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About Otter Tail Power Company

Otter Tail Power Company is an investor owned company located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and providing power to customers in 3 states in the United States including in major cities like Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, and West Fargo. Otter Tail Power Company has an average residential electricity rate of 11.28 cents per kilowatt hour, which is 17.51% less than the nationwide average rate of 13.67 cents. This ranks the provider 1061st out of 2922 suppliers in the US for lowest average electricity rate. Approximately 4,776,688 megawatt hours were sold by the supplier to retail customers in 2020 and 242,376 megawatt hours were sold to other suppliers via whole channels. Of the megawatt hours they sourced, 2,514,831 of them were generated by electricity plants owned by the supplier and 2,875,162 megawatt hours were obtained by way of the wholesale market. In 2020, the company made a total of $441,546,900 from business activities relating to the sale and transfer of electricity. They had revenue of $386,364,400 coming from retail sales to end users and $4,857,300 from wholesale electricity sales.

The average monthly residential electricity bill for a customer of Otter Tail Power Company is $112.72, while the nationwide average is $120.98. Customers of the company pay 6.82% less compared to other citizens of the country. Wind turbines operated by the provider generate 968,543 megawatt hours, which is 28.97% of the electricity generation by the supplier. They rank 295th out of the 3510 companies we track in the country for their ratio of renewable versus non-renewable fuel sources used. The company is able to generate 5,125 megawatt hours from hydroelectric power facilities, which makes them the 173rd largest producer of hydroelectric power out of 3510 companies in the country.

Otter Tail Power Company Net Metering

Net metering is available to customers of Otter Tail Power Company. Net metering makes solar panel installation more economically feasible as it allows citizens to sell electricity into the grid.

Energy Loss

Otter Tail Power Company reported a yearly loss of around 1.96% of the electricity that they produce. Loss of electricity due to heat dissipation during electricity transmission and other causes is part of operating in the electricity production business and suppliers are required to report these losses. This percentage of loss gives them a ranking of 187th best out of 3510 suppliers who report energy loss in the country.

Otter Tail Power Company Rate & Electric Bills

Otter Tail Power Company residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in October.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.135/kWh$0.080/kWh$142.03/mo.$74.87/mo.
1061st11.28¢Otter Tail Power Company's Average residential price per kWh
1552nd$112.72Average monthly electricity bill for Otter Tail Power Company's residential customers

Otter Tail Power Company Overview

  • Company Type:Investor Owned
  • Headquarters:215 South Cascade Street
    Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537
    United States of America
  • CEO:Timothy J. Rogelstad

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Quick Facts About Otter Tail Power Company

Generating 3,343,399.25 megawatt hours annually, Otter Tail Power Company is the 195th highest total generator of all suppliers in the nation.

Otter Tail Power Company produces 1,956,229.35 megawatt hours of electricity from the burning of coal, ranking Otter Tail Power Company 125th in the United States out of 3510 electricity companies.

Otter Tail Power Company is the 153rd largest provider out of 3510 providers in the nation based on megawatt hours sold.

Otter Tail Power Company produces 2,369,731.25 megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel types, which is 186th out of 3510 suppliers in the country.

Otter Tail Power Company ranks 186th out of 3510 companies in the nation for total electricity generation from natural gas, with generation totaling 405,761.83 total megawatt hours a year.

Energy provider of the year for North Dakota, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Average Residential Monthly Bill
North Dakota, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for North Dakota, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Residential Electricity Rate
North Dakota, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for South Dakota, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Residential Electricity Rate
South Dakota, Major Provider Category
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Energy Loss

Otter Tail Power Company's energy loss due to business operations.


