Electricity In Puerto Rico

  • Population3,193,694
  • Total Consumption11,903,310 MWh / 3.73 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Emissions from Consumption5,627,153,898 kg
  • Total Production2,937,341 MWh / 0.92 MWh per capita
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Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in April.

Historical Electric Rates:

Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.460/kWh$0.153/kWh$112.94/mo.$4.55/mo.
46th19.92¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Puerto Rico
1st$61.64Average residential monthly electricity bill for Puerto Rico Residents

Energy Profile of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's Electricity Prices and Usage

Puerto Rico's average residential electricity rate in 2022 is 19.92 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 46.34% more than the United States average rate of 13.62 cents. Puerto Rico ranks as the 46th best priced state in the United States by average electric rate. While there are 1 electricity companies who call Puerto Rico home, the electricity market is regulated and residents often have only one or two electricity provider options determined by their geographic location. The state produces 1.95% of their electricity using renewable fuels, which ranks them 52nd in the US for ratio of renewable fuel sources to non-renewable sources. Puerto Rico has had a 86.79% decline during the course of the past 12 months in the usage of renewable fuels for electricity generation. The state has 3,193,694 residents, resulting in it being the 31st most populated state in the US. The state generates over 2,900,000 megawatt hours from its power plants, which is the 50th largest total generation for a state in the nation.

Residential Electricity Providers in Puerto Rico

ProviderService TypeResidential Rate (¢)Residential Average Bill ($)Residential Sales (MWh)Residential Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
Puerto Rico Electric Power AuthorityBUNDLED18.7679.26,850,5211,285,219,886

Power Plants in Puerto Rico

PlantCity/CountyPrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (KG)Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Toxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date

Quick Facts

At $61.64, the average Puerto Rico monthly residential electric expense is 49.44% lower than the US average.

CO2 emissions due to the use of electricity have been lowered by -11,168,708,292.35 kilograms (84.46%) in Puerto Rico within the last year.

Puerto Rico produces 14,640 megawatts from wind energy. That is enough to rank the state 40th in the United States for wind energy electricity generation.

Puerto Rico is home to 3,193,694 citizens and its power plants generate 2,937,340.57 megawatt hours of electricity a year, for a production per capita average of 0.92 megawatt hours per capita per year.

Citizens of Puerto Rico consume enough electricity to emit 1,761.96 kilograms per person of CO2 gases per year, compared to the nationwide average of 4,539.83.

Wind produces 14,640 megawatt hours of electricity in Puerto Rico. This equals roughly 0 megawatt hours per person in Puerto Rico being generated from wind power, giving the state a rank of 40th highest in the country in that category.

CountyPopulationProvidersPlantsResidential Rate (¢)Residential Avg. Electric Bill
Adjuntas Municipio17,363118.76$79.20/mo
Aguada Municipio36,694118.76$79.20/mo
Aguadilla Municipio50,265118.76$79.20/mo
Aguas Buenas Municipio24,814118.76$79.20/mo
Aibonito Municipio22,108118.76$79.20/mo
Arecibo Municipio81,966118.76$79.20/mo
Arroyo Municipio17,238118.76$79.20/mo
Añasco Municipio26,161118.76$79.20/mo
Barceloneta Municipio23,727118.76$79.20/mo
Barranquitas Municipio27,725118.76$79.20/mo
Bayamón Municipio169,269118.76$79.20/mo
Cabo Rojo Municipio47,515118.76$79.20/mo
Caguas Municipio124,606118.76$79.20/mo
Camuy Municipio30,504118.76$79.20/mo
Canóvanas Municipio44,674118.76$79.20/mo
Carolina Municipio146,984118.76$79.20/mo
Cataño Municipio23,121118.76$79.20/mo
Cayey Municipio42,409118.76$79.20/mo
Ceiba Municipio10,904118.76$79.20/mo
Ciales Municipio15,808118.76$79.20/mo
Cidra Municipio38,307118.76$79.20/mo
Coamo Municipio38,336118.76$79.20/mo
Comerío Municipio18,648118.76$79.20/mo
Corozal Municipio32,293118.76$79.20/mo
Culebra Municipio1,714118.76$79.20/mo
Dorado Municipio36,141118.76$79.20/mo
Fajardo Municipio29,454118.76$79.20/mo
Florida Municipio11,317118.76$79.20/mo
Guayama Municipio39,465118.76$79.20/mo
Guayanilla Municipio17,623118.76$79.20/mo
Guaynabo Municipio83,728118.76$79.20/mo
Gurabo Municipio47,093118.76$79.20/mo
Guánica Municipio15,383118.76$79.20/mo
Hatillo Municipio39,218118.76$79.20/mo
Hormigueros Municipio15,518118.76$79.20/mo
Humacao Municipio50,653118.76$79.20/mo
Isabela Municipio40,423118.76$79.20/mo
Jayuya Municipio13,891118.76$79.20/mo
Juana Díaz Municipio44,679118.76$79.20/mo
Juncos Municipio38,155118.76$79.20/mo
Lajas Municipio22,010118.76$79.20/mo
Lares Municipio24,276118.76$79.20/mo
Las Marías Municipio7,927118.76$79.20/mo
Las Piedras Municipio37,007118.76$79.20/mo
Loíza Municipio24,553118.76$79.20/mo
Luquillo Municipio17,665118.76$79.20/mo
Manatí Municipio37,287118.76$79.20/mo
Maricao Municipio5,430118.76$79.20/mo
Maunabo Municipio10,321118.76$79.20/mo
Mayagüez Municipio71,530118.76$79.20/mo
Moca Municipio34,891118.76$79.20/mo
Morovis Municipio30,335118.76$79.20/mo
Naguabo Municipio25,761118.76$79.20/mo
Naranjito Municipio27,349118.76$79.20/mo
Orocovis Municipio20,220118.76$79.20/mo
Patillas Municipio16,211118.76$79.20/mo
Peñuelas Municipio19,249118.76$79.20/mo
Ponce Municipio131,881118.76$79.20/mo
Quebradillas Municipio22,918118.76$79.20/mo
Rincón Municipio13,656118.76$79.20/mo
Río Grande Municipio48,025118.76$79.20/mo
Sabana Grande Municipio21,712118.76$79.20/mo
Salinas Municipio27,128118.76$79.20/mo
San Germán Municipio30,227118.76$79.20/mo
San Juan Municipio318,441118.76$79.20/mo
San Lorenzo Municipio35,989118.76$79.20/mo
San Sebastián Municipio35,528118.76$79.20/mo
Santa Isabel Municipio21,209118.76$79.20/mo
Toa Alta Municipio72,025118.76$79.20/mo
Toa Baja Municipio74,271118.76$79.20/mo
Trujillo Alto Municipio63,674118.76$79.20/mo
Utuado Municipio27,395118.76$79.20/mo
Vega Alta Municipio36,061118.76$79.20/mo
Vega Baja Municipio50,023118.76$79.20/mo
Vieques Municipio8,386118.76$79.20/mo
Villalba Municipio21,372118.76$79.20/mo
Yabucoa Municipio32,282118.76$79.20/mo
Yauco Municipio33,575118.76$79.20/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

