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Electricity Providers in Colchester CDP, Connecticut

Colchester CDP has a total population of 4,993 citizens—the 72nd largest population in the state.

Deregulated electricity markets, like Colchester CDP, encourage high levels of competition between electricity suppliers attempting to win the patronage of the area's consumers. It’s the customers who truly win because of this competition among Colchester CDP electricity companies, as they get to enjoy competitive energy plans and cheaper rates. You should know that there exist dishonest energy suppliers that employ confusing marketing in a desperate attempt to confuse vulnerable customers.

Find Energy went the extra mile to make sure that you’re protected from untrustworthy energy providers. Make sure you’re making solid choices when buying a new power plan; use available data on about the various suppliers that do business in Colchester CDP. Only the most attractive power plans from only the most dependable energy providers in the Colchester CDP area are showcased on our marketplace.

Let’s get you your new electricity plan—all you have to do is type in your zip code. Take a look at some of our top choices for retail electric providers in Colchester CDP in the list below.

    Colchester CDP, CT Residential Electricity Rates


    Colchester CDP Averages

    Usage675 kWh

    Connecticut Averages

    Usage613 kWh

    United States Averages

    Usage866 kWh

    Colchester CDP has a residential electricity rate of 29.81 cents per kilowatt-hour. Compare this to the 30.55 cents per kWh statewide average and the 15.68 cents for every kilowatt-hour nationwide average.

    The average monthly electricity bill that residents pay in Colchester CDP is $201.35. Current state and nationwide monthly electricity bills average $187.29 and $135.78 respectively.

    Your monthly energy use—predominantly expressed in kWh—can dramatically impact your energy costs. This is a popular point of confusion for a lot of people, as not everyone understands how various electricity consumption levels can affect particular energy plans.

    To help eliminate the lack of clarity for our consumers, we include a TOS with all plans we highlight on our website. Make sure you don’t miss out on any essential energy information by reading the Terms of Service (TOS) of your electricity plan. Remembering to read Terms of Service will not only allow you to make sense of relevant electricity information—such as the terms, conditions, and price information of your electricity plan—but will also enable you to easily inspect different energy plans in a standardized format.

    Find Energy has analyzed TOSs of many different energy offerings in the Colchester CDP area. is dedicated to helping you make better electricity decisions; the Find Energy marketplace makes it easy for you to find important electricity information, including the conditions, terms, and prices of the most compelling energy plans in your location.

    Enjoy a better energy plan in as fast as 2 minutes—type in your zip code. The Find Energy marketplace carries the most competitive electricity plans in Colchester CDP, Connecticut.

    Below are some of the most attractive residential electricity plans in your location.

    Colchester CDP, Connecticut Residential Electricity Plans


    There are no Residential plans available.

    Colchester CDP, CT Commercial Electricity Rates


    Colchester CDP Averages

    Usage11,795 kWh

    Connecticut Averages

    Usage2,420 kWh

    United States Averages

    Usage5,604 kWh

    Colchester CDP area’s commercial electricity rate is at 22.92 cents per kilowatt-hour. You can compare this to both the statewide and nationwide average rates that are at 24.13 cents per kilowatt-hour and 11.99 cents per kilowatt-hour respectively.

    Colchester CDP, Connecticut business owners spend $2,703.79 on average on their electricity bill each month. Compare this to the $583.95 statewide monthly electricity bill average and the $671.86 nationwide monthly energy bill average.

    Electricity is significantly relied on to run businesses in most industries in the US. A majority of businesses use between 10x and 100x more electricity than a house or apartment does. Decreasing this potentially large expense may result in better priced products and services for your customers and more cash-flow for a business. Even small decreases in the rate a business pays per kilowatt hour may have large impacts on the monthly and yearly expenses for a company.

    For Colchester CDP establishments that spend more than $3,000 dollars on electricity every month, can send custom pricing requests to dependable electricity providers in the Colchester CDP area.

