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Bristol County, Rhode Island Electricity Overview

While the national average residential electricity rate sits at 14.46 cents per kilowatt hour, Bristol County's average price is 58.15% above that at 22.87 cents per kilowatt hour.

Bristol County has emissions of 2,634.17 kilograms per capita of CO2 equivalent gases, compared to the US average of 4,459.99.

Solar power usage in Bristol County has risen by 100.00% year over year, with 5,698 megawatt hours being generated from solar energy throughout the past year.

By megawatt hours sold, the largest provider in Bristol County is The Narragansett Electric Co.

The county is ranked as the 6th largest generator of electricity in the state out of 5 counties for electricity generation, producing 5,698 megawatt hours.

Bristol County had a 1.65% drop in CO2 emissions per capita during the course of the past 12 months.


  • Total Consumption

    346,822 MWh

  • Consumption per Capita

    6.83 MWh


  • Total Production

    5,698 MWh

  • Production from Renewable Energy

    5,698 MWh

  • Production per Capita

    0.11 MWh


  • CO2 Emissions

    133,797,480 kg

  • CO2 Emissions per Capita

    2,634.17 kg

Electricity Production in Bristol County, Rhode Island

Power Plants in Bristol County, Rhode Island

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (kg)Emissions per MWhToxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Blackhorse Farm Solar, LLC CSGAES Distributed Energy (100.00%)
Bristol County RI Solar 5,698

Bristol County, Rhode Island Details

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

Electricity use in Bristol County creates 133,797,480.33 kilograms of CO2 emissions. This is the 1540th largest amount of any county in the United States. More telling of the county's pollution reality is the per citizen CO2 emission amount. That amount stands at 2,634.17 kilograms of CO2 emissions, which results in the county being the 2nd highest county in the state for CO2 emissions per capita. The main fuel type used in Bristol County is Solar, making up 100.00% of the fuel used in the county for electricity production. Bristol County has one power producing plant.


Bristol County, Rhode Island Net Metering

Bristol County is home to one electricity supplier. Fortunately for customers in the county who are interested in having their own solar panels, the only supplier in the county has net metering practices in place. Citizens of Rhode Island have some of the best net metering laws that allow them to take advantage of some additional benefits of personal solar.

Energy Loss

Bristol County electricity companies who report energy loss average roughly 4.90% of their energy lost per year. The countrywide average for energy loss is 2.76% and the Rhode Island average is 4.73%, resulting in a rank of 1748th best in the country and a state rank of best out of 3221 and 5 counties, respectively.

Power Companies in Bristol County, Rhode Island


Which electricity company is the largest supplier in Bristol County, Rhode Island?

By total megawatt hours sold, The Narragansett Electric Co is the largest electricity supplier in Bristol County, Rhode Island.

Which electricity companies offer service in Bristol County, Rhode Island?

County Customers RankProviderEst. County Customers
1The Narragansett Electric Co11,730

How many power plants are within Bristol County, Rhode Island?

There is one active power plant located in Bristol County, Rhode Island

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Published: 2022-10-09