Electricity in Kentucky

Electricity Rates, Plans & Statistics

Electricity Coverage & Statistics in Kentucky

  • Population
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  • Total Production
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    70,554,264 MWh / 15.66 MWh per capita
  • Total Consumption
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    75,645,942 MWh / 16.79 MWh per capita
  • Total Production from Renewable
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    5,744,307 MWh / 1.27 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Emissions from Consumption
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    58,326,827,924 kg / 12,944.73 kg per capita
  • Total Production from Non-Renewable
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    64,809,957 MWh / 14.38 MWh per capita
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Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Kentucky

Kentucky residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in April.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.125/kWh$0.099/kWh$172.13/mo.$88.03/mo.
16th11.86¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Kentucky
36th$131.33Average residential monthly electricity bill for Kentucky Residents

Energy Profile of Kentucky

Kentucky's Electricity Prices and Usage

The average residential electricity rate in Kentucky in 2022 is 11.86 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 15.23% below the US average rate of 13.99 cents.. Even though there are over 60 electricity companies in Florida, the electricity market is regulated and residents often have only a single electricity company choice determined by their geographic location. The state consumes over 75,600,000 megawatt hours for their electricity needs, making the state the 20th largest consumer of megawatt hours in the US. About 8.14% of the states' electricity is produced from renewable fuel sources, ranking them as the 34th highest state for total sustainable electricity production. Kentucky Utilities has 537,779 residential customers, which is more than any other provider in the state . The state is the 18th largest producer of electricity per capita, with an average of 15.66 megawatt hours generated per person per year.

Residential Electricity Providers in Kentucky

ProviderService TypeResidential Rate (¢)Residential Average Bill ($)Residential Sales (MWh)Residential Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
Kentucky UtilitiesBUNDLED11.47129.025,969,100684,699,75418,660,082.16
Louisville Gas & ElectricBUNDLED11.61107.324,169,445484,250,60512,187,474.85
Kentucky PowerBUNDLED14.62179.181,964,871287,263,638912,638
Duke Energy KentuckyBUNDLED11.36107.81,492,319169,555,4792,553,797
Warren Rural Electric Cooperative CorporationBUNDLED11.05142.49895,90399,010,000
Blue Grass EnergyBUNDLED10.16123.02826,87083,973,000
Owen Electrictric CooperativeBUNDLED10.52117.57811,84885,446,000
South Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative CorporationBUNDLED11.48120.43797,98791,634,273
Salt River ElectricBUNDLED8.77107.43743,09465,169,000

Power Plants in Kentucky

PlantCity/CountyPrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (KG)Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Toxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Carroll County Coal 10,582,328.0310,741,475,413.991,015.04Yes
Trimble County Coal 9,061,1428,047,702,537.62888.16Yes
Maysville Coal 8,428,929.017,819,461,745.63927.69Yes
Louisville/Jefferson County metro government Coal 7,403,799.017,409,937,183.111,000.83Yes
Muhlenberg County Natural Gas 6,567,6522,360,449,286.02359.41Yes
McCracken County Coal 6,003,761.016,658,644,200.171,109.08Yes
Louisville/Jefferson County metro government Natural Gas 4,751,5901,730,340,243.66364.16
Ohio County Coal 3,053,599.023,096,251,748.611,013.97Yes
Rabbit Hash CDP Coal 2,542,6732,616,191,095.51,028.91Yes
Webster County Coal 2,386,964.012,514,229,193.311,053.323/2022

Quick Facts

Kentucky creates 7.47% of their electricity from hydroelectric power, roughly 5,268,375.28 megawatt hours per year.

Kentucky is 45th in the nation in megawatt hours generated by solar power sources.

Kentucky ranks 20th worst in the country for total production of electricity from non-renewable fuel types, with 64,809,957.43 of the state's 70,554,264.25 megawatt hours coming from those fuel types.

Kentucky produces 93.27% of their needed electricity and must import the additional 6.73% from nearby states.

Kentucky has emissions of 12,944.73 kilograms per capita of CO2 emissions, compared to the US average of 4,511.01.

Kentucky averages 1.27 megawatt hours per person generated from renewable electricity sources, which is 35th highest in the United States.

