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About NorthWestern Energy

NorthWestern Energy supplies electricity to 3 states throughout the nation. Electricity companies must regularly report the total number of customers they have to government agencies. On the most recent reports the provider disclosed 453,115 customers receiving their services. Around 0.45% of these customers are industrial properties, 19.50% are commercial accounts and 80.05% are residential accounts. The average residential electricity price for customers of NorthWestern Energy is around 12.06 cents per kilowatt hour. This is 10.50% lower than the national average price of 13.47 cents. They sold 2,326,804 megawatt hours through wholesale channels to other electricity suppliers in 2020. Electricity generation and wholesale power purchases made up 46.32% and 53.47%, respectively, of the total electricity sourced by the company. Electricity plants the company owns produced 4,921,994 megawatt hours and an additional 5,681,277 megawatt hours were acquired by way of wholesale channels. NorthWestern Energy made $1,050,012,900 in 2020. Exactly $87,872,600 of that revenue came from electricity sales on the wholesale market and $876,747,900 came from sales to retail electricity customers.

Customers of the company pay an average monthly residential power bill of $91.14. This is 23.61% lower than the national average of $119.32. Electricity plants owned by NorthWestern Energy produce 5,059,211.02 megawatt hours, which is the 176th highest in the US out of 3510 suppliers. Electricity production facilities owned by the company use non-renewable fuels to generate 40.01% of their total electricity generation, or 2,024,330.02 megawatt hours. They rank 197th out of 3510 companies in the nation. Wind turbines operated by the supplier generate 496,075 megawatt hours, which is 9.81% of the electricity generation by the supplier.

NorthWestern Energy Net Metering

Luckily, NorthWestern Energy offers net metering choices to consumers. Without net metering, solar panel installation is significantly less attractive economically, as consumers have no way to sell extra electricity back into the grid.

Energy Loss

Energy loss is a fact of life when working with electricity transmission. NorthWestern Energy currently averages a loss of around 6.05% of the total electricity they produce. These averages allow us to compare the grid efficiencies of the providers who operate around the United States. NorthWestern Energy has received a ranking of 1154th best out of 3510 providers who report energy loss in the US.

NorthWestern Energy Rate & Electric Bills

NorthWestern Energy residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in October.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWh Average Bill $0.126/kWh$0.111/kWh $130.90/mo.$64.31/mo.
1534th 12.06¢ NorthWestern Energy's Average residential price per kWh
823rd $91.14 Average monthly electricity bill for NorthWestern Energy's residential customers

NorthWestern Energy Overview

  • Company Type: Investor Owned
  • Headquarters: 11 East Park Street
    Butte, Montana 59701
    United States of America

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Quick Facts About NorthWestern Energy

NorthWestern Energy is 21st out of 3510 electricity suppliers in the country in megawatt hours produced from hydroelectric power use.

NorthWestern Energy is the 124th largest electricity company out of 3510 electricity companies in the United States based on megawatt hours sold.

NorthWestern Energy generates 1,988,929.93 megawatt hours of electricity from the use of coal, ranking NorthWestern Energy 124th out of 3510 suppliers in the country.

NorthWestern Energy generates 3,034,881 megawatt hours (or 59.99% of their total production) from the use of renewable fuel sources in their power plants.

NorthWestern Energy's electricity production plants produce 30,570.47 megawatt hours from the use of natural gas.

Energy provider of the year for Montana, Major Provider Category
Largest Producer of Renewable Electricity
Montana, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for Montana, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Energy Loss
Montana, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for Wyoming, Major Provider Category
Top 3 Lowest Average Residential Monthly Bill
Wyoming, Major Provider Category
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Energy Loss

NorthWestern Energy's energy loss due to business operations.


Total Energy Loss

643,092 MWh

1154  National Rank

NorthWestern Energy Energy Makeup

NorthWestern Energy Coverage Map

Coverage Map Placeholder

NorthWestern Energy State Coverage

State Customers Sales ($) State Rank Based On Revenue % of Provider's Residential Sales in State
Montana 388,553 729,241,175 1 83.47%
South Dakota 64,018 170,498,000 4 16.5%
Wyoming 544 4,110,980 22 0.04%

NorthWestern Energy County Coverage

County Population Providers Avg. County Rate (¢) Avg. Electric Bill
Aurora County 2,747 3 11.97 $145.05/mo
Beadle County 19,149 2 13.01 $168.14/mo
Beaverhead County 9,371 2 9.97 $103.06/mo
Big Horn County 13,124 6 12.20 $105.98/mo
Big Stone County 5,166 4 12.01 $189.63/mo
Blaine County 7,044 3 12.57 $101.59/mo
Bon Homme County 7,003 3 11.30 $134.73/mo
Broadwater County 6,774 2 9.97 $103.07/mo
Brookings County 34,375 8 11.37 $130.63/mo
Brown County 38,301 5 11.04 $140.99/mo

