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About Tri State Generation

Tri State Generation is an electricity cooperative, which means the company is owned by its customers and they vote in individuals to run the company. The company had sales of 18,038,655 megawatt hours in 2020 through wholesale channels. Electricity facilities owned by Tri State Generation generated 56.48% of the megawatt hours sourced by the company and an additional 43.38% was purchased by way of the wholesale market. The revenue for Tri State Generation for 2020 from electricity sales was $1,328,034,000, with $1,289,549,000 coming from wholesale electricity sales.

Energy Loss

Tri State Generation recently reported an annual loss of around 4.18% of the electricity that they generate. Loss of electricity due to heat dissipation during electricity transmission and other causes is operating in the electricity generation business and providers are required to report these losses. Tri State Generation's energy loss amounts give them a ranking of 16th best out of 3510 in the nation.

Tri State Generation Overview

  • Company Type: Cooperative
  • Headquarters: 1100 West 116th Avenue
    Westminster, Colorado 80234
    United States of America
  • CEO: Duane Highley

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Quick Facts About Tri State Generation

Tri State Generation produces 1,085,010.09 megawatt hours by burning natural gas and ranks 157th in the nation out of 3510 suppliers for total natural gas production.

Tri State Generation generates 7,181,241.47 megawatt hours of electricity from the use of coal, ranking Tri State Generation 63rd in the United States out of 3510 providers.

The supplier is ranked 142nd in the United States for electricity generation, generating 8,283,632.26 megawatt hours.

Tri State Generation produces 8,283,632.26 megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel sources, which is 121st out of 3510 providers in the US.

Energy Loss

Tri State Generation's energy loss due to business operations.


Total Energy Loss

786,676 MWh

687  National Rank

Tri State Generation Energy Makeup

Power Plants Owned by Tri State Generation

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type Production (MWh) Emission (kg) Emissions/MWh Toxic Chemical Release Closing Date
Platte County WY Coal 8,314,551.99 8,415,432,959.75 1,012.13
Moffat County CO Coal 7,283,840 7,362,018,085.57 1,010.73 Yes
JM Shafer Generating StationTri State Generation (100.00%)
Fort Lupton CO Natural Gas 791,930 385,790,080.62 487.15
McKinley County NM Coal 596,278.01 622,148,769.11 1,043.39
Hidalgo County NM Natural Gas 125,910 68,841,697.78 546.75
Adams County CO Natural Gas 72,536 48,374,792.18 666.91
Limon Generating StationTri State Generation (100.00%)
Lincoln County CO Natural Gas 70,022 45,465,761.93 649.31
Rifle Generating StationTri State Generation (100.00%)
Rifle CO Natural Gas 11,053 5,678,852.62 513.78
Kit Carson County CO Distillate Fuel Oil 4,392 4,107,383.77 935.2

Tri State Generation Fuel Makeup

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Distillate Fuel Oil

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Tri State Generation FAQ:

Who is the CEO of Tri State Generation?

Duane Highley is the CEO of Tri State Generation.

How many power plants are owned by or associated with Tri State Generation?

Tri State Generation is associated with or owns 9 power plants.

What percentage of Tri State Generation's electricity is produced using renewable fuel sources?

Power plants owned by or associated with Tri State Generation produce 0% of their electricity from renewable fuels.

What percentage of Tri State Generation's electricity is generated from nonrenewable fuels?

Tri State Generation generates 100.00% of their electricity from nonrenewable fuel sources.

What is the phone number for Tri State Generation?

Tri State Generation's customer service phone number is (303) 452-6111

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Published: 2021-03-16 Last Updated: 2022-03-13