    Buy your business' new electricity plan through the Find Energy marketplace to potentially reduce your bill by 25%.

    If you're a resident of Colchester CDP, Connecticut, you can purchase the best business electricity plans through our website. Make sure you're getting the most attractive commercial energy plan from the most reputable energy providers in your location—enter your zip code.

    Our team at Find Energy has created a shortlist of some of the most compelling commercial electricity plans you can get in your area.

    Colchester CDP, Connecticut Commercial Electricity Plans


    There are no Commercial plans available.

    Looking up the deregulated electricity rates in Colchester CDP is perfectly reasonable, particularly when considering the following facts:

    • Fixed-rate plans don't allow for unnecessary surprises - Fixed rate plans empower consumers lock in rates for extended periods of time. They also allow your establishment to foresee expenses with zero worries of potential massive price increases that are common with variable rate plans.
    • Your electricity service won't be cut off during the switching period - When you purchase a new plan, you receive a bill with your new supplier's name on it. Your utility company doesn't change and power keeps flowing the entire time.
    • Switching your electricity service provider only requires a couple of minutes - Our hope is to seamlessly and efficiently help your business to save money each month. Find Energy has designed our purchasing experience to be as hassle free for you as possible. Simply submit your information. After you confirm your account with us, Find Energy will take care of the rest of the switching process. Find Energy will make certain that your business is provided with only the best deals from the best electricity service providers in your area.
    • We will take charge of the entire switching process - Find Energy handles the entire switching process if you are not under contract. Once you submit your information, the next step is to let us help you enjoy the best available deal for your business. You will receive a reduced bill for months to come. And even if you are under contract, we can still assist you in finding and switching to a lower pricing plan.
    • There's no to purchase - Look around. Review your options. And let Find Energy get you the most attractive deals for your organization. It doesn't get any simpler than that! If you are not impressed by the rates you receive from us, then you don't have to do anything. You can continue on with your existing service. Only switch if it makes sense.

    If you want your establishment to start saving on electricity expenses asap, then enter your zip code on this page and answer these simple questions. We will start getting you the lowest electricity prices as quickly as possible!

    Colchester CDP, CT Utility Company

    While there are a number of energy providers that sell energy services to the residents of the Colchester CDP area, Eversource Energy is the chief utility provider in charge of delivering electricity to homes and businesses in Colchester CDP. In case of a power interruption or if you have concerns about your energy services, you need to reach out to Eversource Energy.

    Eversource Energy can also be reached through the official website here.

    Colchester CDP, Connecticut Electricity Rates Over Time


    Historical Electricity Rates:

    Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.356/kWh$0.202/kWh$262.74/mo.$121.48/mo.


    Historical Electricity Rates:

    Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.356/kWh$0.202/kWh$262.74/mo.$121.48/mo.

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    Colchester CDP, Connecticut Electricity FAQs


    How many electricity providers are in Colchester CDP?

    Colchester CDP has a total of 0 suppliers carrying electricity within the city limits.

    What electric utility company does Colchester CDP, Connecticut use?

    Here are some of the best electricity suppliers in Colchester CDP:


    Who provides the lowest priced electricity plans in Colchester CDP?

    Here are the cheapest electricity plans that can be purchased in Colchester CDP.

    ProviderRate (¢/kWh)

    How do I shop for a renewable electricity plan in Colchester CDP?

    Find Energy provides customers the ability to see what percentage of each plan is powered by green electricity, so you have the chance to select the electricity plan that fits you best.

    How should I choose an electricity company in Colchester CDP?

    Choosing an electricity supplier in our marketplace is a simple and easy experience. Get the process started by typing in your zip code on this page. Once done, take a minute to see what pricing rates are available in your location.

    What is the most affordable electricity supplier in Colchester CDP?

    Last we checked, our marketplace didn't have any residential rates for Colchester CDP.

    What is a good electricity rate in Colchester CDP?

    Currently, there are no rates available on in our marketplace for Colchester CDP.

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