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The company last reported a total of 3,030 total customers, 84.62% of which are residential customers, 14.29% are commercial customers and 1.09% are industrial customers. On average, Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility's customers spend 7.71 cents per kilowatt hour for their residential electricity, which is 23.56% below the average Idaho price of 10.09 cents. In 2019 Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility had sales to end customers totaling 77,020 megawatt hours. Wholesale power purchases made up 100.00% of the total electricity sourced . Exactly 81,037 megawatt hours were purchased by way of wholesale channels. Their total revenue in 2019 was $5,346,100 and came only through electricity sales to retail customers.

About Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility

Consumers of the provider have an average monthly residential electric bill of $92.38. This is 3.10% less than the state average bill of $96.1. Continued efforts by the company led to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 611,089.42 kilograms (1.79%). Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility is the 16th (out of 49) worst polluting provider in Idaho and 1926th (out of 3511) highest in the country.

Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility Net Metering

Offering net metering to customers is a win-win situation but people who get their electricity from Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility do not have this option. Net metering would allow private individuals to sell megawatt hours back to the grid, making the purchase of solar and other electricity sources more economically viable.

Energy Loss

Electricity companies regularly submit data for energy lost through heat dissipation and other causes to government agencies who track electricity grid efficiencies. Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility recently reported a loss of 1.13% of their electricity production total. This percentage of electricity lost earns them a rank of 18th worst out of 49 companies who report energy loss in the state.

Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility Rate & Electric Bills

Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in August.

Historical Electric Rates:

Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.078/kWh$0.075/kWh$92.38/mo.$90.05/mo.
170th7.71¢Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility's Average residential price per kWh
967th$92.38Average monthly electric bill for Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility's residential customers

Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility Overview

  • Company Type:Municipal
  • Headquarters:624 F Street
    Rupert, Idaho 83350
    United States of America

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Quick Facts About Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility

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Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility has no power production sources and must purchase all of the electricity they sell to customers.

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Energy Loss

Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility's energy loss due to business operations.

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Total Energy Loss


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Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility FAQ:

What is the average bill for Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility customers each month?

Currently, the average monthly electric bill for customers of is $92.38. The state average bill is $96.10 and the national average is $96.10.

What is the phone number for Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility?

Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility's customer service phone number is (208) 436-9600

What is the average electricity rate for Rupert, Idaho Electric Utility customers?

Rupert, Idaho Electric Utilitys current average electricity rate is 7.71 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh), compared to the average state rate of 10.09 cents and the average United States rate of 13.33 cents.

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