Total Energy Loss


187 National Rank

Otter Tail Power Company Energy Makeup

Otter Tail Power Company Coverage Map

Coverage Map Placeholder

Otter Tail Power Company State Coverage

StateCustomersSales ($)State Rank Based On Revenue% of Provider's Residential Sales in State
North Dakota59,268158,233,706644.46%
South Dakota11,83541,502,70579.04%

Otter Tail Power Company County Coverage

CountyPopulationProvidersAvg. County Rate (¢)Avg. Electric Bill
Barnes County10,853411.08$123.13/mo
Beltrami County46,228514.02$170.33/mo
Benson County5,964410.48$152.10/mo
Big Stone County5,166412.00$189.71/mo
Bottineau County6,379510.15$125.72/mo
Brookings County34,375611.94$164.94/mo
Burleigh County98,458410.39$103.14/mo
Cass County184,525411.39$114.75/mo
Cavalier County3,704210.31$116.13/mo
Chippewa County12,598611.67$201.98/mo

Power Plants Owned by Otter Tail Power Company

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (kg)Emissions/MWhToxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Mercer County ND Coal 2,538,476.012,894,272,630.841,140.16
Big StoneMontana-Dakota Utilities Co (22.70%)NorthWestern Energy (23.40%)Otter Tail Power Company (53.90%)
Grant County SD Coal 1,621,4911,621,077,986.44999.75
Merricourt Wind Energy CenterOtter Tail Power Company (100.00%)
Dickey County ND Wind 510,202
Deuel County SD Natural Gas 295,415162,227,766.4549.15
Luverne Wind Energy CenterOtter Tail Power Company (100.00%)
Steele County ND Wind 174,859
Langdon Wind Energy CenterOtter Tail Power Company (100.00%)
Cavalier County ND Wind 144,103
Ashtabula Wind Energy CenterOtter Tail Power Company (100.00%)
Barnes County ND Wind 139,379
Beltrami County MN Natural Gas 110,46160,705,843.96549.57
Jamestown ND Distillate Fuel Oil 1,6082,443,8501,519.81
Lake Preston SD Distillate Fuel Oil 1,2821,884,227.021,469.76

Otter Tail Power Company Fuel Makeup

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Distillate Fuel Oil
Conventional Hydroelectric

