M&A Electric is a cooperative. This means the company is owned by the customers it serves. Roughly 1,732,893 megawatt hours were sold to other providers through whole channels in 2020. During the same timeframe, the supplier obtained 1,732,893 megawatt hours via wholesale electricity channels. The revenue for M&A Electric for 2020 from electricity sales was $92,922,600, with $92,918,500 coming from sales to the wholesale electricity market.

About M&A Electric

The company currently does not generate any of the electricity that they sell. Instead, they must purchase that electricity at wholesale prices and then resell it at a higher rate to end customers.

M&A Electric Overview

  • Company Type:Cooperative
  • Headquarters:PO Box 670
    Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63902
    United States of America
  • CEO:Daryl Sorrell

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    M&A Electric FAQ:

    Who is the CEO of M&A Electric?

    Daryl Sorrell is the CEO of M&A Electric.

    What is the phone number for M&A Electric?

    M&A Electric's customer service phone number is (573) 785-9651

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