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Electricity In Tennessee

  • Population6,829,174
  • Total Consumption99,358,071 MWh / 14.55 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Equivalent Emissions32,908,368,739 kg
  • Total Production82,628,874 MWh / 12.1 MWh per capita
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Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Tennessee

Tennessee residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in December.

Historical Electric Rates:

Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.116/kWh$0.101/kWh$180.74/mo.$98.31/mo.
6th10.75¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Tennessee
39th$130.34Average residential monthly electricity bill for Tennessee Residents

Energy Profile of Tennessee

Tennessee's Electricity Prices and Usage

Consumers in Tennessee enjoy a lower residential electricity rate than many people around the nation, with an average state electricity rate of 10.75 cents per kilowatt hour compared to the US average rate of 13.33 cents. This ranks Tennessee as the 6th lowest priced state in the United States using average electricity rate. Even though there are 88 electric vendors in the state, the electricity market is regulated and residents often have only a couple electricity company choices determined by their location. Memphis Light, Gas and Water is the largest electricity supplier in the state based on megawatt hours sold. Residents of the state use 99,358,071 megawatt hours for statewide electricity needs, making the state the 11th largest consumer of megawatt hours in the country. Electricity providers within the state increased their production of megawatt hours from wind by approximately 20.77%. The state emitted 32,908,368,738.66 kilograms of CO2 emissions from electricity use, making them the 17th worst polluting state in the US when considering total CO2 emissions.

Residential Electricity Providers in Tennessee

ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Average Bill ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Sales (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Residential Revenues ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Production (MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Emissions (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Memphis Light, Gas and Water10.10117.715,274,807532,955,703No DataIcon representing missing value.4,084,117,163.73
Nashville Electric Service11.65127.574,928,091574,296,00037,294,280,134.11
Middle Tennessee Electric9.97131.444,237,616422,675,000No DataIcon representing missing value.2,499,462,522.86
Knoxville Utilities Board10.54120.152,519,103265,613,000No DataIcon representing missing value.1,776,065,289.95
EPB10.74123.672,126,298228,467,000No DataIcon representing missing value.1,682,234,514.76
Cumberland Electric11.31163.51,579,029178,561,000No DataIcon representing missing value.869,646,201.89
Volunteer Electric Cooperative10.64128.491,443,034153,493,000No DataIcon representing missing value.746,578,964.99
Duck River Electric10.89150.751,101,994120,054,000No DataIcon representing missing value.593,105,390.9
BrightRidge11.08133.67995,495110,319,000No DataIcon representing missing value.581,383,257.44
Clarksville Electric11.10133.13950,471105,459,000No DataIcon representing missing value.491,546,107.97

Power Plants in Tennessee

PlantArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.City/CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Primary Fuel TypeArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Production (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Emission (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Toxic Chemical ReleaseArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Closing DateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Hamilton County Nuclear 18,947,453267,353,985.0714.11No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Rhea County Nuclear 18,472,053294,752,160.9115.96No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Cumberland City Coal 11,854,676.8911,823,358,042.79997.36Yes12/2028
Hawkins County Natural Gas 4,885,2591,794,895,851.84367.41No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Memphis Natural Gas 3,413,7521,198,406,220.48351.05YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
Gallatin Coal 3,310,871.013,515,265,798.061,061.73Yes12/2031
Haywood County Natural Gas 3,285,6501,259,071,882.67383.2No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Roane County Coal 2,123,2572,362,872,090.711,112.85Yes12/2027
Rhea County Conventional Hydroelectric 1,527,599.9994,196,112.561.66No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Lenoir City Conventional Hydroelectric 1,264,51077,973,233.0861.66No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.

Quick Facts

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

When comparing annual CO2 emissions per capita, Tennessee experienced a 12.67% increase during the course of the preceding year.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Tennessee has seen a year over year increase of 2.54% for electricity generation using solar energy.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Tennessee ranks 31st in the country for solar electricity production per capita, averaging 0.05 megawatt hours produced per person a year.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Tennessee is the 7th ranked generator of nuclear energy electricity in the country.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Tennessee generates 18,218,503.55 megawatt hours of electricity from the use of coal, making Tennessee the 21st highest generator of electricity from coal in the United States.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

The state of Tennessee ranks 6th highest in hydroelectric power production, generating 11,136,722.84 megawatt hours each year from hydroelectric facilities.

CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PopulationArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProvidersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PlantsArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Avg. Electric BillArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Anderson County76,9782511.29$135.17/mo
Bedford County49,7132No DataIcon representing missing value.10.88$149.70/mo
Benton County16,1601112.83$137.61/mo
Bledsoe County15,0643No DataIcon representing missing value.11.26$134.58/mo
Blount County133,0885210.77$137.79/mo
Bradley County108,1103No DataIcon representing missing value.10.76$128.73/mo
Campbell County39,8424No DataIcon representing missing value.11.84$129.15/mo
Cannon County14,6782No DataIcon representing missing value.10.05$131.76/mo
Carroll County27,7672No DataIcon representing missing value.10.60$132.54/mo
Carter County56,3912210.85$116.73/mo
Cheatham County40,6673111.03$148.99/mo
Chester County17,2973No DataIcon representing missing value.11.38$147.26/mo
Claiborne County31,9592No DataIcon representing missing value.11.16$118.62/mo
Clay County7,6152111.13$141.86/mo
Cocke County36,0042No DataIcon representing missing value.12.35$110.97/mo
Coffee County56,5203No DataIcon representing missing value.10.87$148.54/mo
Crockett County14,2302No DataIcon representing missing value.11.43$151.91/mo
Cumberland County60,5203No DataIcon representing missing value.10.69$129.17/mo
Davidson County694,1441311.65$127.57/mo
DeKalb County20,4904111.16$134.92/mo
Decatur County11,6631No DataIcon representing missing value.10.93$120.28/mo
Dickson County53,9481No DataIcon representing missing value.10.30$133.12/mo
Dyer County37,1593No DataIcon representing missing value.11.75$157.97/mo
Fayette County41,1333210.13$146.74/mo
Fentress County18,5231No DataIcon representing missing value.10.64$128.49/mo
Franklin County42,2084110.88$149.25/mo
Gibson County49,1334No DataIcon representing missing value.11.11$146.22/mo
Giles County29,4644No DataIcon representing missing value.11.71$145.17/mo
Grainger County23,3203110.93$130.73/mo
Greene County69,0692No DataIcon representing missing value.10.14$126.79/mo
Grundy County13,4272No DataIcon representing missing value.11.48$137.47/mo
Hamblen County64,9343No DataIcon representing missing value.11.25$136.54/mo
Hamilton County367,8042410.73$124.51/mo
Hancock County6,6201110.69$111.51/mo
Hardeman County25,0504112.04$149.13/mo
Hardin County25,6523211.44$133.24/mo
Hawkins County56,7865110.49$131.02/mo
Haywood County17,3045411.11$149.31/mo
Henderson County28,1173No DataIcon representing missing value.10.94$127.89/mo
Henry County32,3452No DataIcon representing missing value.10.46$125.56/mo
Hickman County25,1783No DataIcon representing missing value.11.42$139.00/mo
Houston County8,2012No DataIcon representing missing value.11.44$138.99/mo
Humphreys County18,5821111.55$139.58/mo
Jackson County11,7862No DataIcon representing missing value.10.96$133.36/mo
Jefferson County54,4954No DataIcon representing missing value.11.13$138.01/mo
Johnson County17,7881No DataIcon representing missing value.10.78$105.59/mo
Knox County470,3133110.55$123.44/mo
Lake County7,0162No DataIcon representing missing value.11.48$152.80/mo
Lauderdale County25,6333No DataIcon representing missing value.11.77$157.91/mo
Lawrence County44,1421No DataIcon representing missing value.10.81$132.41/mo
Lewis County12,2682No DataIcon representing missing value.11.57$139.83/mo
Lincoln County34,3662No DataIcon representing missing value.11.08$141.22/mo
Loudon County54,0684310.58$138.13/mo
Macon County24,6021No DataIcon representing missing value.11.17$143.69/mo
Madison County97,9844111.27$144.66/mo
Marion County28,9072211.42$136.42/mo
Marshall County34,3753No DataIcon representing missing value.10.89$149.05/mo
Maury County96,3874No DataIcon representing missing value.11.26$142.82/mo
McMinn County53,7943110.59$128.79/mo
McNairy County25,6941411.42$141.90/mo
Meigs County12,4221No DataIcon representing missing value.10.64$128.49/mo
Monroe County46,5453110.95$147.51/mo
Montgomery County208,9933111.27$159.81/mo
Moore County6,4881No DataIcon representing missing value.10.89$150.75/mo
Morgan County21,4035No DataIcon representing missing value.11.90$122.12/mo
Obion County30,0692No DataIcon representing missing value.11.34$149.56/mo
Overton County22,2413No DataIcon representing missing value.10.92$132.75/mo
Perry County8,0761No DataIcon representing missing value.11.55$139.58/mo
Pickett County5,0482No DataIcon representing missing value.10.69$129.29/mo
Polk County16,8322311.76$128.27/mo
Putnam County80,2454No DataIcon representing missing value.10.93$131.63/mo
Rhea County33,1673210.78$126.56/mo
Roane County53,3824111.24$134.57/mo
Robertson County71,8133No DataIcon representing missing value.11.29$161.78/mo
Rutherford County332,2854110.06$131.04/mo
Scott County22,0681No DataIcon representing missing value.12.03$116.59/mo
Sequatchie County15,0262No DataIcon representing missing value.11.40$135.95/mo
Sevier County98,2504110.35$122.33/mo
Shelby County937,1661410.10$117.71/mo
Smith County20,1573110.93$133.30/mo
Stewart County13,7152111.32$162.06/mo
Sullivan County158,348649.91$129.01/mo
Sumner County191,2835211.25$151.73/mo
Tipton County61,5994No DataIcon representing missing value.11.42$146.25/mo
Trousdale County11,2842No DataIcon representing missing value.11.02$142.16/mo
Unicoi County17,8834No DataIcon representing missing value.12.31$103.97/mo
Union County19,9724No DataIcon representing missing value.10.75$119.77/mo
Van Buren County5,8722No DataIcon representing missing value.11.46$137.43/mo
Warren County41,2773211.41$136.46/mo
Washington County129,3755310.51$132.06/mo
Wayne County16,6731No DataIcon representing missing value.11.51$130.49/mo
Weakley County33,3281110.08$136.24/mo
White County27,3455No DataIcon representing missing value.11.33$135.72/mo
Williamson County238,4123No DataIcon representing missing value.10.10$131.46/mo
Wilson County144,6572No DataIcon representing missing value.10.01$131.35/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

