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Electricity Providers in Barre CDP, Massachusetts

Barre CDP spans 1.58 square miles and has 639 residents. The city is located in Worcester County, MA.

Barre CDP’s deregulated electricity market is extremely competitive, with various electricity suppliers for residents to choose from. The consumers are ultimately the true beneficiaries in this competition between Barre CDP energy providers as they get to reap the rewards of some of the best electricity plans available for a low cost. However, there’s no scarcity of fly-by-night energy providers who prey on new customers with false marketing and purposefully questionable plan terms.

Keep away from fraudulent energy suppliers with You can learn more about the many different energy companies in Barre CDP through the Find Energy marketplace. Our marketplace can connect you with the most dependable electricity suppliers in your location, so you can get the most competitive power plans in your area.

What are you waiting for—type in your zip code, and shop for the most attractive power offerings in your area. View the top picks for retail electric providers in Barre CDP in the list below.

Barre CDP, MA Residential Electricity Rates


Barre CDP Averages

Usage549 kWh

Massachusetts Averages

Usage546 kWh

United States Averages

Usage871 kWh

Consumers in Barre CDP, Massachusetts usually pay an average of 31.60 cents for every kilowatt-hour for their residential electricity. At the moment, 27.71 cents per kilowatt-hour is the statewide average; while 15.53 cents per kWh is the national average.

Consumers in Barre CDP, Massachusetts receive an average monthly energy bill of $173.32. On a state level, citizens pay a monthly average of $151.42; while on a countrywide level, consumers pay a monthly average of $135.37.

Your energy bill may change from the averages depending on the amount of power you consume each month. This confuses some consumers, as not everyone understands how individual electricity usage tend to influence particular electricity plans.

To help eliminate the lack of clarity for our consumers, we include a TOS with every plan we show in our marketplace. If you want to better make sense of the details of your electricity plan, then you might want to consult the Terms of Service (TOS) it comes with. TOSs function in basically the same way as the nutrition labels you read on food products; only instead nutrition information, you get electricity information such as the terms, conditions, and price information of your electricity plan.

You can check the TOS highlights of various energy plans available in your location at our website. To make energy shopping a lot easier for consumers, our online marketplace showcases the conditions, terms, and price information of these energy plans in the Barre CDP area.

Get the best electricity plan available in the Barre CDP area—enter your zip code. Purchase the most attractive residential electricity plans in Barre CDP, Massachusetts using our website.

The following are some of the most competitive residential energy plans you can get in Barre CDP, Massachusetts.

Barre CDP, Massachusetts Residential Electricity Plans


Barre CDP, MA Commercial Electricity Rates


Barre CDP Averages

Usage210,076 kWh

Massachusetts Averages

Usage2,343 kWh

United States Averages

Usage5,619 kWh

Business electricity in Barre CDP, Massachusetts can be bought at 20.51 cents per kilowatt-hour as of writing. Meanwhile: the average cost of business electricity statewide is presently at 18.34 cents for every kilowatt-hour; while the average cost of commercial electricity on a national level is at 11.97 cents per kWh.

If you’re doing business in Barre CDP, Massachusetts, you will be spending $43,076.32 on your electricity bill each month, on average. As a point of comparison, $429.56 is the statewide monthly energy bill average, while $672.32 is the countrywide monthly electricity bill average.

For companies of all sizes, electricity bills regularly can make up a large portion of the monthly costs spent to operate. Each year business locations use, on average, around 12 times more electricity than the average residential property. You can't argue that, at those averages, a lower electricity rate may be good for business. Even small decreases in the rate a business pays per kilowatt hour may have sizable affects on the monthly and annual overhead for a company.

If you run a company in Barre CDP, Massachusetts and you consistently spend north of $3,000 on your electricity expenses, then Find Energy can get you customized pricing from the most reputable electricity companies in your area.

Our team at Find Energy may be able to help you shave 15% to 25% off of your monthly electricity bill if you buy your next electricity plan using the Find Energy marketplace.

Eliminate the guesswork when shopping for your new energy plan; get accurate electricity information on the best business energy plans available in the Barre CDP area using our marketplace. Let's get you started on your new commercial electricity plan—go to our marketplace by typing in your zip code..

Below, you can find some of the best commercial electricity plans in your area.

Barre CDP, Massachusetts Commercial Electricity Plans


There are no Commercial plans available.

Here are a few reasons why you should compare your existing plan against custom business electricity rates:

  • A low fixed-rate plan might save your establishment thousands - Fixed rate plans enable users lock in rates for significant amounts of time. They also help your business to foresee overheads without the worry of possible exponential price increases that come with variable rate plans.
  • Changing electricity providers won't result in a service interruption - Power keeps flowing to your business if you already have service. In fact, about the only difference you mayl notice is the reduced rate on your new bill.
  • The whole switching process takes a couple of minutes - Our purchasing process is designed to be fast and convenient for electricity consumers. All you need to do is submit your information. Once accomplished, we'll take over and handle everything else. Our goal is to make sure to get your company the lowest electricity prices out there.
  • No “break up” call with your existing - There isn't any need for a “break up” call with your existing provider if you are not under contract. If you haven't signed a contract with an electricity supplier, the entire process can be handled by Find Energy. If you aren't sure, however, we can confirm it for you as well. If you are under contract, we still may be able to save you money, so contact us!
  • No obligation to sign with a new plan - If you don't like the deals you get after entering your information, or if you change your mind for some other reason, know that there is no obligation to proceed with the switching process. Just inform us that you have changed your mind, and you will remain on with your existing plan.

To begin saving on your electricity bill, the easiest way is to get the process rolling as quickly as possible. All you would have to do is fill in your zip code on this page and answer a few simple questions. These will make it possible for us to secure the lowest electricity rates for you.

Barre CDP, MA Utility Company

While there are a number of electricity suppliers that offer energy services to the residents of the Barre CDP area, it is National Grid that handles energy transmission as Barre CDP's main utility provider. In case of a power failure or if you have concerns about your energy services, connect with National Grid.

You can get a hold of National Grid at (800) 465-1212. You can also reach out using the official website here.

Barre CDP, Massachusetts Electricity Rates Over Time


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.503/kWh$0.196/kWh$263.53/mo.$97.15/mo.


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.503/kWh$0.196/kWh$263.53/mo.$97.15/mo.

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Barre CDP, Massachusetts Electricity FAQs


Who offers the lowest electricity services in Barre CDP?

Below are the lowest electricity rates for sale in Barre CDP.

ProviderRate (¢/kWh)
Constellation Energy14.59

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier in Barre CDP?

Constellation Energy, right now, offers the cheapest residential electricity plan in Barre CDP, offering a rate of 14.59 cents per kWh.

How do I shop for a green electricity plan in Barre CDP?

Shopping for a green electricity plan in Barre CDP is a pretty straightforward process! All you need to do is enter your zip code on this page, and then shop for electricity deals that feature the 100% Green label on

What electric utility company does Barre CDP, Massachusetts use?

Here are a few of the top electricity suppliers in Barre CDP:

How should I pick an electricity company in Barre CDP?

Get the ball rolling by entering your zip code on this page. Our team at Find Energy will then get you the lowest priced electricity rates currently available in Barre CDP.

How many suppliers are in Barre CDP?

There are currently 7 electricity providers selling their services in Barre CDP.

What is an affordable electricity rate in Barre CDP?

The best rate offered in Barre CDP is 14.59 cents per kWh, currently being sold by Constellation Energy.

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