Cities Otter Tail Power Company Has Coverage

  • Abercrombie, ND
  • Adams, ND
  • Albee, SD
  • Alberta, MN
  • Alexandria, MN
  • Alice, ND
  • Alsen, ND
  • Amenia, ND
  • Anamoose, ND
  • Aneta, ND
  • Antler, ND
  • Appleton, MN
  • Ardoch, ND
  • Argusville, ND
  • Argyle, MN
  • Arthur, ND
  • Ashby, MN
  • Astoria, SD
  • Audubon, MN
  • Ayr, ND
  • Badger, MN
  • Balfour, ND
  • Balta, ND
  • Bantry, ND
  • Barney, ND
  • Barrett, MN
  • Barry, MN
  • Bathgate, ND
  • Battle Lake, MN
  • Beardsley, MN
  • Bejou, MN
  • Bellingham, MN
  • Beltrami, MN
  • Bemidji, MN
  • Benedict, ND
  • Bergen, ND
  • Berlin, ND
  • Berthold, ND
  • Binford, ND
  • Bisbee, ND
  • Bismarck, ND
  • Bottineau, ND
  • Bowdon, ND
  • Boyd, MN
  • Brandon, MN
  • Brandt, SD
  • Breckenridge, MN
  • Briarwood, ND
  • Brinsmade, ND
  • Britton, SD
  • Brocket, ND
  • Brooks, MN
  • Browns Valley, MN
  • Bruce, SD
  • Buchanan, ND
  • Buffalo, ND
  • Burlington, ND
  • Bushnell, SD
  • Butte, ND
  • Buxton, ND
  • Calio, ND
  • Callaway, MN
  • Calvin, ND
  • Campbell, MN
  • Canby, MN
  • Cando, ND
  • Canton City, ND
  • Carlos, MN
  • Carpio, ND
  • Carrington, ND
  • Cass Lake, MN
  • Casselton, ND
  • Castlewood, SD
  • Cathay, ND
  • Cavalier, ND
  • Cayuga, ND
  • Chokio, MN
  • Christine, ND
  • Churchs Ferry, ND
  • Claire City, SD
  • Clear Lake, SD
  • Clearbrook, MN
  • Cleveland, ND
  • Clifford, ND
  • Climax, MN
  • Clinton, MN
  • Clitherall, MN
  • Clontarf, MN
  • Cogswell, ND
  • Coleharbor, ND
  • Colfax, ND
  • Colman, SD
  • Conway, ND
  • Cooperstown, ND
  • Corona, SD
  • Correll, MN
  • Courtenay, ND
  • Crary, ND
  • Crookston, MN
  • Crystal, ND
  • Cyrus, MN
  • Dalton, MN
  • Danvers, MN
  • Davenport, ND
  • Dawson, MN
  • Dawson, ND
  • Dazey, ND
  • De Graff, MN
  • De Smet, SD
  • Deer Creek, MN
  • Deering, ND
  • Dent, MN
  • Des Lacs, ND
  • Devils Lake, ND
  • Dickey, ND
  • Donaldson, MN
  • Donnelly, MN
  • Donnybrook, ND
  • Doran, MN
  • Douglas, ND
  • Drake, ND
  • Drayton, ND
  • Dumont, MN
  • Dunseith, ND
  • Dwight, ND
  • Eden, SD
  • Edgeley, ND
  • Edinburg, ND
  • Edmore, ND
  • Egan, SD
  • Egeland, ND
  • Elizabeth, MN
  • Elkton, SD
  • Ellendale, ND
  • Elliott, ND
  • Emerado, ND
  • Enderlin, ND
  • Erhard, MN
  • Erskine, MN
  • Erwin, SD
  • Esmond, ND
  • Evansville, MN
  • Fairdale, ND
  • Fairmount, ND
  • Fargo, ND
  • Farwell, MN
  • Fergus Falls, MN
  • Fertile, MN
  • Fessenden, ND
  • Fingal, ND
  • Finley, ND
  • Fisher, MN
  • Forada, MN
  • Forbes, SD
  • Fordville, ND
  • Forest River, ND
  • Forman, ND
  • Fort Ransom, ND
  • Foxhome, MN
  • Frazee, MN
  • Fredonia, ND
  • Frontier, ND
  • Fullerton, ND
  • Gackle, ND
  • Galesburg, ND
  • Gardena, ND
  • Gardner, ND
  • Garfield, MN
  • Garrison, ND
  • Gary, SD
  • Gary, MN
  • Ghent, MN
  • Gilby, ND
  • Glenburn, ND
  • Glenfield, ND
  • Gonvick, MN
  • Goodrich, ND
  • Grace City, ND
  • Graceville, MN
  • Grafton, ND
  • Grand Forks, ND
  • Grandin, ND
  • Grano, ND
  • Granville, ND
  • Great Bend, ND
  • Greenbush, MN
  • Grenville, SD
  • Gully, MN
  • Gwinner, ND
  • Hallock, MN
  • Halma, MN
  • Hamberg, ND
  • Hamilton, ND
  • Hampden, ND
  • Hancock, MN
  • Hankinson, ND
  • Hannaford, ND
  • Hannah, ND
  • Hansboro, ND
  • Harvey, ND
  • Harwood, ND
  • Hatton, ND
  • Havana, ND
  • Hayti, SD
  • Hendricks, MN
  • Herman, MN
  • Hetland, SD
  • Hillsboro, ND
  • Hitterdal, MN
  • Hoffman, MN
  • Holloway, MN
  • Holt, MN
  • Hoople, ND
  • Hope, ND
  • Horace, ND
  • Humboldt, MN
  • Hunter, ND
  • Hurdsfield, ND
  • Inkster, ND
  • Ivanhoe, MN
  • Jamestown, ND
  • Johnson, MN
  • Jud, ND
  • Karlsruhe, ND
  • Karlstad, MN
  • Kathryn, ND
  • Kenmare, ND
  • Kennedy, MN
  • Kensal, ND
  • Kensington, MN
  • Kent, MN
