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About Montana Dakota Utilities

Montana Dakota Utilities has their head offices in Bismarck, North Dakota and provides electricity in 4 states within the nation In addition, this service area includes 209 cities within these states. Electricity companies must regularly report the number of customers they have to government agencies. In the most recent report the company reported 144,044 customers signed up for their services. Exactly 231 of these customers are industrial accounts, 24,863 are commercial customers and 118,950 are residential accounts. The average residential electricity rate for patrons of Montana Dakota Utilities is roughly 10.67 cents per kilowatt hour, which is, luckily, 20.79% lower than the average national price of 13.47 cents. They sold 57,403 megawatt hours through wholesale channels to other electricity providers in 2020. The electricity generated in the company's power plants made up 2,647,746 of the megawatt hours sourced by the company and the purchase of wholesale electricity made up an additional 890,054. In 2020, the company made a total of $331,974,000 from business activities relating to the sale and transfer of electricity. They had 89.49% of their revenue coming from retail sales to end users and 0.23% from wholesale electricity sales.

The United States average monthly residential electric bill is $119.32, while the Montana Dakota Utilities average is 27.75% less at $86.2 per month. Wind turbines owned by the supplier generate 754,413 megawatt hours, or 34.52% of the electricity production by the provider. The supplier ranks as the 138th highest producer of megawatt hours from coal in the country out of 3510 suppliers. Production by the supplier from natural gas totals 9,605.15 megawatt hours, which is approximately 0.44% of their total production.

Montana Dakota Utilities Net Metering

Luckily, Montana Dakota Utilities allows their customers to participate in net metering. Without net metering, solar panel purchased are significantly less economically realistic, as consumers have no way to sell extra electricity back into the infrastructure system.

Energy Loss

Montana Dakota Utilities currently has a loss of around 8.33% of the electricity that they generate. This percentage of loss results in them receiving a rank of 1352nd best out of 3510 companies who report energy loss in the US.

Montana Dakota Utilities Rate & Electric Bills

Montana Dakota Utilities residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in September.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWh Average Bill $0.125/kWh$0.089/kWh $117.44/mo.$53.38/mo.
812th 10.67¢ Montana Dakota Utilities's Average residential price per kWh
635th $86.2 Average monthly electricity bill for Montana Dakota Utilities's residential customers

Montana Dakota Utilities Overview

  • Company Type: Investor Owned
  • Parent Company: MDU Resources Group
  • Headquarters: 909 Airport Road
    Bismarck, North Dakota 58504
    United States of America
  • CEO: Nicole Kivisto

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Quick Facts About Montana Dakota Utilities

Montana Dakota Utilities produces 34.96% of their electricity from renewable fuel sources, which ranks them 301st in the United States out of the 3510 companies we track.

Montana Dakota Utilities is the 220th largest producer of megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel types out of 3510 companies in the United States.

By customer count, Montana Dakota Utilities is the 179th largest supplier out of 3510 in the United States.

Montana Dakota Utilities has the 222nd highest total electricity production in the United States, producing 2,185,505 megawatt hours.

Energy provider of the year for Wyoming, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Residential Electricity Rate
Wyoming, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for South Dakota, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Average Residential Monthly Bill
South Dakota, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for Montana, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Average Residential Monthly Bill
Montana, Major Provider Category
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Energy Loss

Montana Dakota Utilities's energy loss due to business operations.


Total Energy Loss

296,252 MWh

1352  National Rank

Montana Dakota Utilities Energy Makeup

Montana Dakota Utilities Coverage Map

Coverage Map Placeholder

Montana Dakota Utilities State Coverage

State Customers Sales ($) State Rank Based On Revenue % of Provider's Residential Sales in State
Montana 25,601 66,778,000 3 16.46%
North Dakota 93,403 193,995,000 5 64.32%
South Dakota 8,495 14,739,000 22 6.15%
Wyoming 16,546 28,098,000 9 13.06%

Montana Dakota Utilities County Coverage

County Population Providers Avg. County Rate (¢) Avg. Electric Bill
Adams County 2,200 3 10.97 $114.12/mo
Bottineau County 6,379 5 10.27 $122.77/mo
Bowman County 2,993 3 10.97 $114.12/mo
Brown County 38,301 5 11.04 $140.99/mo
Burke County 2,201 4 9.00 $104.54/mo
Burleigh County 98,458 4 10.43 $101.49/mo
Campbell County 1,377 2 11.61 $144.80/mo
Carter County 1,415 3 15.63 $95.89/mo
Corson County 3,902 3 12.31 $103.75/mo
Custer County 11,867 6 12.97 $124.08/mo

