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About Luminant Energy

Luminant Energy is a wholesale power marketer, which means they sell electricity on the wholesale market. In 2021 Luminant Energy sold 96.33% of their disposition to other providers in the wholesale market. During the same timeframe, the company procured 89,787,368 megawatt hours via wholesale channels. In 2021, Luminant Energy earned $4,635,641,000 in total revenue solely through wholesale electricity sales.

Energy Loss

Electricity suppliers routinely submit data for energy lost through heat dissipation and other causes to government agencies who track infrastructure efficiencies. Luminant Energy recently reported a loss of 3.67% of the total electricity production total. Luminant Energy's energy loss amounts give them a ranking of 40th best out of 3509 in the nation.

Luminant Energy Overview

  • Company Type:Wholesale Power Marketer
  • Parent Company:Vistra Energy
  • Headquarters:6555 Sierra Drive
    Irving, Texas 75039
    United States of America
  • CEO:Mac McFarland

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Quick Facts About Luminant Energy

Luminant Energy's generation facilities produce 25,612,990.05 megawatt hours using natural gas.

Luminant Energy is 413th in the country out of the 3509 when considering the percentage of their fuel usage that comes from sustainable fuel sources.

Luminant Energy generates 72,033,501.08 megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel sources, which is 16th out of 3509 companies in the United States.

Luminant Energy ranks 9th in the nation out of 3509 electric companies in megawatt hours produced from coal usage.

As the 17th largest generator of electricity in the United States, Luminant Energy produces 72,814,366.08 megawatt hours of electricity.

Luminant Energy is 12th out of 3509 companies in the United States for megawatt hours generated from nuclear power sources.

Energy Loss

Luminant Energy's energy loss due to business operations.


Total Energy Loss


647 National Rank

Luminant Energy Energy Makeup

Power Plants Owned by Luminant Energy

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (kg)Emissions/MWhToxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Somervell County TX Nuclear 19,587,982
Robertson County TX Coal 12,824,139.113,125,079,994.461,023.47
Rusk County TX Coal 12,040,484.9713,394,115,725.951,112.42
Forney Energy CenterLuminant Energy (100.00%)
Kaufman County TX Natural Gas 10,304,5023,963,971,991384.68
Odessa-Ector Power PlantLuminant Energy (100.00%)
Ector County TX Natural Gas 6,696,2102,477,969,969.86370.06
Lamar Power ProjectLuminant Energy (100.00%)
Paris TX Natural Gas 5,306,1092,012,841,765.06379.34
Goliad County TX Coal 1,992,846.012,099,376,748.311,053.46
Pleasants Energy LLCLuminant Energy (100.00%)
Pleasants County WV Natural Gas 1,412,002789,593,273.36559.2
Hopewell CogenerationLuminant Energy (100.00%)
Hopewell VA Natural Gas 703,694340,697,996.84484.16
Castle Gap Solar HybridLuminant Energy (100.00%)
Upton County TX Solar 412,371

Luminant Energy Fuel Makeup

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Distillate Fuel Oil

Luminant Energy Reviews

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Luminant Energy FAQ:

What is the phone number for Luminant Energy?

You can reach Luminant Energy by phone via (214) 812-4600.

What percentage of Luminant Energy's electricity is produced using renewable fuel sources?

Luminant Energy produces 1.07% of their electricity using renewable fuel sources.

How many power plants are owned by or associated with Luminant Energy?

There are 12 power plants associated with or owned by Luminant Energy.

Does Luminant Energy have a parent company?

Luminant Energy is a subsidiary of Vistra Energy.

Who is the CEO of Luminant Energy?

The current CEO of Luminant Energy is Mac McFarland.

What percentage of Luminant Energy's electricity is generated using nonrenewable fuel sources?

Luminant Energy generates 98.93% of their electricity from nonrenewable fuels.

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Published: 2022-03-13