CountyPopulationProvidersPlantsResidential Rate (¢)Residential Avg. Electric Bill
Adair County18,90379.61$100.74/mo
Allen County20,588111.13$126.85/mo
Anderson County23,852410.27$123.57/mo
Ballard County7,728311.76$133.73/mo
Barren County44,485710.51$112.54/mo
Bath County12,750510.57$111.41/mo
Bell County24,097411.34$127.45/mo
Boone County135,9684110.83$114.06/mo
Bourbon County20,252610.89$124.01/mo
Boyd County48,261214.62$179.18/mo
Boyle County30,614411.35$128.62/mo
Bracken County8,400510.65$121.34/mo
Breathitt County13,718413.53$156.02/mo
Breckinridge County20,432111.98$118.56/mo
Bullitt County82,21759.51$107.67/mo
Butler County12,371211.18$143.27/mo
Caldwell County12,649512.40$144.85/mo
Calloway County37,103211.90$136.56/mo
Campbell County93,076611.00$113.42/mo
Carlisle County4,826912.00$138.12/mo
Carroll County10,8105110.78$124.79/mo
Carter County26,627514.18$155.95/mo
Casey County15,941610.61$114.95/mo
Christian County72,748412.11$147.35/mo
Clark County36,9724110.98$118.99/mo
Clay County20,345611.48$132.88/mo
Clinton County9,253311.46$120.77/mo
Crittenden County8,990312.94$156.97/mo
Cumberland County5,888211.13$126.85/mo
Daviess County103,312213.19$157.77/mo
Edmonson County12,126511.07$140.54/mo
Elliott County7,354413.80$136.73/mo
Estill County14,1635111.38$131.08/mo
Fayette County322,570511.34$128.22/mo
Fleming County15,082410.30$106.39/mo
Floyd County35,942413.19$157.66/mo
Franklin County51,541510.70$121.51/mo
Fulton County6,515512.21$140.63/mo
Gallatin County8,690410.63$118.81/mo
Garrard County16,953511.30$128.45/mo
Grant County24,941610.58$116.86/mo
Graves County36,649411.90$136.40/mo
Grayson County26,420711.12$138.98/mo
Green County11,10769.47$99.39/mo
Greenup County35,962414.05$149.77/mo
Hancock County9,095113.11$160.20/mo
Hardin County110,702510.83$124.33/mo
Harlan County26,831511.16$125.41/mo
Harrison County18,692410.32$123.79/mo
Hart County19,288510.49$112.72/mo
Henderson County44,793412.84$155.27/mo
Henry County15,678510.72$129.55/mo
Hickman County4,521712.16$141.06/mo
Hopkins County45,423412.19$140.81/mo
Jackson County12,955211.40$131.97/mo
Jefferson County782,9692311.61$107.32/mo
Jessamine County52,991510.39$123.70/mo
Johnson County22,680412.16$141.97/mo
Kenton County169,064411.04$111.52/mo
Knott County14,251414.05$170.54/mo
Knox County30,193510.31$114.72/mo
Larue County14,867510.80$126.63/mo
Laurel County62,613511.38$131.31/mo
Lawrence County16,2935114.22$167.75/mo
Lee County7,395511.39$129.21/mo
Leslie County10,513513.60$164.19/mo
Letcher County21,548413.60$164.14/mo
Lewis County13,0801310.80$112.07/mo
Lincoln County24,275511.35$127.20/mo
Livingston County8,8883211.83$134.91/mo
Logan County27,432311.90$146.78/mo
Lyon County8,680412.28$148.28/mo
Madison County92,701710.60$122.34/mo
Magoffin County11,637411.94$122.32/mo
Marion County19,581611.18$127.04/mo
Marshall County31,6593211.89$136.74/mo
Martin County11,287414.31$174.44/mo
Mason County17,1204110.67$113.53/mo
McCracken County67,8759112.16$133.18/mo
McCreary County16,888511.32$119.93/mo
McLean County9,152312.85$155.18/mo
Meade County30,003311.94$117.34/mo
Menifee County6,113310.86$114.63/mo
Mercer County22,6415110.74$125.74/mo
Metcalfe County10,286410.57$114.74/mo
Monroe County11,338111.13$126.85/mo
Montgomery County28,114410.96$118.57/mo
Morgan County13,726411.46$111.98/mo
Muhlenberg County30,9283111.74$136.77/mo
Nelson County46,73869.27$111.24/mo
Nicholas County7,537510.34$117.29/mo
Ohio County23,7725112.03$146.07/mo
Oldham County67,607511.56$111.39/mo
Owen County11,278410.69$119.52/mo
Owsley County4,051411.44$132.52/mo
Pendleton County14,644810.49$121.02/mo
Perry County28,473214.62$179.18/mo
Pike County58,669214.62$179.18/mo
Powell County13,129310.82$115.74/mo
Pulaski County65,0344111.48$120.72/mo
Robertson County2,193510.35$111.83/mo
Rockcastle County16,037511.41$131.21/mo
Rowan County24,662812.22$129.25/mo
Russell County17,991511.46$120.46/mo
Scott County57,155510.95$125.16/mo
Shelby County48,065510.78$129.52/mo
Simpson County19,594411.09$141.63/mo
Spencer County19,49059.20$111.42/mo
Taylor County26,02369.45$99.34/mo
Todd County12,243212.17$149.24/mo
Trigg County14,061212.17$149.24/mo
Trimble County8,4744110.65$129.72/mo
Union County13,668312.75$153.24/mo
Warren County134,554211.02$140.05/mo
Washington County12,02769.22$111.34/mo
Wayne County19,555211.48$120.43/mo
Webster County13,0174112.93$156.54/mo
Whitley County36,712610.27$114.05/mo
Wolfe County6,562211.30$108.57/mo
Woodford County26,871511.18$127.28/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