Power Plants Owned by Montana Dakota Utilities

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type Production (MWh) Emission (kg) Emissions/MWh Toxic Chemical Release Closing Date
Mercer County ND Coal 2,464,159 2,807,133,176.46 1,139.19
Campbell County WY Coal 843,013 938,248,839.68 1,112.97
Thunder Spirit Wind, LLCMontana Dakota Utilities (100.00%)
Adams County ND Wind 600,126
Morton County ND Coal 507,672 670,197,672.08 1,320.14 Yes
Diamond Willow Wind FacilityMontana Dakota Utilities (100.00%)
Fallon County MT Wind 98,541
Richland County MT Coal 66,931 84,446,174.54 1,261.69 Yes
Bowman County ND Wind 55,746
Morton County ND Waste Heat 29,701
Custer County MT Natural Gas 238 325,171.45 1,366.27
Williston ND Distillate Fuel Oil 6 3,926.4 654.4

Montana Dakota Utilities Fuel Makeup

Waste Heat
Tire-derived Fuels
Natural Gas

Cities Montana Dakota Utilities Has Coverage

  • Aberdeen, SD
  • Akaska, SD
  • Alamo, ND
  • Alexander, ND
  • Almont, ND
  • Ambrose, ND
  • Amidon, ND
  • Antler, ND
  • Arnegard, ND
  • Artas, SD
  • Ashley, ND
  • Bainville, MT
  • Baker, MT
  • Beach, ND
  • Belfield, ND
  • Berlin, ND
  • Berthold, ND
  • Beulah, ND
  • Bismarck, ND
  • Bison, SD
  • Bottineau, ND
  • Bowbells, ND
  • Bowdle, SD
  • Bowman, ND
  • Braddock, ND
  • Brockton, MT
  • Bucyrus, ND
  • Buffalo, SD
  • Burlington, ND
  • Camp Crook, SD
  • Carpio, ND
  • Carson, ND
  • Center, ND
  • Chelsea, SD
  • Claremont, SD
  • Columbia, SD
  • Columbus, ND
  • Cresbard, SD
  • Crosby, ND
  • Culbertson, MT
  • Dawson, ND
  • Dayton, WY
  • Des Lacs, ND
  • Dickey, ND
  • Dickinson, ND
  • Dodge, ND
  • Donnybrook, ND
  • Douglas, ND
  • Dunn Center, ND
  • Edgeley, ND
  • Ekalaka, MT
  • Elgin, ND
  • Ellendale, ND
  • Epping, ND
  • Eureka, SD
  • Fairview, MT
  • Faulkton, SD
  • Flasher, ND
  • Flaxton, ND
  • Forbes, SD
  • Fort Yates, ND
  • Fortuna, ND
  • Frederick, SD
  • Fredonia, ND
  • Froid, MT
  • Fullerton, ND
  • Gackle, ND
  • Gardena, ND
  • Gascoyne, ND
  • Gettysburg, SD
  • Gladstone, ND
  • Glen Ullin, ND
  • Glenburn, ND
  • Glendive, MT
  • Glenham, SD
  • Golden Valley, ND
  • Golva, ND
  • Grano, ND
  • Grenora, ND
  • Groton, SD
  • Hague, ND
  • Halliday, ND
  • Haynes, ND
  • Hazelton, ND
  • Hazen, ND
  • Hebron, ND
  • Hecla, SD
  • Herreid, SD
  • Hettinger, ND
  • Hillsview, SD
  • Hosmer, SD
  • Hoven, SD
  • Ipswich, SD
  • Java, SD
  • Jud, ND
  • Kenmare, ND
  • Killdeer, ND
  • Kramer, ND
  • Kulm, ND
  • LaMoure, ND
  • Landa, ND
  • Lansford, ND
  • Lebanon, SD
  • Lehr, ND
  • Leith, ND
  • Lemmon, SD
  • Leola, SD
  • Lignite, ND
  • Lincoln, ND
  • Linton, ND
  • Long Lake, SD
  • Loraine, ND
  • Lowry, SD
  • Ludden, ND
  • Makoti, ND
  • Mandan, ND
  • Marion, ND
  • Marmarth, ND
  • Maxbass, ND
  • McIntosh, SD
  • McLaughlin, SD
  • Medicine Lake, MT
  • Miles City, MT
  • Minot, ND
  • Mobridge, SD
  • Mohall, ND
  • Monango, ND
  • Morristown, SD
  • Mott, ND
  • Mound City, SD
  • Napoleon, ND
  • New England, ND
  • New Leipzig, ND
  • New Salem, ND
  • New Town, ND
  • Newburg, ND
  • Noonan, ND
  • Oakes, ND
  • Onaka, SD
  • Orient, SD
  • Overly, ND
  • Palermo, ND
  • Parshall, ND
  • Pettibone, ND
  • Pick City, ND
  • Plaza, ND
  • Plevna, MT
  • Pollock, SD
  • Poplar, MT
  • Portal, ND
  • Powers Lake, ND
  • Ranchester, WY
  • Ray, ND
  • Reeder, ND
  • Regan, ND
  • Regent, ND
  • Rhame, ND
  • Richardton, ND
  • Richey, MT
  • Robinson, ND
  • Rockham, SD
  • Roscoe, SD
  • Ross, ND
  • Ryder, ND
  • Sawyer, ND
  • Scranton, ND
  • Selby, SD
  • Selfridge, ND
  • Seneca, SD
  • Sentinel Butte, ND
  • Sheridan, WY
  • Sherwood, ND
  • Sidney, MT
  • Solen, ND
  • Souris, ND
  • South Heart, ND
  • Springbrook, ND
  • Stanley, ND
  • Stanton, ND
  • Steele, ND
  • Strasburg, ND
  • Stratford, SD
  • Surrey, ND
  • Tappen, ND
  • Taylor, ND
  • Terry, MT
  • Tioga, ND
  • Tolley, ND
  • Tolstoy, SD
  • Tuttle, ND
  • Venturia, ND
  • Verdon, SD
  • Verona, ND
  • Warner, SD
  • Watford City, ND
  • Westhope, ND
  • Westport, SD
  • Wetonka, SD
  • White Earth, ND
  • Wibaux, MT
  • Wildrose, ND
  • Williston, ND
  • Willow City, ND
  • Wilton, ND
  • Wing, ND
  • Wishek, ND
  • Wolf Point, MT
  • Zap, ND
  • Zeeland, ND

