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Electricity In Alaska

  • Population731,545
  • Total Consumption5,862,466 MWh / 8.01 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Equivalent Emissions2,732,127,421 kg
  • Total Production5,686,556 MWh / 7.77 MWh per capita

Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Alaska

Alaska residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in November.

Historical Pricing:
Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.240/kWh$0.203/kWh$179.75/mo.$103.96/mo.
51st22.63¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Alaska
42nd$133.07Average residential monthly electricity bill for Alaska Residents

Energy Profile of Alaska

Alaska's Electricity Prices and Usage

Alaska's average electricity rate in 2021 is 22.63 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 69.78% above the United States average rate of 13.33 cents. Residents in the state don’t have much choice in their electricity provider due to the fact that Alaska has a regulated electricity market based on the consumer’s home address. Overall, residents living in state use a grand total of over 5,800,000 megawatt hours for their electricity needs. Chugach Electric has 99,852 total residential customers, which is more than any other provider who operate in the state. Power plants in the state generate 97.00% of the electricity that is needed for everyday electricity consumption by the residents living their, so they must bring in the remaining 3.00%. The state has emissions of 3,734.74 kilograms per capita of carbon dioxide equivalent gases, compared to the US average of 4,582.45.

Electricity Providers in Alaska

ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Average Bill ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Sales (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Residential Revenues ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Production (MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Emissions (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Chugach Electric21.11116.17569,964120,308,5311,135,045.61,405,160,469.75
Matanuska Electric Association21.45132.3448,92396,280,657757,505.23331,189,177.97
Golden Valley Electric25.55154.49290,05674,121,337910,3581,555,861,259.98
Homer Electric Association28.71145.15172,16849,432,904443,686211,027,470.21
Alaska Electric Light & Power Company12.22108.18158,77119,397,484124,714317,520,997.53
Chugach Electric21.3987.83111,94923,941,869330,079.17700,241,013.29
KPU Ketchikan11.61111.0874,4648,645,22792,477119,098,121.85
Alaska Village Electric Cooperative48.07219.9943,63420,975,567114,614137,609,245.2
City of Sitka Utilities18.58161.3139,5707,352,000109,9276,417,852.9
Kodiak Electric Association Inc17.46111.3737,7376,588,000151,1017,576,541.2

Power Plants in Alaska

PlantArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Primary Fuel TypeArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Production (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Emission (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Emissions per MWh (KG/MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Toxic Chemical ReleaseArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Closing DateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Southcentral Power ProjectChugach Electric (30.00%)Chugach Electric (70.00%)
Natural Gas 797,909329,190,182.72412.57No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Eklutna Generation StationMatanuska Electric Association (100.00%)
Natural Gas 729,085335,788,565.14460.56No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
North PoleGolden Valley Electric (100.00%)
Waste/other Oil 499,193327,160,765.53655.38YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
Bradley LakeAlaska Energy Authority (100.00%)
Conventional Hydroelectric 466,63528,774,034.2561.66No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
George M Sullivan Generation Plant 2Chugach Electric (100.00%)
Natural Gas 447,493212,983,264.48475.95No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Nikiski Co-GenerationHomer Electric Association (100.00%)
Natural Gas 404,839190,688,195.32471.02No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
HealyGolden Valley Electric (100.00%)
Coal 357,525496,138,970.81,387.7No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Conventional Hydroelectric 283,19717,462,731.2461.66No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Aurora Energy LLC ChenaAurora Energy LLC (100.00%)
Coal 186,691229,131,135.481,227.33No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Eklutna Hydro ProjectMatanuska Electric Association (16.70%)Chugach Electric (53.30%)Chugach Electric (30.00%)
Conventional Hydroelectric 170,18110,493,827.3461.66No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.

Quick Facts

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Electricity use per person in Alaska amounts to 8.01 megawatt hours per year.

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Carbon dioxide equivalent emissions due to the consumption of electricity have dropped by -204,297,475.51 kilograms (7.13%) in Alaska over the course of the most recent year.

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Over 33.41% of Alaska ’s electricity production comes from renewable fuel types, ranking Alaska at 45th in the US for total renewable electricity production.

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Alaska had a 6.38% drop in carbon dioxide emissions per capita over the last 12 months.

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Alaska has seen a 4.43% increase in hydroelectric power generation over the course of the last year.

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In Alaska, 3,790,176.74 megawatt hours of electricity are generated from non-renewable fuels. Alaska ranks 48th worst in the US for total electricity generation from non-renewable fuel types.

CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PopulationArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProvidersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PlantsArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Avg. Electric BillArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Aleutians East Borough3,3374 providers269.82$303.89/mo
Aleutians West Census Area5,6342 providers441.15$165.90/mo
Anchorage Municipality288,00018 providers627.33$121.69/mo
Bethel Census Area18,38630 providers558.81$206.21/mo
Bristol Bay Borough8368 providers150.96$189.41/mo
Denali Borough2,09714 providers262.03$201.31/mo
Dillingham Census Area4,91612 providers361.36$217.02/mo
Fairbanks North Star Borough96,84916 providers760.76$200.09/mo
Haines Borough2,5304 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.42.49$145.92/mo
Hoonah-Angoon Census Area2,14811 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.45.42$151.98/mo
Juneau City and Borough31,9744 providers837.55$156.06/mo
Kenai Peninsula Borough58,70821 providers729.48$137.00/mo
Ketchikan Gateway Borough13,9015 providers629.82$142.41/mo
Kodiak Island Borough12,9984 providers638.79$157.36/mo
Kusilvak Census Area8,31410 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.51.33$219.11/mo
Lake and Peninsula Borough1,59213 providers162.78$207.28/mo
Matanuska-Susitna Borough108,31710 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.23.96$125.32/mo
Nome Census Area10,00416 providers949.75$190.21/mo
North Slope Borough9,83216 providers825.00$123.40/mo
Northwest Arctic Borough7,62116 providers844.72$204.26/mo
Petersburg Borough3,2665 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.35.90$163.65/mo
Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area6,2035 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.31.47$144.10/mo
Sitka City and Borough8,4933 providers337.19$162.16/mo
Skagway Municipality1,1834 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.42.49$145.92/mo
Southeast Fairbanks Census Area6,89318 providers449.51$160.45/mo
Valdez-Cordova Census Area9,20213 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.45.84$151.09/mo
Wrangell City and Borough2,5026 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.25.25$135.23/mo
Yakutat City and Borough5793 providers136.63$160.31/mo
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area5,23021 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.59.10$193.95/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

About 2,732,127,421.14 kilograms of CO2 equivalent gases are released each year in the state of Alaska because of electricity generation. The state also ranks 36th highest in pollution per citizen, averaging 3,734.74 kilograms of CO2 and CO2 equivalent gases emissions per person in the state. Approximately 38.39% of Alaska’s electricity is produced using Natural Gas. Conventional Hydroelectric and Coal make up the next highest totals for a fuel type at 30.19% (1,716,790.66 megawatt hours) and 12.94% (736,094.71 megawatt hours) respectively. Alaska is home to 143 electricity producing plants, which is the 23rd highest number of plants in a state and the 1st highest number of plants per capita in a state.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
CONVENTIONAL HYDROELECTRIC Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Distillate Fuel Oil
Waste/other Oil

Net Metering

Approximately 12.73% of the electricity providers in Alaska offer net metering to their consumers. At the state level, Alaska has highly restricted regulations for consumers interested in purchasing solar panels.

Energy Loss

The average energy loss for electricity providers in Alaska is 4.89%. This includes data from 41 companies, including Chugach Electric, Matanuska Electric Association, and Golden Valley Electric. For comparison, the US average energy loss is 2.72%. Alaska ranks 10th worst in the nation for grid efficiency based on energy loss.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

When it comes to stimulating home installs of solar, tax and rebate incentives from the government are some of the easiest methods. Alaska offers a credit that is $1000 or less or there is no state tax. The state offers no rebates to consumers who are installing solar. Unfortunately, citizens in the state are only offered some optional tax exemptions for what they spend on private solar purchases. Consumers in the state do not have access to a sales tax exemption when purchasing solar.

State Level Initiatives

Whether a consumer is able to seek out electricity plans with renewable fuel sources is at least somewhat determined by state level legislation. Many states require green fuel types to be a portion of the fuel used for electricity production by providers in the state. These requirements are known as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). The state of Alaska does not currently have any standards established that suppliers have to follow. Additionally, the state does not have any sort of low income solar programs that assist with the installation of solar panels at low income households.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Alaska

What is the average electricity rate in Alaska?

The average electric rate in Alaska is 22.63 cents per kilowatt hour, so anything below this amount is better than most. The lowest priced provider is currently Petersburg Power Plant, at 10.20 cents per kilowatt hour.

How much does electricity cost in Alaska?

The average cost per kilowatt hour of electricity in Alaska in 2021 is 22.63 cents.

What is the average electric bill in Alaska?

In 2021, Alaska has an average electric bill of $133, while the nationwide average is $120.