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Electricity Providers in Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts

Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts has a total population of 4,653 citizens calling it home—which means it is the 132nd largest city by population in the state.

Competition is rife in the deregulated electricity market in Millis-Clicquot CDP. Consumers can compare a number of providers who provide electricity. Everything considered, the competition between energy suppliers in the area’s deregulated electricity market is truly a win for the energy consumers, empowering them to reap the rewards of attractive energy plans at the most attractive possible rates per kWh. However, this competition also makes unsuspecting consumers especially vulnerable to dishonest electricity suppliers and deceptive advertising tactics.

Using, you can purchase electricity plans and feel confident, knowing that you’re protected against these sketchy energy providers. Having gathered valuable information on the various energy companies that operate in your area, the Find Energy marketplace has already done the necessary research for you, so you can safely purchase a new electricity plan. Home to some of the most reputable electricity companies in your area, our website makes sure that you are only getting the most compelling energy offerings from only the most dependable electricity suppliers in Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts.

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Millis-Clicquot CDP, MA Residential Electricity Rates


Millis-Clicquot CDP Averages

Usage516 kWh

Massachusetts Averages

Usage535 kWh

United States Averages

Usage849 kWh

Residential electricity in Millis-Clicquot CDP can be purchased at 33.76 cents for every kilowatt-hour at the moment. Just to compare: residential electricity can be had in Massachusetts for 28.95 cents for every kilowatt-hour; while, countrywide, residential electricity can be had for 15.64 cents for every kWh.

If you’re living in Millis-Clicquot CDP, you will be paying $174.33 for your electricity every month, on average. Compare this to the $154.87 statewide monthly electricity bill average and the $132.69 national monthly energy bill average.

Your energy bills aren’t so straightforward, as they may differ depending on how much electricity you use every month. This relationship between energy usage levels and electricity rates is what commonly leaves a lot of consumers perplexed about the details of their energy plans.

We clearly show the TOS of every plan we highlight to guarantee there will not be any confusion for those using our website. Be sure to read the Terms of Service (TOS) before purchasing an electricity plan. If you hope to make a fairly straightforward comparison between different electricity offerings from various electricity companies, then it’s best that you consult the Terms of Service.

Our team at Find Energy has already compiled invaluable electricity information indicated on the Terms of Service of the various energy plans available in the Millis-Clicquot CDP area. Simply visit our website to locate crucial electricity information—conditions, terms, prices. etc.—on the most compelling energy offerings and the most reputable electricity providers in your area.

Enjoy the benefits of the Find Energy marketplace—head over to the Find Energy website and fill in your zip code. Buy the most attractive residential energy offerings in your area using our online marketplace.

Our team at Find Energy has compiled a shortlist of some of the best residential electricity plans you can get in your area.

Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts Residential Electricity Plans


Millis-Clicquot CDP, MA Commercial Electricity Rates


Millis-Clicquot CDP Averages

Usage204,393 kWh

Massachusetts Averages

Usage3,137 kWh

United States Averages

Usage5,602 kWh

Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts business owners pay an average rate of 21.67 cents for every kilowatt-hour for their commercial electricity. Compare this to the 19.04 cents for every kilowatt-hour statewide average and the 12.11 cents per kWh national average.

Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts entrepreneurs pay an average electricity bill of $44,301.67 each month. Present state and countrywide monthly electricity bills average $597.3 and $678.34 respectively.

Electricity is widely needed in almost all types of businesses. It is not uncommon for a company to consume a larger quantity of electricity than a residential property. If your business has high electricity usage then finding a lower electricity rate is just good business. Many businesses may see four or five digit reductions in their annual overhead by finding an electricity rate that is lower by just a fraction of a cent.

For entrepreneurs who regularly receive an energy bill of $3,000, our team at Find Energy can help your business acquire custom rates from the most reputable energy companies in Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts.

You may be able to save between 15% and 25% on your electricity bill if you purchase your next electricity plan using

Our online marketplace offers the best business electricity plans being offered in Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts. Let's get you started on your new commercial electricity plan—go to our marketplace by entering your zip code..

Our team at Find Energy has gathered the most compelling business energy plans you can get in your location; learn more about them in the list below.

Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts Commercial Electricity Plans


There are no Commercial plans available.

Consider the following facts when determining whether shopping for a personalized business electricity plan is worth your energy:

  • Fixed-rate plans result in no surprises - Locking in a low fixed rate empowers companies to save now and project their annual electricity bills with a high level of certainty.
  • There is no disruption of electricity service when you switch to plan - No service disruptions will happen while switching providers. Your customers and employees will not see any changes during the switching process.
  • The whole changing process only takes a few minutes - Our purchasing process specifically designed to be straightforward and painless for consumers. Simply submit your information. Once accomplished, we'll take over and handle the rest of the process. Our goal is to make sure we get your establishment the most attractive plans on the market.
  • No need to inform your existing provider - Find Energy handles the entire transition if you are not under contract. Once you fill out your information, the only thing you need to do is to allow Find Energy to help you lock in the most attractive deal for your business. You will see a lower electricity bill in no time. And even if you are under contract, we can still help you find and switch to a lower pricing plan.
  • Free quotations without obligation - There is zero obligation to commit to a plan if you aren't impressed with the quotes you receive. We've done our best to make this process as safe as possible for users. Shop. Review your options. Make the switch if it makes sense. It's really that straightforward!

To start saving on your electricity bill, the fastest way is to get the process started right now. All you would have to do is to type in your zip code on the page above and answer a few simple questions. Your information will make it possible for us to find the lowest electricity rates for your organization.

Millis-Clicquot CDP, MA Utility Company

Eversource Energy is responsible for overseeing the transmission of electricity in the Millis-Clicquot CDP area. In case of a power failure, report the event or any other concerns to Eversource Energy.

You can reach Eversource Energy online through Eversource Energy's website here.

Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts Electricity Rates Over Time


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.364/kWh$0.183/kWh$184.08/mo.$88.28/mo.


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.364/kWh$0.183/kWh$184.08/mo.$88.28/mo.

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Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts Electricity FAQs


What electric company does Millis-Clicquot CDP, Massachusetts use?

Millis-Clicquot CDP's electric utility company is Eversource Energy, but Millis-Clicquot CDP residents can purchase their electricity through dozens of different suppliers, including the ones listed below:

How should I choose an electricity provider in Millis-Clicquot CDP?

The quickest way of shopping for an electricity company in Millis-Clicquot CDP is to use our free online marketplace in evaluating all the different pricing rates currently on the market. Similarly, you can visit the individual websites of each company and see what plans they are offering right now. It's a good idea to start with these companies:

Who offers the best electricity rates in Millis-Clicquot CDP?

The following are the most affordable electricity deals available in Millis-Clicquot CDP.

ProviderRate (¢/kWh)
Constellation Energy14.59

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier in Millis-Clicquot CDP?

Constellation Energy, as of writing, has the most affordable residential power plan in Millis-Clicquot CDP, offering a rate of 14.59 cents per kWh.

How do I find a renewable electricity plan in Millis-Clicquot CDP?

Shopping for a green electricity plan in Millis-Clicquot CDP is a pretty quick process! Simply type in your zip code, and then shop for electricity deals that feature the 100% Green label on Find Energy. Easy as that!

How many companies are in Millis-Clicquot CDP?

A total of 7 suppliers presently offer electricity for sale in Millis-Clicquot CDP.

What is an affordable electricity rate in Millis-Clicquot CDP?

The cheapest plan that can be purchased in Millis-Clicquot CDP is 14.59 cents per kWh, currently being sold by Constellation Energy.

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