* City coverage generated based on government data. Always verify you can get service from the provider.

Montana Dakota Utilities Reviews

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Montana Dakota Utilities FAQ:

How much is the average bundled bill for Montana Dakota Utilities customers each month?

Montana Dakota Utilities currently has an average monthly bundled electric bill of $86.20, compared to the US of $119.32 for bundled service.

How many states does Montana Dakota Utilities sell electricity to?

There are 4 states that receive at least some electricity coverage by Montana Dakota Utilities including Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

How many counties does Montana Dakota Utilities have customers in to?

Montana Dakota Utilities provides electricity to customers in 50 counties.

Who is the CEO of Montana Dakota Utilities?

Nicole Kivisto is the current CEO of Montana Dakota Utilities.

What percentage of Montana Dakota Utilities's electricity is produced using nonrenewable fuel types?

Electric generation facilities owned by or associated with Montana Dakota Utilities generate 65.04% of their electricity from nonrenewable fuels.

What company is Montana Dakota Utilities owned by?

Montana Dakota Utilities is owned by MDU Resources Group.

What is the average BUNDLED electricity rate for Montana Dakota Utilities customers?

Customers of Montana Dakota Utilities, on average, have an electricity BUNDLED rate 10.67 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh).

What percentage of Montana Dakota Utilities's electricity is generated from renewable fuel types?

Electric facilities owned by or associated with Montana Dakota Utilities generate 34.96% of their electricity using renewable fuel types.

What is the phone number for Montana Dakota Utilities?

The Montana Dakota Utilities phone number is (800) 638-3278.

What cities does Montana Dakota Utilities sell electricity to?

Montana Dakota Utilities serves 209 cities throughout the US.

How many power plants are owned by or associated with Montana Dakota Utilities?

Montana Dakota Utilities is associated with or owns 12 power plants.

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Published: 2021-03-16 Last Updated: 2022-03-13