Sonnen Battery Review

Sonnen Battery Review

Sonnen Battery Review

Buying a solar battery for your home is a fantastic way to start getting more out of your solar system. But there are many different home batteries on the market to choose from. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which is best for your needs.

One company that you may be considering purchasing from is Sonnen. Sonnen is a German company that makes a wide variety of batteries for residential customers and small business owners.

If you would like to learn more about Sonnen’s batteries, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to find:

  • What sets Sonnen apart from the competition
  • In-depth information about each Sonnen battery
  • A bottom-line answer on whether Sonnen batteries are worth purchasing

Sonnen Company Overview

Sonnen is an energy company that’s based out of Wildpoldsried, Germany. The Bavarian business specializes in producing home energy storage systems for private households and small businesses. Its Sonnen batteries are its most popular products.

Sonnen was founded in 2010 and has quickly become a leader in both German and international markets. The company is owned by the Royal Dutch Shell company and sells its batteries across both Europe and the United States.

What Are Sonnen Batteries For?

Sonnen creates home batteries, which are designed to store excess energy that is generated by a home’s solar panels. The purpose of this is to enable homeowners to make the energy that they generate themselves a larger portion of their overall energy consumption.

For example, an average photovoltaic solar system can provide homeowners with an energy self-consumption level of about 30 - 55%. But if a homeowner supplements that system with a battery from Sonnen or another company, their energy self-consumption level can rise up to 60 - 80%.

The bottom line is that with a battery from a company like Sonnen, a homeowner or small business owner will be able to use less electricity from the grid -- especially during early mornings and evenings. This means they can save even more on their energy bill than they have been with a solar system alone.

What Sets Sonnen Apart?

There are lots of different companies that a consumer can choose from if they want to purchase a battery for their home. So why would you pick Sonnen over any of its competitors? There are a few reasons.

First, Sonnen has been building home batteries for more than 10 years. During that time, they’ve completed more than 60,000 installs for homeowners around the world. The company has also earned more than 35 awards for innovation, product quality, and thought leadership.

This means that when you choose Sonnen, you are choosing experience. The company has one of the best reputations in the industry so you can be confident that your battery is built to last.

And even if you do end up having a problem with your Sonnen battery, each of the company’s products comes with a free warranty to help you take care of the issue at little or no cost to yourself.

Sonnen Battery Choices


The SonnenCore was designed to provide homeowners with an affordable home battery option that can be a Tesla alternative. The battery offers the following technical specifications:

  • Continuous output of 4.8 kW
  • Peak output of 8.6 kW
  • Works with up to a 6 kW solar inverter
  • Offers round-trip efficiency of more than 85%
  • Features 10 kWh of usable energy capacity
  • Provides 100% depth-of-discharge (DOD)

These technical specifications are solid. But the real highlight of the SonnenCore is the battery’s price of just $9,500. That makes it one of the more affordable home battery options on the market today.

The SonnenCore also comes with a 10 year / 10,000 cycle warranty.

Sonnen EcoLinx

Sonnen markets the EcoLinx as its most advanced home battery solution. Indeed, the EcoLinx provides up to 30 kWh of usable energy capacity, which is the most of any Sonnen battery. Here are the technical specifications of the product:

  • Continuous output of 8 kW
  • Peak output of 17 kW
  • Works with up to an 8kW solar inverter
  • Maximum of 81.6% round-trip efficiency
  • Offers 100% depth-of-discharge

The Sonnen EcoLinx also is able to integrate with various home automation systems. This makes it very easy to configure the battery in ways that optimize your energy consumption.

These features make the Sonnen EcoLinx the company’s highest-performing battery. However, with high performance comes a higher price tag. The 12 kWh model of the Sonnen EcoLinx retails for $36,000.

The EcoLinx also comes with a free 15 year / 15,000 cycle warranty.

Sonnen Eco

The Sonnen Eco is the company’s original home battery solution. It’s a good middle option for people who would like more storage capacity than the SonnenCore but who don’t need all of the bells and whistles of the Sonnen EcoLinx.

The Sonnen Eco features the following technical specifications:

  • Continuous output of 3-8 kW
  • Peak output of 8.5 - 17 kW
  • Works with up to an 8 kW solar inverter
  • Offers round-trip efficiency of 81.6%
  • Provides 5-20 kWh usable energy capacity
  • Provides 90% depth-of-discharge

The Sonnen Eco also comes with a warranty that covers 10,000 cycles or 10 years.

Pros and Cons of Sonnen Batteries


  • Sonnen’s wide variety of products makes it easy to find one that meets your technical needs
  • The company offers a free warranty with every battery it sells
  • Sonnen’s batteries don’t contain cobalt, making them safer than other lithium-ion batteries
  • The Sonnen Eco and EcoLinx can integrate with other apps to learn your habits and optimize your energy consumption


  • The company’s batteries generally offer slightly less power for the price than some of its top competitors
  • Sonnen batteries can be quite heavy, which may make them a poor fit for homeowners with smaller living areas

Are Sonnen Batteries a Good Tesla Powerwall Alternative?

The SonnenCore battery was created to be a viable alternative to the Tesla Powerwall. To determine whether it’s a better choice for you, consider the following information:

SonnenCoreTesla Powerwall
Usable power capacity10 kWh13.5 kWh
Warranty10 years10 years
Continuous power output4.8 kW5 kW
MaterialLithium Iron PhosphateLithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt
Round-trip efficiency85%+90%

Based on the data above, we can see that the Tesla Powerwall comes out slightly ahead of the SonnenCore in terms of power. However, the SonnenCore is cheaper than the Powerwall.

That makes the Core a better choice for consumers who are looking to spend less on a home battery. But for homeowners who value power above all else, the Powerwall is a better solution to their energy storage needs.

Sonnen Battery Price

The exact amount that you pay for your Sonnen battery will vary based on the model that you choose and the technical specifications that you select. Here is an overview of the price ranges that you can expect to pay based on the Sonnen battery you select:

  • SonnenCore - $9,500 - $15,000
  • Sonnen EcoLinx - Starting at $36,000
  • Sonnen Eco - Starts at $10,000

Are Sonnen Batteries Worth It?

Sonnen batteries may be worth it to some homeowners. They offer solid energy capacities and useful integrations at prices that are roughly in line with the industry’s standard.

If you’re looking for a higher-end home battery, then the EcoLinx may be one of the very best options on the market for you.

The company’s most affordable product, the Sonnen Core, is cheaper than Tesla’s Powerwall but at the expense of lower capacity.

For many homeowners and small business owners, Sonnen batteries provide the right blend of technical power, affordability, and helpful integrations to make them worth purchasing.

Overall Sonnen Battery Review - 4.8/5

There is quite a lot to like about Sonnen’s batteries. From the Sonnen Core to the Eco to the EcoLinx, the company has a product that will fit the needs of most residential customers.

Additionally, each of these batteries is backed by a free warranty and the 10 years of experience that Sonnen has in the industry. That means buying from Sonnen is a decision that is much less risky than purchasing a battery from many other providers.

The only thing that drags our review of Sonnen’s batteries down slightly is the fact that the company’s most affordable product, the Core, doesn’t quite match up to competitors like the Tesla Powerwall in terms of capacity.

Still, Sonnen makes high-quality products with great technical specifications that are priced within the average range for the industry. Given all of that, the company earns a very solid 4.8/5 review.

Matt Hope
Last Reviewed By: Matt Hope
Published: 2022-05-25