In Kentucky, Coal makes up 70.67% of the fuel types used for electricity generation. Totaling Coal with Natural Gas (21.04%) and Conventional Hydroelectric (7.47%), these three fuel types account for 69,975,896.8 megawatt hours (or 99.18%) electricity generation in the state. Emissions in the state average 12,944.73 kilograms of CO2 emissions per person from electricity use, making them the 4th worst polluting state based on emissions per capita. At 12,944.73 kilograms per person and 4,505,836 people in the state, the state emits 58,326,827,924.02 kilograms of CO2 emissions each year. Kentucky has 20 power producing plants, which is the 43rd most in the country and 46th most when counting facilities per resident in the state.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Conventional Hydroelectric
Black Liquour
Landfill Gas

Kentucky Net Metering

Of the 58 electric providers in Kentucky, 48.28% of them report that they offer net metering. Regulations put in place at the state level are restricted for consumers interested in installing solar or other alternative electricity generation sources.

Energy Loss

The average energy loss for providers in Kentucky is 3.52%. This includes data from 42 companies, including Kentucky Utilities, Louisville Gas & Electric, and Duke Energy Kentucky. The United States average is 2.76%, resulting in Kentucky receiving a rank of 31st best in the United States for energy loss efficiency.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

In order to foster personal solar, all a state needs to do is enact tax and rebate incentives. Kentucky currently offers no state tax credit to consumers who install private solar panels at their place of residence. There are currently no state sponsored rebates available to residents who are considering purchasing solar panels. The state of Kentucky offers no property tax exemptions to homeowners who install solar panels, making it less attractive for consumers to do so. Homeowners in the state do not have access to a sales tax exemption when installing private solar.

State Level Initiatives

Whether a consumer is able to easily purchase electricity options with renewable sources is somewhat determined by initiatives at the state level. States that have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) have requirements in place for electric suppliers who do business in the state. These standards require that a percentage of electricity must be generated from renewable fuels. Kentucky, unfortunately, has no standards in place. Furthermore, there are currently no low income solar programs to help low income families to install solar panels.

Learn about going solar in Kentucky, find out which system size is best for you, compare local installers and see which incentives are available in your area.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Kentucky

How much does electricity cost in Kentucky?

The average electricity cost paid by customers in Kentucky in 2022 is 11.86 cents per kilowatt hour.

Where does Kentucky get its electricity?

Coal is the primary fuel source used for electricity generation in Kentucky, accounting for 70.67% of generation. The second and third most used fuel types are Natural Gas and Conventional Hydroelectric, which make up 21.04% and 7.47% of total generation respectively.

What electricity company is the largest supplier in Kentucky?

The largest electricity supplier in Kentucky by total customer count is Kentucky Utilities.

How many electric companies offer service in Kentucky?

There are 58 electricity companies operating in Kentucky.

What is the cheapest electricity company in Kentucky?

Residential Rate RankProviderResidential Rate (¢)State Customers
1Nicholasville Utilities8.286,700
2Henderson Municipal Power and Light8.5012,000
3Bardstown Electric8.524,676
4Salt River Electric8.7753,975
5Berea Municipal Utilities8.945,315
6Barbourville Utilities8.974,174
7Corbin City Utilities9.144,118
8Taylor County RECC9.3027,070
9Blue Grass Energy10.1659,889
10Cumberland Valley Electric10.1823,763

Does Kentucky have a deregulated electricity market?

No, Kentucky has a regulated electricity market where consumers often have only a single provider choice for their electricity needs.

What is the average electric bill in Kentucky?

The Kentucky average electricity bill is $131 so far in 2022.

How many power plants are within Kentucky?

There are 20 electricity plants in Kentucky.

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