Electricity Rates in Colorado

Electricity Rates, Plans & Statistics

Electricity Companies & Statistics in Colorado

  • Population
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  • Total Production
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    57,209,241 MWh / 9.91 MWh per capita
  • Total Consumption
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    57,021,602 MWh / 9.88 MWh per capita
  • Total Production from Renewable
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    21,144,581 MWh / 3.66 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Emissions from Consumption
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    29,187,565,930 kg / 5,055.25 kg per capita
  • Total Production from Non-Renewable
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    36,064,972 MWh / 6.25 MWh per capita
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Average Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Colorado

Colorado residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in June.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.145/kWh$0.115/kWh$138.15/mo.$66.17/mo.
33rd13.85¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Colorado
6th$98.66Average residential monthly electricity bill for Colorado Residents

Colorado Electricity Fuel Mix

Colorado's Electricity Prices and Usage

The Colorado residential electricity rate in 2022 currently averages 13.85 cents per kilowatt hour while the national average price is 14.46 cents. Colorado ranks as the 33rd lowest priced state in the United States based on average electric rate. Consumers in the state don't have much choice in their electricity company due to the fact that Colorado has a regulated electricity market based on the resident's home address. The state produces 57,209,240.61 megawatt hours from its power plants, which is the 31st highest total generation for a state in the US. Citizens in the state consume, on average, 9.88 megawatt hours of electricity each, which is the 39th largest amount of electricity use per capita in the country. The state is ranked 15th in the country for percentage of electricity produced from renewable fuel sources, creating 36.96% of their electricity from these renewable sources. Public Service Company of Colorado sells 28,812,196 megawatt hours in the state per year, more than any other electricity supplier.

Residential Electricity Providers in Colorado

ProviderService TypeResidential Rate (¢)Residential Average Bill ($)Residential Sales (MWh)Residential Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
Public Service Company of ColoradoBUNDLED13.4983.549,830,2461,326,104,28622,511,751.12
Core Electric CooperativeBUNDLED13.87123.921,675,546232,476,000839,947.45
Colorado Springs UtilitiesBUNDLED14.5291.891,576,723229,012,1083,605,036
United PowerBUNDLED13.41113.59926,003124,163,075
Holy Cross EnergyBUNDLED11.67266.38659,25276,910,500268,338.47
Black Hills EnergyBUNDLED18.50110.67630,367116,592,7721,580,435
Mountain View Electric AssociationBUNDLED14.42135.14589,32084,957,800
Fort Collins UtilitiesBUNDLED11.8375.28529,56862,630,047
Poudre Valley REABUNDLED11.86110.26490,46358,181,7103,210
City of Longmont ElectricBUNDLED10.2574.33340,86334,950,700

Commercial Electricity Providers in Colorado

ProviderService TypeCommercial Rate (¢)Commercial Average Bill ($)Commercial Sales (MWh)Commercial Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
Public Service Company of ColoradoBUNDLED10.98529.912,855,0101,411,779,74722,511,751.12
Colorado Springs UtilitiesBUNDLED10.79266.11,099,975118,658,2503,605,036
Black Hills EnergyBUNDLED13.26812.57899,637119,321,3001,580,435
Core Electric CooperativeBUNDLED11.63579.94821,41095,525,000839,947.45
United PowerBUNDLED11.05510.7605,39166,868,469
Holy Cross EnergyBUNDLED9.86762.29486,12847,941,800268,338.47
Fort Collins UtilitiesBUNDLED10.27460.69473,99948,699,925
City of Longmont ElectricBUNDLED8.50850.76342,23329,075,700
Poudre Valley REABUNDLED11.28655.43320,05036,103,9803,210
La Plata Electric AssociationBUNDLED12.16389.74255,78431,106,000

