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St. Louis city, Missouri Electricity Overview

St. Louis city is the 24th highest county in the state for non-renewable production per capita, with an average of 0.2 megawatt hours per resident produced from non-renewable sources.

St. Louis city generates 0.02 megawatt hours per resident of the county from renewable fuel types. This makes St. Louis city the 25th highest ranking county for renewable production per capita in the state out of 115 counties.

The burning of non-renewable fuel sources has increased by 49.83% during the course of the past 12 months in St. Louis city.

Roughly 92.34% of St. Louis city's electricity is produced using non-renewable fuel types, making it the 704th highest ranked county in the county out of 3221 counties for total megawatt hours produced from non-renewable fuel types.

St. Louis city produces 0.01 megawatt hours per capita per year from solar energy, giving the county a ranking of 801st out of 3221 counties in the US.

St. Louis city generates 60,508.28 megawatt hours from natural gas, which is enough to rank them 8th out of 115 counties in the state for natural gas generation.


  • Total Consumption

    3,917,679 MWh

  • Consumption per Capita

    12.99 MWh


  • Total Production

    65,858 MWh

  • Production from Renewable Energy

    5,048 MWh

  • Production from Non-Renewable Energy

    60,810 MWh

  • Production per Capita

    0.22 MWh


  • CO2 Emissions

    2,778,989,941 kg

  • CO2 Emissions per Capita

    9,214.83 kg

Electricity Production in St. Louis city, Missouri

Power Plants in St. Louis city, Missouri

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (kg)Emissions per MWhToxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Anheuser-Busch St LouisAnheuser-Busch Inc (100.00%)
St. Louis MO Natural Gas 45,3349,315,335.71205.48
Trigen St. LouisAshley Energy LLC (100.00%)
St. Louis MO Natural Gas 18,0734,240,130.72234.61
Renewable Energy Center at BJHAmeren Missouri (100.00%)
St. Louis MO Solar 1,862
Southwestern Bell TelephoneSouthwestern Bell Telephone Co (100.00%)
St. Louis MO Distillate Fuel Oil 302217,952.19721.7
IKEA St. Louis 410IKEA Property Inc (100.00%)
St. Louis MO Solar 287

St. Louis city, Missouri Details

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

Electricity use in St. Louis city results in the release of 2,778,989,941.29 kilograms of CO2 pollution per year, which is 110th highest amount in the country out of 3221 counties. Additionally, the county ranks 92nd highest in Missouri for pollution per citizen, which could be argued to be the more important statistic. They average 9,214.83 kilograms of emissions per capita. Natural Gas is the primary fuel source in St. Louis city, with 91.88% of electricity generation coming from the fuel. Other Biomass Gas and Solar make up the next highest totals for a fuel type at 4.40% (2,898.72 megawatt hours) and 3.26% (2,149 megawatt hours), respectively. St. Louis city has 5 power plants, which is 3rd most in Missouri.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Other Biomass Gas
Distillate Fuel Oil

St. Louis city, Missouri Net Metering

Ameren Missouri is the only provider we have covering St. Louis city. Fortunately for citizens they do have net metering practices in place, making personal solar power installs more economically attractive. Many net metering regulations are enacted at the state level, and Missouri has commendable regulations for consumers interested in purchasing solar panels.

Energy Loss

St. Louis city has an average of 3.79% of the energy that is transmitted in the state dissipated as heat. The countrywide average is 2.76%, resulting in St. Louis city having a rank of 846th best in the nation for energy loss efficiency.

Power Companies in St. Louis city, Missouri


Which electricity company is the largest provider in St. Louis city, Missouri?

By total customer count, Ameren Missouri is the largest electricity supplier in St. Louis city, Missouri.

How many power plants are located within St. Louis city, Missouri?

There are 5 power plants in St. Louis city, Missouri

Which electricity companies offer service in St. Louis city, Missouri?

County Customers RankProviderEst. County Customers
1Ameren Missouri3,858

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Published: 2022-10-18