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Electricity Providers in Palenville CDP, New York

Palenville CDP is home to the 900th largest population in the state of New York, with 856 residents currently living in the city.

Palenville CDP citizens have choices when it comes to obtaining electricity since the area operates within a deregulated energy market, encouraging competitiveness among companies who provide electricity to the community. For the customers, this competition between Palenville CDP’s energy providers is a gift that keeps on giving, allowing them to take advantage of the best energy plans at the most attractive possible rates per kilowatt-hour. Fly-by-night energy suppliers, however, are being emboldened by the especially competitive nature of Palenville CDP’s deregulated electricity market, often misleading unsuspecting consumers, luring them with false advertising and confusing advertising. can help you avoid these types of untrustworthy electricity companies. There are various electricity companies that operate in the Palenville CDP area, and has already done the necessary research on them, so you can shop a new power plan with confidence. Find Energy offers attractive energy offerings from reliable electricity suppliers.

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Palenville CDP, NY Residential Electricity Rates


Palenville CDP Averages

Usage692 kWh

New York Averages

Usage618 kWh

United States Averages

Usage871 kWh

Palenville CDP currently has a residential electricity cost of 27.08 cents per kilowatt-hour. Meanwhile: residential electricity can be had in the state of New York for 19.83 cents per kWh; while, nationwide, residential electricity can be had for 15.53 cents for every kWh.

If you’re residing in Palenville CDP, New York, chances are you’re paying $187.38 for electricity each month, on average. Just to compare: the average monthly residential energy bill in the state of New York is $122.48, and the average monthly residential energy bill in the US is $135.37.

In most cases, there is a direct correlation between your energy bill and your average energy consumption per month. Not everybody understands this, and it can be somewhat confusing if you don’t understand how your kilowatt-hour usage affects your particular energy plan.

By only highlighting plans with a TOS, we eliminate the confusion many consumers suffer. Turn to your Terms of Service (TOS) to read important information about your energy plan. Reading the Terms of Service will empower you to make educated energy decisions, as you get to learn about crucial information about any electricity plan, including: energy prices, contract lengths, generation sources, and emissions levels.

You can visit our marketplace to directly scan through TOS highlights of many different energy plans from many different electricity companies in the Palenville CDP area. For your shopping convenience, highlights the conditions, terms, and price information of these electricity plans in Palenville CDP, New York.

Buying a new electricity plan has never been easier—fill in your zip code to gain access to our website. Our company is committed to helping you shop for the best residential energy plans in the Palenville CDP area.

Find Energy managed to gather the most compelling residential energy plans you can get in Palenville CDP, New York; learn more about them in this list below.

Palenville CDP, New York Residential Electricity Plans


Palenville CDP, NY Commercial Electricity Rates


Palenville CDP Averages

Usage7,593 kWh

New York Averages

Usage2,806 kWh

United States Averages

Usage5,619 kWh

Commercial electricity rate in Palenville CDP, New York is at 18.16 cents for every kilowatt-hour. Now, compare this to the state’s current average electricity rate of 17.91 cents per kilowatt-hour, and the national average electricity rate of 11.97 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Monthly commercial energy bill in Palenville CDP, New York is presently at an average of $1,378.52. To put it into context, the statewide monthly energy bill currently averages $502.46, and the nationwide monthly energy bill averages $672.32.

Companies of all sizes have to budget for electricity expenditures. The average business electricity account uses 12 times the amount of electricity that a residential property does. Reducing this potentially large expense may result in better priced products and services and more cash-flow for a business. Spend a moment to do the math (or use our marketplace tools instead) and see how much even a penny or fraction of a penny decrease in your rate per kilowatt hour could save your business.

If you're paying north of $3,000 every month on electricity, Find Energy can help you acquire customized pricing from dependable Palenville CDP electricity companies.

Shop for your new energy plan through Find Energy and potentially shave 15% to 25% off your monthly energy expenses.

If you're residing in Palenville CDP, New York, you can get your hands on the most attractive commercial electricity plans using our marketplace. Enjoy a better commercial energy plan in as fast as two minutes—type in your zip code.

Find Energy has taken the initiative of shortlisting the most attractive commercial electricity plans available to Palenville CDP businesses; check them out in the list below.

Palenville CDP, New York Commercial Electricity Plans


There are no Commercial plans available.

Looking up the deregulated electricity rates in Palenville CDP makes perfect sense, particularly when keeping in mind the following:

  • Fixed-rate plans can lock in savings for years to come - We deal almost exclusively with fixed rate plans. If electricity rates are currently trending upwards, then securing current rates could very well be among the most consequential business decisions you make this week.
  • Changing electricity suppliers does not result in any power interruption - Once you lock in a new plan, you get a bill with your new electricity supplier's name on it. Your utility company doesn't change and electricity keeps flowing to your organization.
  • The whole changing process only takes a couple of minutes - Once you submit your information, our team will handle all of the work for you. Relative to the size of your company, we will get you the most attractive available plans in your location. If your electricity bill is large enough, our team will request custom prices from the the best electricity providers serving your area.
  • Find Energy will handle the entire switching process - There is no need to get in touch your current provider if you are not under contract. In many cases, this is just as true even if you do have a contract. Find Energy handles the communication with the electricity service providers. At the end of the day, Find Energy will provide you with the best plans currently available in Palenville CDP.
  • Free quotes without obligation - Not convinced with the plan you received after you submit your information? No problem. There is absolutely no obligation to make the transition. It is completely your call if you want to sign up for a new deal. This, of course, is what motivates Find Energy to find you the best plan that you can't refuse!

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Palenville CDP, NY Utility Company

While there are plenty of energy providers in Palenville CDP, New York, energy delivery is primarily handled by Central Hudson Gas and Electric. Immediately connect with Central Hudson Gas and Electric if you're experiencing any troubles with your electricity services.

In the event of a power interruption, you can always contact Central Hudson Gas and Electric at (845) 452-2700. You can also get a hold of Central Hudson Gas and Electric online here.

Palenville CDP, New York Electricity Rates Over Time


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.308/kWh$0.130/kWh$225.08/mo.$86.07/mo.


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.308/kWh$0.130/kWh$225.08/mo.$86.07/mo.

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Palenville CDP, New York Electricity FAQs


What electric utility company does Palenville CDP, New York use?

These providers are our most trusted electricity vendors in Palenville CDP:

How many providers are in Palenville CDP?

At the moment, there are 4 electricity providers based in Palenville CDP.

How do I choose an electricity company in Palenville CDP?

Get the ball rolling by entering your zip code on this page. We will then show you the best priced electricity rates currently available in Palenville CDP.

What is the most affordable electricity supplier in Palenville CDP?

Verde Energy is presently selling a residential plan at 9.39 cents per kWh, which is the most affordable plan we presently carry in our marketplace.

Who offers the lowest electricity services in Palenville CDP?

ProviderRate (¢/kWh)
Verde Energy9.39

How do I find a green electricity plan in Palenville CDP? gives customers the ability to compare what percentage of each plan is powered by green electricity, so you have the chance to purchase the plan that fits you best.

What is an affordable electricity rate in Palenville CDP?

The lowest plan offered in Palenville CDP is 9.39 cents per kWh, currently being offered by Verde Energy.

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