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Norton city, Virginia Electricity Overview

The electricity consumed by consumers in Norton city is produced in other counties as the county has no power production facilities.

Norton city experienced a 2.66% decrease in CO2 emissions per capita over the preceding year.

Norton city residents are accountable for 4,462.44 kilograms of CO2 emissions per person, making it the 1597th worst polluting county based on per capita emissions.

Norton city is the 132nd largest county in the state.

Norton city ranks 132nd out of 133 counties in the state for total electricity usage, with its citizens consuming 56,035.29 megawatt hours.

Norton city ranks as the 2700th worst pollution level from electricity consumption in the US and 129th highest in Virginia, releasing 16,493,180.15 kilograms of CO2 gases.


  • Total Consumption

    56,035 MWh

  • Consumption per Capita

    15.16 MWh


  • CO2 Emissions

    16,493,180 kg

  • CO2 Emissions per Capita

    4,462.44 kg

Norton, VA Electricity Overview

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Electricity consumption in Norton creates 16,493,180.15 kilograms of CO2 emissions. This is the 225th largest emissions amount of any city in Virginia. This total also equates to a ranking of 143rd highest in Virginia for emissions per resident with an average of 4,462.44 kilograms of emissions per citizen. All of the electricity sold in Norton has to be sourced from surrounding cities and rural areas, as there are no power generation plants within its borders.

Norton city, Virginia Details

Norton city, Virginia Net Metering

Our coverage data does not have any electricity provider based in Norton city. Regulations put in place at the state level are pretty good for consumers interested in installing solar or other alternative electricity generation sources.


What electricity companies offer service in Norton city, Virginia?

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