Mountain Lake Electric

There are 870 residential customers, 167 commercial customer accounts and 20 industrial customer accounts who are receiving electricity from the supplier. Mountain Lake Electric's average residential electricity rate per kilowatt hour is 12.44 cents per kilowatt hour. This is 6.71% lower than the nationwide average price of 13.33 cents. They had sales of 26,770 megawatt hours in 2019 sold to end users. The electricity produced in the company’s power plants made up 2,821 of the megawatt hours sourced by the company and the purchase of wholesale electricity made up an additional 27,951. The provider made a total of $2,720,000 for 2019 through electricity sales to retail consumers.

About Mountain Lake Electric

The nationwide average monthly residential electric bill is $120.11, while the Mountain Lake Electric average is 26.39% below at $88.41 per month. This is the 821st lowest average monthly bill amount for a supplier in the US. The generation of megawatt hours sold by Mountain Lake Electric is accountable for emissions of 10,553,667 kilograms of CO2 emissions, which makes them the 123rd highest polluting electricity provider out of the 268 we track in the state. They rank 50th out of the 268 providers we track in Minnesota for their ratio of renewable versus non-renewable fuels used. Mountain Lake Electric is the 116th largest provider out of 268 suppliers in the state based on total megawatt hours sold.

Mountain Lake Electric Net Metering

Luckily, Mountain Lake Electric offers net metering options to their customers. The purchase of solar panels and alternative electricity sources is often too expensive for citizens. Net metering allows purchasers of these electricity sources to sell extra megawatt hours back to the grid, making the installation of these alternative sources economically viable .

Energy Loss

Mountain Lake Electric currently suffers from the loss of around 10.47% of the electricity that they generate via heat dissipation and other causes. This percentage of energy lost results in them being given a rank of 186th worst out of 3511 suppliers reporting energy loss in the nation.

Mountain Lake Electric Rate & Electric Bills

Mountain Lake Electric residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in April.

1873rd12.44¢Mountain Lake Electric's Average residential price per kWh
821st$88.41Average monthly electric bill for Mountain Lake Electric's residential customers

Mountain Lake Electric Overview

  • Company Type:Municipal
  • Headquarters:925 2nd Avenue
    Mountain Lake, Minnesota 56159
    United States of America
  • CEO:Ron Melson

Mountain Lake Electric Contact

Mountain Lake Electric Service

  • Outage Phone:(507) 831-1957

Quick Facts About Mountain Lake Electric

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As the 621st largest generator of electricity in the US, Mountain Lake Electric generates 2,865 megawatt hours of electricity.

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Mountain Lake Electric produces 86 megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel types, which is 551st out of 3511 companies in the country.

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The production of the megawatt hours sold by Mountain Lake Electric resulted in an increase in CO2 pollution of 10,428,927.85 kilograms (8360.59%) in the last year.

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Mountain Lake Electric produces 2,779 megawatt hours of electricity (or 0.97 of their total electricity production) from wind turbines.

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Mountain Lake Electric participates in the wholesale electricity market, purchasing electricity generated by other providers and then reselling to their end users.

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Mountain Lake Electric's electricity production facilities produce 12.1 megawatt hours from the use of natural gas.

Energy Loss

Mountain Lake Electric's energy loss due to business operations.

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Total Energy Loss


186 National Rank

Mountain Lake Electric Coverage Map

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Mountain Lake Electric State Coverage

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Mountain Lake Electric FAQ:

What is the phone number for Mountain Lake Electric?

You can reach Mountain Lake Electric by phone via (507) 427-2999 .

What percentage of Mountain Lake Electric’s electricity is produced from renewable fuel sources?

Electric generation plants owned by or associated with Mountain Lake Electric generate 97.00% of their electricity from renewable fuel types.

What is the average electricity rate for Mountain Lake Electric customers?

Consumers of Mountain Lake Electric, on average, have an electricity rate 12.44 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh).

What is the average bill for Mountain Lake Electric customers each month?

The average monthly electric bill for customers of is $88.41. The Minnesota average bill is $103.90 and the national average is $103.90.

What percentage of Mountain Lake Electric’s electricity is generated from nonrenewable fuels?

Mountain Lake Electric produces 3.00% of their electricity from nonrenewable fuel sources.

Who is the CEO of Mountain Lake Electric?

Mountain Lake Electric’s CEO is Ron Melson.

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