Adjuntas Municipio, Puerto Rico Electric Profile

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By megawatt hours sold, the largest electricity supplier in Adjuntas Municipio is Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority.

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Residents of Adjuntas Municipio are paying, on average, 39.48% more per kilowatt hour used at home than the national average rate, at 18.76 cents per kilowatt hour compared to 13.45 cents per kilowatt hour.

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Adjuntas Municipio experienced a 5.11% decrease in CO2 emissions per capita in the most recent year.

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Adjuntas Municipio ranks 64th out of 78 counties in the state for total electricity usage, with its residents using over 0 megawatt hours.

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At $79.2, the average Adjuntas Municipio monthly residential electric bill is 34.13% lower than the nationwide average bill.

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Adjuntas Municipio has a population of 17,363 citizens.


  • Total Consumption

    88,925 MWh

  • Consumption per Capita

    5.12 MWh


  • CO2 Emissions

    60,726,101 kg

  • CO2 Emissions per Capita

    3,497.44 kg

Adjuntas zona urbana, PR Electric Overview

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Electricity use in Adjuntas zona urbana creates 14,892,111.96 kilograms of CO2 emissions. This is the 64th most of any city in Puerto Rico. The city also ranks 69th worst in Puerto Rico in pollution per resident, averaging 3,497.44 kilograms of CO2 emissions emissions per citizen. The city has no power production sources, resulting in the need to import the 21,807.53 megawatt hours the citizens here consume annually.

Adjuntas Municipio, Puerto Rico Details

Adjuntas Municipio, Puerto Rico Net Metering

Adjuntas Municipio is home to one electricity supplier. Fortunately for customers in the county who are interested in having personal solar panels, the only provider in town offers net metering options. Many net metering regulations are enacted at the state level, and Puerto Rico has nonexistent regulations for consumers interested in purchasing solar panels.

Energy Loss

Adjuntas Municipio has an average of 11.45% of the energy that is transmitted in the state dissipated as heat. With a state average energy loss of 11.45%, Adjuntas Municipio is ranked as the 1st best county in Puerto Rico for energy loss efficiency.

Power Companies in Adjuntas Municipio, Puerto Rico


Which electricity company is the largest supplier in Adjuntas Municipio, Puerto Rico?

By total megawatt hours sold, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is the largest electricity company in Adjuntas Municipio, Puerto Rico.

Which electricity companies offer service in Adjuntas Municipio, Puerto Rico?

County Customers RankArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.County CustomersArrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.
1Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority28,668

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Published: 2021-03-16Last Updated: 2021-11-16