Power Plants Owned by NorthWestern Energy

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type Production (MWh) Emission (kg) Emissions/MWh Toxic Chemical Release Closing Date
Colstrip MT Coal 10,010,332 10,402,443,379.64 1,039.17 Yes
Mercer County ND Coal 2,464,159 2,807,133,176.46 1,139.19
Big StoneNorthWestern Energy (23.40%)Montana-Dakota Utilities Co (22.70%)Otter Tail Power Company (53.90%)
Grant County SD Coal 1,640,595.01 1,637,301,933.83 997.99 Yes
Woodbury County IA Coal 1,448,006 1,411,074,556.22 974.49
Sanders County MT Conventional Hydroelectric 480,176
Cascade County MT Conventional Hydroelectric 459,044
Cascade County MT Conventional Hydroelectric 402,133
Bon Homme County SD Wind 309,749
Cascade County MT Conventional Hydroelectric 307,622
Cascade County MT Conventional Hydroelectric 302,298

NorthWestern Energy Fuel Makeup

Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Conventional Hydroelectric
Natural Gas
Distillate Fuel Oil

Cities NorthWestern Energy Has Coverage

  • Aberdeen, SD
  • Albee, SD
  • Alberton, MT
  • Alexandria, SD
  • Alpena, SD
  • Altamont, SD
  • Andover, SD
  • Arlington, SD
  • Armour, SD
  • Artesian, SD
  • Ashton, SD
  • Astoria, SD
  • Avon, SD
  • Badger, SD
  • Bancroft, SD
  • Bearcreek, MT
  • Belgrade, MT
  • Belt, MT
  • Big Sandy, MT
  • Big Stone City, SD
  • Big Timber, MT
  • Billings, MT
  • Blunt, SD
  • Boulder, MT
  • Bowdle, SD
  • Bozeman, MT
  • Bradley, SD
  • Brandt, SD
  • Brentford, SD
  • Bridger, MT
  • Bridgewater, SD
  • Bristol, SD
  • Britton, SD
  • Broadland, SD
  • Broadview, MT
  • Brookings, SD
  • Browning, MT
  • Bruce, SD
  • Bryant, SD
  • Bushnell, SD
  • Butler, SD
  • Butte-Silver Bow, MT
  • Canova, SD
  • Carthage, SD
  • Cascade, MT
  • Castlewood, SD
  • Cavour, SD
  • Chamberlain, SD
  • Chelsea, SD
  • Chester, MT
  • Chinook, MT
  • Choteau, MT
  • Claremont, SD
  • Clark, SD
  • Clear Lake, SD
  • Clinton, MN
  • Clyde Park, MT
  • Colstrip, MT
  • Columbia, SD
  • Columbia Falls, MT
  • Columbus, MT
  • Conde, SD
  • Conrad, MT
  • Corona, SD
  • Corsica, SD
  • Cresbard, SD
  • Cut Bank, MT
  • Dante, SD
  • Darby, MT
  • De Smet, SD
  • Deer Lodge, MT
  • Delmont, SD
  • Denton, MT
  • Dillon, MT
  • Dimock, SD
  • Dodson, MT
  • Doland, SD
  • Dolton, SD
  • Drummond, MT
  • Dutton, MT
  • East Helena, MT
  • Emery, SD
  • Ennis, MT
  • Erwin, SD
  • Estelline, SD
  • Ethan, SD
  • Fairfield, MT
  • Farmer, SD
  • Faulkton, SD
  • Florence, SD
  • Forsyth, MT
  • Fort Benton, MT
  • Fort Peck, MT
  • Fort Pierre, SD
  • Frankfort, SD
  • Frederick, SD
  • Freeman, SD
  • Fromberg, MT
  • Fulton, SD
  • Garden City, SD
  • Gary, SD
  • Geddes, SD
  • Geraldine, MT
  • Glasgow, MT
  • Goodwin, SD
  • Grass Range, MT
  • Great Falls, MT
  • Grenville, SD
  • Groton, SD
  • Hamilton, MT
  • Hardin, MT
  • Harlem, MT
  • Harlowton, MT
  • Harrold, SD
  • Havre, MT
  • Hayti, SD
  • Hazel, SD
  • Hecla, SD
  • Helena, MT
  • Henry, SD
  • Hetland, SD
  • Highmore, SD
  • Hingham, MT
  • Hitchcock, SD
  • Hobson, MT
  • Hosmer, SD
  • Hot Springs, MT
  • Howard, SD
  • Huron, SD
  • Hysham, MT
  • Ipswich, SD
  • Iroquois, SD
  • Joliet, MT
  • Jordan, MT
  • Judith Gap, MT
  • Kalispell, MT
  • Kevin, MT
  • Kimball, SD
  • Kranzburg, SD
  • La Bolt, SD
  • Lake Andes, SD
  • Lake Norden, SD
  • Lake Preston, SD
  • Lane, SD
  • Langford, SD
  • Laurel, MT
  • Lavina, MT
  • Lesterville, SD
  • Letcher, SD
  • Lewistown, MT
  • Libby, MT
  • Lily, SD
  • Lima, MT
  • Livingston, MT
  • Lodge Grass, MT
  • Malta, MT
  • Manhattan, MT
  • Mellette, SD
  • Melstone, MT
  • Menno, SD
  • Milbank, SD
  • Miles City, MT
  • Miller, SD
  • Missoula, MT
  • Mitchell, SD
  • Moore, MT
  • Mount Vernon, SD
  • Naples, SD
  • Nashua, MT
  • Neihart, MT
  • Northville, SD
  • Oacoma, SD
  • Oldham, SD
  • Olivet, SD
  • Onaka, SD
  • Opheim, MT
  • Orient, SD
  • Ortonville, MN
  • Parkston, SD
  • Philipsburg, MT
  • Pickstown, SD
  • Pierpont, SD
  • Pierre, SD
  • Pinesdale, MT
  • Plains, MT
  • Plankinton, SD
  • Platte, SD
  • Polson, MT
  • Pukwana, SD
  • Ramona, SD
  • Ravinia, SD
  • Raymond, SD
  • Red Lodge, MT
  • Redfield, SD
  • Ree Heights, SD
  • Revillo, SD
  • Rockham, SD
  • Ronan, MT
  • Roscoe, SD
  • Roslyn, SD
  • Roundup, MT
  • Ryegate, MT
  • Saco, MT
  • Salem, SD
  • Scotland, SD
  • Seneca, SD
  • Shelby, MT
  • Sheridan, MT
  • South Shore, SD
  • Spencer, SD
  • Springfield, SD
  • St. Ignatius, MT
  • St. Lawrence, SD
  • Stanford, MT
  • Stevensville, MT
  • Stickney, SD
  • Stockholm, SD
  • Strandburg, SD
  • Stratford, SD
  • Sunburst, MT
  • Superior, MT
  • Tabor, SD
  • Thompson Falls, MT
  • Three Forks, MT
  • Tolstoy, SD
  • Toronto, SD
  • Townsend, MT
  • Tripp, SD
  • Tulare, SD
  • Turton, SD
  • Twin Bridges, MT
  • Twin Brooks, SD
  • Tyndall, SD
  • Utica, SD
  • Valier, MT
  • Verdon, SD
  • Vienna, SD
  • Vilas, SD
  • Virgil, SD
  • Virginia City, MT
  • Volga, SD
  • Wagner, SD
  • Walkerville, MT
  • Wallace, SD
  • Warner, SD
  • Watertown, SD
  • Waubay, SD
  • Webster, SD
  • Wessington, SD
  • Wessington Springs, SD
  • West Yellowstone, MT
  • Westport, SD
  • White, SD
  • White Lake, SD
  • White Sulphur Springs, MT
  • Whitefish, MT
  • Whitehall, MT
  • Willow Lake, SD
  • Wilmot, SD
  • Winifred, MT
  • Wolf Point, MT
  • Wolsey, SD
  • Woonsocket, SD
  • Yale, SD
  • Yankton, SD