Tennessee citizens average 4,818.79 kilograms of CO2 emissions per person from electricity consumption. This comes to a total pollution amount of 32,908,368,738.66 kilograms. Approximately 45.29% of the state of Tennessee’s electricity is produced using Nuclear. Adding Nuclear totals to Coal (22.05%) and Natural Gas (17.83%), the three fuel types make up 85.16% of the generation in the state. Tennessee has the 37th highest amount of electricity producing plants of any state in the country, with 72 plants. This translates to the 49th most plants per capita in the nation.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
CONVENTIONAL HYDROELECTRIC Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
BLACK LIQUOUR Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
Black Liquour

Tennessee Net Metering

There are 88 companies in Tennessee providing electricity. Of those 88, only one of them offers some type of net metering option for their consumers, which makes solar panels and alternative electric sources more economically viable. Many net metering regulations are enforced at the state level, and Tennessee has nonexistent regulations for consumers interested in purchasing solar panels.

Energy Loss

There are 82 providers in Tennessee that reported energy loss, including Memphis Light, Gas and Water, Nashville Electric Service, and Middle Tennessee Electric. Combined, these 82 companies average an annual energy loss of 2.27% of electricity produced. With a national average of 2.72%, Tennessee is ranked as the 45th worst state in the US.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

Motivating residents to consider installing solar panels can often be a challenge due to prohibitive initial costs. States can help by issuing rebates and tax breaks to their residents. Tennessee has a tax credit of $1000 or less or no state tax. There are currently no state sponsored rebates available to residents who are installing solar panels. The state only offers some optional tax exemptions for consumers who wish to install private solar. There is currently a 100% sales tax exemption in place for the purchase of solar at a place of residence.

State Level Initiatives

Whether a customer is able to easily purchase electricity options with renewable fuel types is somewhat determined by legislation at the state level. Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) encourage or require electric suppliers to generate a percentage of their electricity from renewable energy. The state of Tennessee, unfortunately, has no standards in place. In addition, there are currently no low income solar programs to assist low income families to install solar panels.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Tennessee

Does Tennessee have a deregulated electricity market?

No, Tennessee has a regulated electricity market where consumers often have only a single provider choice for their electricity needs.

How many electric companies offer service in Tennessee?

There are 88 electricity companies operating in Tennessee.

What is the average electric bill in Tennessee?

The Tennessee average electric bill is $130 so far in 2021.

Which electricity company is the largest provider in Tennessee?

By total megawatt hours sold, Memphis Light, Gas and Water is the largest electricity provider in Tennessee.

What is the cheapest electricity company in Tennessee?

Residential Rate RankArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State CustomersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
1Bristol TN Electric9.4833,978
2New Bern Electric9.501,808
3Chickasaw Electric Cooperative9.8720,464
4Tullahoma Utilities9.9110,897
5Middle Tennessee Electric9.97305,846
6Kingsport Power9.9848,521
7Brownsville Utility10.055,338
8Springfield TN Electric10.078,432
9Covington, Tennessee Electric Utility10.084,689
10Weakley County Municipal Electric System10.0820,448

Where does Tennessee get its electricity?

The primary fuel source used for electricity generation in Tennessee is Nuclear, making up 45.29% of the fuel used in the state. Additionally, Coal makes up 22.05% and Natural Gas accounts for 17.83%.

How much does electricity cost in Tennessee?

The average cost per kilowatt hour of electricity in Tennessee in 2021 is 10.75 cents.

How many power plants are located in Tennessee?

There are 72 active electricity plants located in Tennessee

What power companies offer service in Tennessee?

State Customers RankArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State CustomersArrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.
1Memphis Light, Gas and Water421,405
2Nashville Electric Service419,401
3Middle Tennessee Electric305,846
4Knoxville Utilities Board208,714
6Volunteer Electric Cooperative120,232
7Cumberland Electric102,360
9Duck River Electric78,565
10Clarksville Electric74,622

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