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Backyard Farms is a retail power marketer, which is a company that offers their services in deregulated electricity markets where customers can choose from a multitude electricity providers. They sold 48,543 megawatt hours in 2019 via retail accounts. The electricity sourced by the supplier primarily came from megawatt hours that they acquired by way of the wholesale electricity market. They purchased 48,543 wholesale megawatt hours. The company made $2,687,400 in total revenue for 2019 through retail electricity sales alone.

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Backyard Farms Overview

  • Company Type:Retail Power Marketer
  • Headquarters:131 River Road
    Madison, Maine 04950
    United States of America
  • CEO:Stuart Jablon

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      Quick Facts About Backyard Farms

      Backyard Farms has no electricity generation sources and must purchase all of the electricity they sell to customers.

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      Backyard Farms FAQ:

      Who is the CEO of Backyard Farms?

      The current CEO of Backyard Farms is Stuart Jablon.

      What is the phone number for Backyard Farms?

      The Backyard Farms phone number is (207) 696-5300.

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      Published: 2022-03-13