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Electricity Providers in Milford, Connecticut

Milford has a population of 50,694 citizens—the 15th largest population in the state.

There’s a highly competitive deregulated energy market in Milford, with energy suppliers vying for consumers. This competition encourages these companies to offer their consumers competitive energy plans at the lowest feasible prices per kWh. There are times that this high-level of competition is enough to embolden less-than-legitimate electricity providers to implement confusing advertising in order to attract new customers.

Keep away from predatory energy providers like these with Find Energy. You can learn more about the various energy suppliers in Milford through the Find Energy marketplace. Find Energy has teamed up with reliable energy suppliers to give you the most attractive electricity offerings available in the Milford area.

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    Milford, CT Residential Electricity Rates


    Milford Averages

    Usage623 kWh

    Connecticut Averages

    Usage607 kWh

    United States Averages

    Usage849 kWh

    Consumers in Milford, Connecticut pay an average of 27.23 cents per kWh for their residential electricity. On the other hand: the state of Connecticut’s present average electricity rate is priced at 31.39 cents for every kWh, and the current nationwide average electricity rate is priced at 15.64 cents per kilowatt-hour.

    Milford residents pay an average energy bill of $169.67 each month. For comparison: the average monthly residential energy bill in the state of Connecticut is $190.59, and the average monthly residential energy bill nationwide is $132.69.

    Your electricity bill may be different from these averages depending on how many kilowatt-hours of electricity you use each month. The impact of various electricity usage levels on individual energy plans isn’t straightforward and is commonly a point of confusion to many consumers.

    To eliminate the lack of clarity for our consumers, we have a TOS with all plans we show in our marketplace. Learn essential information about your electricity plan by turning to the Terms of Service (TOS).. Terms of Service empower energy users to effectively compare various electricity offerings from different energy companies by providing crucial energy information such as rates, contract lengths, generation sources, and emissions levels, among others.

    You can visit our marketplace to easily scan through the TOS highlights of various energy plans from many different electricity providers in your area. Our website is created with your convenience in mind; Find Energy has made sure that you can find invaluable electricity information, including the conditions, terms, and prices of the most attractive electricity plans being offered in your location.

    Fill in your zip code, and shop with confidence with Find Energy. Home to the most reputable Milford energy providers, showcases the most attractive residential energy plans available in your location.

    Find Energy managed to find the competitive residential energy plans you can get in Milford, Connecticut; learn more about them in this list below.

    Milford, Connecticut Residential Electricity Plans


    There are no Residential plans available.

    Milford, CT Commercial Electricity Rates


    Milford Averages

    Usage10,266 kWh

    Connecticut Averages

    Usage3,187 kWh

    United States Averages

    Usage5,602 kWh

    20.83 cents for every kWh is the present rate of commercial electricity in Milford, Connecticut. On the other hand: the state’s average electricity rate is priced at 22.66 cents per kWh, and the countrywide average electricity rate is priced at 12.11 cents for every kilowatt-hour.

    Monthly commercial energy bill in Milford is currently at an average of $2,138.03. For the sake of comparison: the statewide monthly energy bill average is $722.27, while the nationwide monthly electricity bill average is $678.34.

    Very few companies can run their day to day without the use of electricity. In fact, It is not uncommon for a company to need as much as 10x to 100x more electricity compared to the average residence each month. Lowering this monthly expense will result in a leaner company and better priced products and services for your customers. Savings of a percent or two a month can stack up quick on the path to reducing a company's overhead.

    For companies in Milford that regularly spend north of $3,000 on their monthly electricity bill, our team at Find Energy can request customized quotes from our reputable partner suppliers in the area.

    There could be up to 25% energy savings to be had if you buy your next energy plan through the Find Energy marketplace.

    Shop for the most compelling commercial energy plans being offered in the Milford area using Be sure that you're making practical electricity decisions—enter your zip code to get the ball rolling.

    While there are quite a number of business electricity plans available to businesses in Milford, Connecticut, the following are the best ones.

    Milford, Connecticut Commercial Electricity Plans


    There are no Commercial plans available.

    Remember the following facts if you're still undecided about shopping for a new commercial electricity rate:

    • A low fixed-rate plan might save your organization thousands - Fixed rate plans are the recommended plan of choice here at Find Energy. These plans lock in competitive rates and ensure that you know exactly what you will be paying per kilowatt-hour every month.
    • The switching experience is seamless with no service interruptions - Electricity keeps flowing to your location if you are already getting service. The only difference you will notice when you change providers is the reduced charge on your bill.
    • Quick, easy, and painless - All we need from you is for you to take a couple of minutes submitting your information with us. After that is done, we will handle the heavy lifting. You will have a brand new electricity plan and spend virtually no time at all.
    • Our staff will handle the transition - For organizations not currently in a contract with an electric provider, there is no need to sit on hold. Find Energy can easily take the reins and handle the transition on your behalf. Even if you are under contract, or are not sure if you are, it is highly likely we will be able to save you money.
    • Look up new prices with zero obligation - If you are underwhelmed by the deals you receive after submitting your information, or if you change your mind for some other reason, know that there is no responsibility to go though with the switching process. Simply let us know that you have had a change of mind, and you will continue on with your current plan.

    Purchasing a better electricity rate with Find Energy is straightforward. Simply enter your zip code to get quotes on the best priced services in Connecticut.

    Milford, CT Utility Company

    United Illuminating is the chief utility provider in Milford. In the event of a black out in Milford, Connecticut, contact United Illuminating.

    If you need to get a hold of United Illuminating, you can reach them at (800) 722-5584. On the internet, you can reach United Illuminating here.

    Milford, Connecticut Electricity Rates Over Time


    Historical Electricity Rates:

    Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.421/kWh$0.007/kWh$230.16/mo.$5.82/mo.


    Historical Electricity Rates:

    Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.421/kWh$0.007/kWh$230.16/mo.$5.82/mo.

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    Milford, Connecticut Electricity FAQs


    How should I pick an electricity provider in Milford?

    The quickest way to shop for an electricity provider in Milford is to make use of our free online marketplace in weighing the different rates currently on the market. Similarly, you can look up all the different individual websites of each provider and take note of what prices they are offering right now. We'd start with these companies:


    How do I shop for a green electricity plan in Milford?

    Find Energy provides consumers the ability to take note of what percentage of each plan is powered by green electricity, so you can buy the plan that you're most comfortable with.

    Who offers the best electricity services in Milford?

    Below you can find the most affordable electricity services presently sold in Milford:

    ProviderRate (¢/kWh)

    How many electricity suppliers are in Milford?

    Right now, there are 0 providers selling electricity in Milford.

    What electric company does Milford, Connecticut use?

    United Illuminating is the biggest electric utility company in Milford, but many other companies carry electricity in the deregulated Milford market. Below is a list of our best suppliers selling electricity in the area:


    What is the cheapest electricity supplier in Milford?

    Last we checked, our marketplace didn't have any residential rates for Milford.

    What is an affordable electricity rate in Milford?

    Currently, there are no rates available on in our marketplace for Milford.

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