  • Kerkhoven, MN
  • Kief, ND
  • Kindred, ND
  • Knox, ND
  • Kramer, ND
  • Kulm, ND
  • La Bolt, SD
  • LaMoure, ND
  • Lake Benton, MN
  • Lake Bronson, MN
  • Lake City, SD
  • Lake Norden, SD
  • Lake Preston, SD
  • Lakota, ND
  • Lancaster, MN
  • Landa, ND
  • Langdon, ND
  • Lankin, ND
  • Lansford, ND
  • Larimore, ND
  • Lawton, ND
  • Leal, ND
  • Leeds, ND
  • Lehr, ND
  • Leonard, ND
  • Lidgerwood, ND
  • Lincoln, ND
  • Lisbon, ND
  • Litchville, ND
  • Loma, ND
  • Loraine, ND
  • Louisburg, MN
  • Ludden, ND
  • Luverne, ND
  • Maddock, ND
  • Mahnomen, MN
  • Makoti, ND
  • Mantador, ND
  • Manvel, ND
  • Mapleton, ND
  • Marietta, MN
  • Marion, ND
  • Martin, ND
  • Marvin, SD
  • Max, ND
  • Maxbass, ND
  • Mayville, ND
  • McClusky, ND
  • McHenry, ND
  • McIntosh, MN
  • McVille, ND
  • Medina, ND
  • Mentor, MN
  • Mercer, ND
  • Michigan City, ND
  • Middle River, MN
  • Milan, MN
  • Milbank, SD
  • Millerville, MN
  • Milnor, ND
  • Milroy, MN
  • Milton, ND
  • Miltona, MN
  • Minneota, MN
  • Minnewaukan, ND
  • Minot, ND
  • Minto, ND
  • Mohall, ND
  • Monango, ND
  • Montpelier, ND
  • Mooreton, ND
  • Morris, MN
  • Mountain, ND
  • Munich, ND
  • Murdock, MN
  • Mylo, ND
  • Napoleon, ND
  • Nashua, MN
  • Nassau, MN
  • Neche, ND
  • Nekoma, ND
  • New Effington, SD
  • New Rockford, ND
  • New Town, ND
  • New York Mills, MN
  • Newburg, ND
  • Niagara, ND
  • Nome, ND
  • Norcross, MN
  • North River, ND
  • Northwood, ND
  • Nunda, SD
  • Oakes, ND
  • Oberon, ND
  • Odessa, MN
  • Ogema, MN
  • Oklee, MN
  • Oldham, SD
  • Oriska, ND
  • Ortley, SD
  • Oslo, ND
  • Osnabrock, ND
  • Ottertail, MN
  • Overly, ND
  • Oxbow, ND
  • Page, ND
  • Palermo, ND
  • Park River, ND
  • Parkers Prairie, MN
  • Parshall, ND
  • Peever, SD
  • Pekin, ND
  • Pelican Rapids, MN
  • Pembina, ND
  • Pennock, MN
  • Perham, MN
  • Perth, ND
  • Petersburg, ND
  • Pettibone, ND
  • Pillsbury, ND
  • Pingree, ND
  • Pisek, ND
  • Plaza, ND
  • Plummer, MN
  • Porter, MN
  • Portland, ND
  • Prairie Rose, ND
  • Red Lake Falls, MN
  • Regan, ND
  • Reile's Acres, ND
  • Revillo, SD
  • Reynolds, ND
  • Richville, MN
  • Riverdale, ND
  • Robinson, ND
  • Rocklake, ND
  • Rogers, ND
  • Rolette, ND
  • Rolla, ND
  • Rosholt, SD
  • Roslyn, SD
  • Ross, ND
  • Rothsay, MN
  • Rugby, ND
  • Ruso, ND
  • Rutland, ND
  • Ryder, ND
  • Sanborn, ND
  • Sarles, ND
  • Sawyer, ND
  • Sharon, ND
  • Sheldon, ND
  • Sherwood, ND
  • Shevlin, MN
  • Sheyenne, ND
  • Sibley, ND
  • Sisseton, SD
  • Solway, MN
  • Souris, ND
  • South Shore, SD
  • Spiritwood Lake, ND
  • St. Hilaire, MN
  • St. John, ND
  • St. Leo, MN
  • St. Thomas, ND
  • St. Vincent, MN
  • Stanley, ND
  • Starkweather, ND
  • Steele, ND
  • Stockholm, SD
  • Strandburg, SD
  • Strandquist, MN
  • Streeter, ND
  • Summit, SD
  • Sunburg, MN
  • Surrey, ND
  • Sykeston, ND
  • Tappen, ND
  • Taunton, MN
  • Thompson, ND
  • Tintah, MN
  • Tolley, ND
  • Tolna, ND
  • Toronto, SD
  • Tower City, ND
  • Towner, ND
  • Trail, MN
  • Trent, SD
  • Turtle Lake, ND
  • Tuttle, ND
  • Twin Brooks, SD
  • Twin Valley, MN
  • Ulen, MN
  • Underwood, ND
  • Underwood, MN
  • Upham, ND
  • Urbank, MN
  • Valley City, ND
  • Veblen, SD
  • Velva, ND
  • Vergas, MN
  • Verona, ND
  • Viking, MN
  • Vining, MN
  • Voltaire, ND
  • Wahpeton, ND
  • Walcott, ND
  • Wales, ND
  • Walhalla, ND
  • Ward, SD
  • Warwick, ND
  • Washburn, ND
  • Waubay, SD
  • Waubun, MN
  • Wendell, MN
  • Wentworth, SD
  • West Fargo, ND
  • Westhope, ND
  • Wheaton, MN
  • White, SD
  • White Earth, ND
  • White Rock, SD
  • Willow City, ND
  • Wilmot, SD
  • Wilton, ND
  • Wilton, MN
  • Wimbledon, ND
  • Wing, ND
  • Winger, MN
  • Wolford, ND
  • Woodworth, ND
  • Wyndmere, ND
  • York, ND