Power Plants in Colorado

PlantCity/CountyPrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (KG)Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Toxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Moffat County Coal 7,588,6687,633,426,236.041,005.912/2029
Pueblo Coal 6,435,838.016,543,388,821.881,016.71
North Washington CDP Natural Gas 3,293,5131,566,452,919.64475.62
Morgan County Coal 2,626,6692,825,796,192.241,075.81
Routt County Coal 2,613,127.012,617,527,123.51,001.6812/2028
Weld County Natural Gas 2,531,4131,130,294,997.3446.51
Elbert County Wind 2,344,098
Weld County Natural Gas 2,057,450849,352,325.64412.82
Cheyenne County Wind 2,037,727
Larimer County Coal 1,832,331.991,738,968,963.47949.05

Quick Facts

Colorado is the 20th worst polluting state in the nation based on electricity related pollution, emitting 29,187,565,930.36 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

With 5,773,714 citizens within its borders and 57,209,240.61 megawatt hours produced a year, Colorado had a megawatt hour per capita production of 9.91 megawatt hours. This is the 38th largest megawatt hour per capita total in the nation.

Within the previous 12 months, the state of Colorado has seen a 3.63% drop in CO2 emissions on account of electricity consumption.

Almost 3.05% of the state of Colorado's electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants, making them 24th highest in the country for total hydroelectric production.

Colorado consumes only 99.67% of the electricity produced in the state, meaning they can store or export the unused 0.33%.

Colorado generates 0.39 megawatt hours per capita per year from solar energy sources, giving the state a rank of 12th in the nation.

CountyPopulationProvidersPlantsResidential Rate (¢)Residential Avg. Electric Bill
Adams County519,57251713.67$121.25/mo
Alamosa County16,3763715.91$102.89/mo
Arapahoe County655,0703713.75$110.84/mo
Archuleta County13,359115.81$106.15/mo
Baca County3,5063216.60$124.61/mo
Bent County5,6504216.83$123.52/mo
Boulder County330,75861112.69$95.14/mo
Broomfield County74,112313.45$99.71/mo
Chaffee County19,4765216.76$101.77/mo
Cheyenne County1,7482113.16$129.54/mo
Clear Creek County9,3974213.55$93.37/mo
Conejos County7,4614214.35$90.40/mo
Costilla County3,499415.43$99.45/mo
Crowley County5,9222117.19$120.88/mo
Custer County4,704317.45$108.75/mo
Delta County31,196214.92$111.31/mo
Denver County715,5223813.48$87.56/mo
Dolores County2,326215.64$114.95/mo
Douglas County357,978413.89$120.70/mo
Eagle County55,7314212.23$209.43/mo
El Paso County730,39561515.31$121.76/mo
Elbert County26,0622114.31$132.88/mo
Fremont County48,9396117.89$108.53/mo
Garfield County61,6855513.15$125.97/mo
Gilpin County5,808313.42$109.90/mo
Grand County15,7173313.25$106.19/mo
Gunnison County16,9183216.78$113.24/mo
Hinsdale County788416.61$113.72/mo
Huerfano County6,8202416.00$112.72/mo
Jefferson County582,9104513.68$107.06/mo
Kiowa County1,446116.65$125.03/mo
Kit Carson County7,0872513.01$129.69/mo
La Plata County55,6381215.81$106.15/mo
Lake County7,4363114.70$90.07/mo
Larimer County359,06651111.93$109.08/mo
Las Animas County14,5555216.95$165.15/mo
Lincoln County5,6753514.56$132.28/mo
Logan County21,52861212.87$115.71/mo
Mesa County155,7033313.64$108.61/mo
Mineral County865216.58$109.84/mo
Moffat County13,2923112.06$105.69/mo
Montezuma County25,849115.51$105.97/mo
Montrose County42,6792615.40$120.37/mo
Morgan County29,1115413.70$141.24/mo
Otero County18,6904117.35$117.73/mo
Ouray County4,8741115.86$129.00/mo
Park County17,3903113.85$121.12/mo
Phillips County4,530312.57$118.95/mo
Pitkin County17,3585212.16$244.16/mo
Prowers County11,9994416.74$126.40/mo
Pueblo County168,1624817.13$113.91/mo
Rio Blanco County6,5292211.71$85.85/mo
Rio Grande County11,5393115.86$102.56/mo
Routt County24,8292113.13$117.74/mo
Saguache County6,3685215.78$101.82/mo
San Juan County705115.86$129.00/mo
San Miguel County8,0722115.82$126.77/mo
Sedgwick County2,4042112.57$118.88/mo
Summit County31,0554113.49$85.60/mo
Teller County24,710315.72$116.01/mo
Washington County4,817414.37$124.86/mo
Weld County328,98162813.52$117.92/mo
Yuma County9,988414.46$118.64/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