Emissions in Puerto Rico average 1,761.96 kilograms of CO2 emissions per person from electricity use, making them the 48th highest polluting state based on emissions per capita. While not as telling of a statistic (more people almost always equals more pollution), the total pollution of Puerto Rico from electricity consumption is 5,627,153,897.81 kilograms of CO2 emissions, which ranks as the 43rd highest in the country. The main fuel source utilized in the state of Puerto Rico is Natural Gas, making up 42.89% of the fuel used in the state for electricity production. Residual Fuel Oil and Coal are the second and third most used fuel sources for electricity generation. Residual Fuel Oil makes up 27.10% of electricity generation and Coal makes up 20.39% of total generation in the state. Puerto Rico has zero power generation plants within its borders. This puts it in a tie for last for total power plants and power plants per resident.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Residual Fuel Oil
Residual Fuel Oil
Residual Fuel Oil
Distillate Fuel Oil

Puerto Rico Net Metering

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is the only provider we have covering Puerto Rico. Fortunately for customers they do have net metering practices in place, making personal solar power installs an option. The state has bad net metering and feed in tariffs that make solar and other types of electricity generation more affordable.

Energy Loss

In Puerto Rico one company reports energy loss, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. They average an annual energy loss of 11.45%. The United States average for energy loss is 2.76%, resulting in a rank of 2nd best in the United States for Puerto Rico in this category.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

State governments can encourage private citizens to install private solar panels by issuing tax breaks and rebates. Puerto Rico currently offers no state tax credit to consumers who install private solar panels at their place of residence. The state offers no rebates to citizens who are purchasing private solar. There are currently no property tax exemptions for citizens in Puerto Rico. There is currently no sales tax exemption for consumers who purchase solar.

State Level Initiatives

Legislation enacted at the state level affects whether customers in a state can afford to install personal solar systems or shop for electric plans that are based on renewable fuel sources. States that have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) have requirements in place for electricity providers who do business in the state. These standards require that a certain amount of electricity must be produced using green fuel sources. Unfortunately, the state of Puerto Rico has no standards currently in place. Furthermore, there are currently no low income solar programs to help low income families to install solar panels.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Puerto Rico

Where does Puerto Rico get its electricity?

Natural Gas is the main fuel source used for electricity production in Puerto Rico, making up 42.89% of production. Additionally, Residual Fuel Oil accounts for 27.10% and Coal accounts for 20.39%.

What electricity company is the largest provider in Puerto Rico?

The largest electricity supplier in Puerto Rico by total revenue is Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority.

What is the average electric bill in Puerto Rico?

The average electricity bill in the state of Puerto Rico in 2022 is $62 while the nationwide average is $122.

What power companies are in Puerto Rico?

State Customers RankProviderState Customers
1Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority1,478,294

How much does electricity cost in Puerto Rico?

The average electricity cost paid by residents of Puerto Rico in 2022 is 19.92 cents per kilowatt hour.

Does Puerto Rico have a deregulated electricity market?

Puerto Rico has a regulated electricity market, rather than a deregulated market. This means that consumers in the state normally have only one or two electricity provider choices when it comes time to choose who they purchase electricity from.

What is the cheapest electricity company in Puerto Rico?

Residential Rate RankProviderResidential Rate (¢)State Customers
1Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority18.761,478,294

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