* City coverage generated based on government data. Always verify you can get service from the provider.

Otter Tail Power Company Reviews

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Otter Tail Power Company FAQ:

How many states does Otter Tail Power Company offer service in?

Otter Tail Power Company supplies electricity in 3 states in the country including Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

What percentage of Otter Tail Power Company's electricity is produced from renewable fuel sources?

Electric plants owned by or associated with Otter Tail Power Company generate 29.12% of their electricity using renewable fuels.

How much is the average bundled bill for Otter Tail Power Company customers each month?

Otter Tail Power Company currently has an average monthly bundled electric bill of $112.72, compared to the national of $120.98 for bundled service.

Who is the CEO of Otter Tail Power Company?

Otter Tail Power Company's CEO is Timothy J. Rogelstad.

What is the phone number for Otter Tail Power Company?

You can reach Otter Tail Power Company by phone via (800) 257-4044.

What is the average BUNDLED electricity rate for Otter Tail Power Company customers?

Consumers of Otter Tail Power Company, on average, have an electricity BUNDLED rate 11.28 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh).

How many power plants are owned by or associated with Otter Tail Power Company?

There are 10 power plants owned by or associated with Otter Tail Power Company.

How many counties does Otter Tail Power Company sell electricity to?

Otter Tail Power Company supplies electricity to customers in 62 counties.

What cities does Otter Tail Power Company offer service to?

Otter Tail Power Company has customers in 464 cities.

What percentage of Otter Tail Power Company's electricity is generated from nonrenewable fuel types?

Electric production facilities owned by or associated with Otter Tail Power Company generate 70.88% of their electricity from nonrenewable fuel types.

Last Reviewed By: Ginalyn Gelera
Published: 2022-08-01