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About M&A Electric

M&A Electric is an electric cooperative. This means the company is owned by the customers it serves. Of the 1,732,893 megawatt hours M&A Electric sold and dispossessed, 1,732,893 were by way of wholesale channels. The electricity they sourced consisted of megawatt hours that they purchased by way of wholesale channels. They purchased 1,732,893 on the wholesale market. In 2020, the company earned $92,918,500 via sales to wholesale customers. Their total revenue from electricity related activities was $92,922,600.

M&A Electric Overview

  • Company Type:Cooperative
  • Headquarters:4169 Highway PP
    Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901
    United States of America
  • CEO:Daryl Sorrell

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    Quick Facts About M&A Electric

    M&A Electric participates in the wholesale electricity market, purchasing electricity generated by other suppliers and then reselling to their end users.

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    M&A Electric FAQ:

    What is the phone number for M&A Electric?

    M&A Electric's customer service phone number is (573) 785-9651

    Who is the CEO of M&A Electric?

    The current CEO of M&A Electric is Daryl Sorrell.

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    Published: 2022-03-13