Colorado is home to 202 electricity producing plants, which is the 12th highest in the country and 20th most when counting plants per person. Power generating facilities in the state most often use Coal, which makes up 38.39% (or 21,962,009.41 megawatt hours) of the fuel types used for electricity generation in the state. Secondary fuels used during electricity generation include Wind at 29.66% and Natural Gas at 24.50% of generation. Colorado residents average 5,055.25 kilograms of CO2 emissions per resident from electricity consumption. This comes to a total pollution amount from electricity use of 29,187,565,930.36 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Conventional Hydroelectric

Colorado Net Metering

Of the 55 electricity suppliers in Colorado, 36 of them report that they offer net metering. The state has favorable net metering and feed in tariffs that make solar and other types of electricity generation more affordable.

Energy Loss

The average energy loss for electricity companies in Colorado is 3.81%. This includes data from 25 companies, including Public Service Company of Colorado, Colorado Springs Utilities, and Core Electric Cooperative. With a United States average of 2.76%, Colorado is the 35th best state in the country.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

In order to encourage personal solar, all a state needs to do is pass legislation with solar related tax and rebate incentives. Colorado, unfortunately, has no tax credits offered to residents who install solar panels. The state offers limited local rebates rather than a statewide rebate program. Colorado citizens have the ability to apply a 100% property tax exemption for the purchase of solar, which is better than almost all other states. There is currently a 100% sales tax exemption in place for the purchase of solar panels.

State Level Initiatives

Whether a consumer is able to easily purchase electricity plans with renewable fuel sources is at least partially determined by statewide initiatives. Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) encourage or require electric providers to generate a percentage of their electricity using green fuel types. Colorado has made strong efforts to create an RPS plan that requires at least 25% of electricity production to be fueled by renewable fuels. In addition, there are currently no low income solar programs to assist low income families to install solar panels.

Learn about going solar in Colorado, find out which system size is best for you, compare local installers and see which incentives are available in your area.

FAQ: Common Questions About Electricity in Colorado

Where does Colorado get its electricity?

The main fuel type used for electricity generation in Colorado is Coal, making up 38.39% of the fuel used in the state. The second and third most used fuel types are Wind and Natural Gas, which account for 29.66% and 24.50% of total production respectively.

Does Colorado have a deregulated electricity market?

No, the state has a regulated market, where citizens' electricity supplier choices are often determined by their location or state legislation.

How much does electricity cost in Colorado?

The average rate per kilowatt hour of electricity in Colorado in 2022 is 13.85 cents.

What is the average electric bill in Colorado?

The Colorado average electricity bill is $99 so far in 2022.

How many electric companies offer service in Colorado?

Colorado has 55 electricity companies operating in the area.

What is the cheapest electricity company in Colorado?

Residential Rate RankProviderResidential Rate (¢)State Customers
1Fort Morgan Utilities7.936,076
2Moon Lake Electric8.182,254
3Fountain Electric Utilities8.2217,628
4Yuma Electric Service9.691,679
5City of Longmont Electric10.2542,047
6Gunnison Electric11.474,439
7Holy Cross Energy11.6729,321
8Glenwood Springs Electric11.736,580
9City of Loveland Utilities11.7738,282
10Fort Collins Utilities11.8378,148

What power companies offer service in Colorado?

What electricity company is the largest provider in Colorado?

The largest electricity provider in Colorado by megawatt hours sold is Public Service Company of Colorado.

How many power plants are in Colorado?

Colorado has 202 active power plants generating electricity for the state.

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