MO
  • Marston, MO
  • Marthasville, MO
  • Martinsburg, MO
  • Maryland Heights, MO
  • Matthews, MO
  • Maysville, MO
  • McBaine, MO
  • McFall, MO
  • McKittrick, MO
  • Memphis, MO
  • Meta, MO
  • Mexico, MO
  • Middletown, MO
  • Millard, MO
  • Miner, MO
  • Mineral Point, MO
  • Miramiguoa Park, MO
  • Moberly, MO
  • Mokane, MO
  • Moline Acres, MO
  • Montgomery City, MO
  • Monticello, MO
  • Morehouse, MO
  • Morley, MO
  • Morrison, MO
  • Mosby, MO
  • Moscow Mills, MO
  • New Bloomfield, MO
  • New Cambria, MO
  • New Florence, MO
  • New Haven, MO
  • New London, MO
  • New Madrid, MO
  • New Melle, MO
  • Newark, MO
  • Normandy, MO
  • North Lilbourn, MO
  • Northwoods, MO
  • Norwood Court, MO
  • Novelty, MO
  • Novinger, MO
  • O'Fallon, MO
  • Oak Grove Village, MO
  • Oakland, MO
  • Old Monroe, MO
  • Olean, MO
  • Olivette, MO
  • Olympian Village, MO
  • Oran, MO
  • Osage Beach, MO
  • Osborn, MO
  • Overland, MO
  • Owensville, MO
  • Pacific, MO
  • Pagedale, MO
  • Park Hills, MO
  • Parkdale, MO
  • Parkway, MO
  • Parma, MO
  • Pasadena Hills, MO
  • Pasadena Park, MO
  • Pascola, MO
  • Pattonsburg, MO
  • Paynesville, MO
  • Peaceful Village, MO
  • Pendleton, MO
  • Penermon, MO
  • Perry, MO
  • Pevely, MO
  • Pierpont, MO
  • Pilot Knob, MO
  • Pine Lawn, MO
  • Pinhook, MO
  • Platte City, MO
  • Plattsburg, MO
  • Polo, MO
  • Poplar Bluff, MO
  • Portage Des Sioux, MO
  • Portageville, MO
  • Potosi, MO
  • Prairie Home, MO
  • Prathersville, MO
  • Queen City, MO
  • Renick, MO
  • Revere, MO
  • Rhineland, MO
  • Richmond Heights, MO
  • Ridgely, MO
  • Risco, MO
  • Riverview, MO
  • Rives, MO
  • Rocheport, MO
  • Rock Hill, MO
  • Rosebud, MO
  • Rush Hill, MO
  • Russellville, MO
  • Rutledge, MO
  • Scotsdale, MO
  • Scott City, MO
  • Senath, MO
  • Shelbina, MO
  • Shelbyville, MO
  • Shrewsbury, MO
  • Sikeston, MO
  • Silex, MO
  • Smithville, MO
  • South Gifford, MO
  • South Gorin, MO
  • St. Ann, MO
  • St. Charles, MO
  • St. Clair, MO
  • St. Elizabeth, MO
  • St. John, MO
  • St. Louis, MO
  • St. Martins, MO
  • St. Paul, MO
  • St. Peters, MO
  • St. Thomas, MO
  • Steele, MO
  • Stewartsville, MO
  • Sturgeon, MO
  • Sullivan, MO
  • Sunset Hills, MO
  • Sycamore Hills, MO
  • Tallapoosa, MO
  • Taos, MO
  • Tarrants, MO
  • Three Creeks, MO
  • Town and Country, MO
  • Trimble, MO
  • Troy, MO
  • Truesdale, MO
  • Truxton, MO
  • Turney, MO
  • Tuscumbia, MO
  • Twin Oaks, MO
  • Union, MO
  • Union Star, MO
  • University City, MO
  • Uplands Park, MO
  • Valley Park, MO
  • Vandalia, MO
  • Vandiver, MO
  • Vanduser, MO
  • Velda City, MO
  • Velda Village Hills, MO
  • Viburnum, MO
  • Vienna, MO
  • Vinita Park, MO
  • Wardell, MO
  • Wardsville, MO
  • Warrenton, MO
  • Warson Woods, MO
  • Washington, MO
  • Wayland, MO
  • Weatherby, MO
  • Webster Groves, MO
  • Weldon Spring, MO
  • Weldon Spring Heights, MO
  • Wellston, MO
  • Wellsville, MO
  • Wentzville, MO
  • West Alton, MO
  • Westphalia, MO
  • Westwood, MO
  • Whiteside, MO
  • Whitewater, MO
  • Wilbur Park, MO
  • Wildwood, MO
  • Wilson City, MO
  • Winchester, MO
  • Winfield, MO
  • Wood Heights, MO
  • Woodson Terrace, MO
  • Wooldridge, MO
  • Wright City, MO
  • Wyaconda, MO
  • Wyatt, MO

* City coverage generated based on government data. Always verify you can get service from the provider.

Ameren Missouri Reviews

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Ameren Missouri FAQ:

What percentage of Ameren Missouri’s electricity is produced using renewable fuels?

Power plants owned by or associated with Ameren Missouri produce 6.65% of their electricity from renewable fuel sources.

What cities does Ameren Missouri sell electricity to?

Ameren Missouri has customers in 424 cities.

What is the average electricity rate for Ameren Missouri customers?

Ameren Missouris current average electricity rate is 9.99 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh), compared to the average Missouri rate of 10.88 cents and the average national rate of 13.33 cents.

How many power plants are owned by or associated with Ameren Missouri?

There are 22 power plants owned by or associated Ameren Missouri.

What is the average bill for Ameren Missouri customers each month?

Customers of Ameren Missouri pay, on average, a monthly bill of $105.16.

Who is the CEO of Ameren Missouri?

Ameren Missouri’s CEO is Warner Baxter.

What percentage of Ameren Missouri’s electricity is produced using nonrenewable fuels?

Power generation facilities owned by or associated with Ameren Missouri generate 93.35% of their electricity using nonrenewable fuel types.

What is the phone number for Ameren Missouri?

You can reach Ameren Missouri by phone via (877) 263-7361.

How many counties does Ameren Missouri provider electricity in?

Ameren Missouri offers service in 60 countiesUS.

Does Ameren Missouri have a parent company?

Ameren is the owner of Ameren Missouri.

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