* City coverage generated based on government data. Always verify you can get service from the provider.

NorthWestern Energy Reviews

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NorthWestern Energy FAQ:

How many counties does NorthWestern Energy supply electricity to?

There are 90 counties that receive at least some electricity coverage by NorthWestern Energy including Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

What percentage of NorthWestern Energy's electricity is produced using nonrenewable fuel types?

Power production facilities owned by or associated with NorthWestern Energy produce 40.01% of their electricity using nonrenewable fuel types.

What is the average BUNDLED electricity rate for NorthWestern Energy customers?

NorthWestern Energy's current average BUNDLED electricity rate is 12.06 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh), compared to the average United States BUNDLED rate of 13.47 cents.

How many states does NorthWestern Energy offer service to?

NorthWestern Energy offers service in 3 states in the US.

How many power plants are owned by or associated with NorthWestern Energy?

NorthWestern Energy is associated with or owns 23 power plants.

What is the average bundled bill for NorthWestern Energy customers each month?

Consumers of NorthWestern Energy pay, on average, a monthly bundled bill of $91.14.

What percentage of NorthWestern Energy's electricity is generated using renewable fuels?

Power facilities owned by or associated with NorthWestern Energy produce 59.99% of their electricity from renewable fuels.

What is the phone number for NorthWestern Energy?

NorthWestern Energy's customer service phone number is (800) 245-6977

What cities does NorthWestern Energy provider electricity in?

NorthWestern Energy serves 265 cities in the country.

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