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ENGIE provides electricity to 16 states throughout the country including California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. They are considered a retail power marketer. A total of 42,844 customers (2,766 industrial customers, one transportation customer, 13,062 commercial customers and 27,015 residential customers) receive their electricity from the company. On average, ENGIE's customers pay a residential electricity rate of 9.94 cents per kilowatt hour, which ranks the provider 465th out of 2923 in the US. The company sold 17,304,233 megawatt hours through wholesale channels to other electricity providers in 2020. During the same timeframe, the supplier purchased 61,130,249 megawatt hours via the wholesale electricity market. The company had $3,182,521,700 in 2020, $526,073,000 of which came from electricity sales on the wholesale market and $2,656,448,700 of which came from sales to retail end-users.

Consumers of the company have an average monthly residential electric bill of $142.83. This is 13.40% higher than the nationwide average of $125.95. Electricity facilities owned by or associated with ENGIE produce 3,888,641.6 megawatt hours, which is the 189th highest in the nation out of 3509 providers. The supplier ranks 43rd in the country for megawatt hours generated from solar fields. ENGIE is the 365th largest supplier out of 3509 suppliers in the US based on number of customers.

Energy Loss

ENGIE recently reported an annual loss of around 5.09% of the electricity that they generate. Loss of electricity due to heat dissipation during electricity transmission and other causes is operating in the electricity generation business and providers are required to report these losses. ENGIE's energy loss amounts give them a ranking of 66th best out of 3509 in the nation.

ENGIE Rate & Electric Bills

ENGIE residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in May.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.099/kWh$0.043/kWh$161.13/mo.$62.60/mo.
465th9.94¢ENGIE's Average residential price per kWh
2428th$142.83Average monthly electricity bill for ENGIE's residential customers

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    Quick Facts About ENGIE

    ENGIE generates 1,211,038 megawatt hours of electricity (or 31.14% of their total electricity production) from wind energy.

    ENGIE produces 48.24% of their electricity from sustainable fuel sources, which ranks them 275th out of the 3509 providers we track in the country.

    ENGIE generates 2,012,775.6 megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel sources, which is 191st out of 3509 providers in the US.

    ENGIE ranks 133rd out of 3509 providers in the United States for total electricity production from natural gas.

    Energy provider of the year for New Hampshire, Major Provider Category
    Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
    New Hampshire, Major Provider Category
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    Energy provider of the year for New Hampshire, Major Provider Category
    Top 3 Lowest Average Residential Monthly Bill
    New Hampshire, Major Provider Category
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    Energy provider of the year for District Of Columbia, Major Provider Category
    Top 3 Lowest Average Residential Monthly Bill
    District Of Columbia, Major Provider Category
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    Energy Loss

    ENGIE's energy loss due to business operations.


    Total Energy Loss


    922 National Rank

    ENGIE Energy Makeup

    ENGIE Coverage Map

    Coverage Map Placeholder

    ENGIE State Coverage

    StateCustomersSales ($)State Rank Based On Revenue% of Provider's Residential Sales in State
    District of Columbia57312,266,400100.5%
    New Hampshire2,73335,281,00062.5%

    ENGIE County Coverage

    CountyPopulationProvidersAvg. County Rate (¢)Avg. Electric Bill
    Adams County103,8526215.65$138.01/mo
    Adams County65,7374114.07$99.39/mo
    Adams County27,4775715.64$137.11/mo
    Albany County314,8484920.23$148.88/mo
    Alexander County5,2404214.15$101.52/mo
    Allegany County68,1063914.63$136.43/mo
    Allegany County46,4565218.70$141.00/mo
    Allegheny County1,250,5786617.32$136.36/mo
    Allen County102,2065715.63$137.07/mo
    Anderson County57,9225310.60$126.53/mo

    Power Plants Owned by ENGIE

    PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (kg)Emissions/MWhToxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
    Oyster Creek Unit VIIIENGIE (50.00%)GE Energy Financial Services (16.82%)Toyota Tsusho Corporation (33.18%)
    Brazoria County TX Natural Gas 2,753,344913,966,671.24331.95
    Iron Star Wind ProjectENGIE (100.00%)
    Ford County KS Wind 686,518
    Priddy Wind ProjectENGIE (100.00%)
    Mills County TX Wind 524,520
    ANSON Solar Center, LLCENGIE (100.00%)
    Jones County TX Solar 488,402
    Medical Area Total Energy PlantMedical Area Total Energy Plant (100.00%)
    Boston MA Natural Gas 319,354.5781,159,672.24254.14
    Nassau Energy CorpENGIE (100.00%)
    Uniondale CDP NY Natural Gas 297,401.0377,145,521.86259.4
    Calumet Energy Team LLCENGIE (100.00%)
    Chicago IL Natural Gas 19,3488,808,066.12455.24
    ENGIE 2019 ProjectCo-MA1, LLCENGIE 2019 ProjectCo MA-1, LLC (100.00%)
    MA Solar 6,350
    Vermillion River_MN_GRE DEA-GMENGIE (100.00%)
    Dakota County MN Solar 4,886
    Dakota County MN Solar 3,671

    ENGIE Fuel Makeup

    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas
    Wood/Wood Waste Solids
    Distillate Fuel Oil

    Cities ENGIE Has Coverage

    * City coverage generated based on government data. Always verify you can get service from the provider.

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    Who is the CEO of ENGIE?

    Sayun Sukduang is the CEO of ENGIE.

    How many power plants are owned by or associated with ENGIE?

    ENGIE is associated with or owns 10 power plants.

    How many counties does ENGIE offer service in?

    ENGIE offers service in 613 counties throughout the nation.

    What is the phone number for ENGIE?

    You can reach ENGIE by phone via (866) 693-6443.

    What percentage of ENGIE's electricity is generated using renewable fuels?

    Power facilities owned by or associated with ENGIE generate 48.24% of their electricity using renewable fuel types.

    How many states does ENGIE provider electricity to?

    ENGIE supplies electricity to customers in 16 states throughout the United States including California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

    How much is the average bundled bill for ENGIE customers each month?

    Consumers of ENGIE pay, on average, a monthly bundled bill of $142.83.

    What percentage of ENGIE's electricity is produced using nonrenewable fuel types?

    Electric facilities owned by or associated with ENGIE generate 51.76% of their electricity using nonrenewable fuel sources.

    What is the average BUNDLED electricity rate for ENGIE customers?

    ENGIE's current average BUNDLED electricity rate is 9.94 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh), compared to the average nationwide BUNDLED rate of 14.11 cents.

    Does ENGIE have any subsidiary companies?

    ENGIE is a parent company of Plymouth Rock Energy, ENGIE Resources, Medical Area Total Energy Plant, SoCore Energy, ENGIE 2019 ProjectCo MA-1, LLC, and ENGIE Solidago Solar LLC.

    What cities does ENGIE supply electricity in?

    ENGIE supplies to 7042 cities in the United States.

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    Published: 2022-08-01