Electricity In Georgia

  • Population10,617,423
  • Total Consumption137,748,424 MWh / 12.97 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Emissions from Consumption52,554,737,077 kg
  • Total Production128,036,902 MWh / 12.06 MWh per capita
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Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Georgia

Georgia residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in November.

Historical Electric Rates:

Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.136/kWh$0.094/kWh$191.57/mo.$90.96/mo.
23rd12.42¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Georgia
47th$135.82Average residential monthly electricity bill for Georgia Residents

Energy Profile of Georgia

Georgia's Electricity Prices and Usage

Consumers in Georgia enjoy a lower residential electricity rate than many people around the nation, with an average state electricity rate of 12.42 cents per kilowatt hour compared to the US average rate of 13.62 cents. This ranks Georgia as the 23rd lowest priced state in the United States using average electricity rate. Even though there are 94 electric vendors in the state, the electricity market is regulated and residents often have only a couple electricity company choices determined by their location. The state's electrical grid has an average of 2.67 power outages per consumer per year. These outages last for an average of 288.08 minutes. In contrast, the national average is 1.21 outages per customer and 122.99 minutes an outage. The state released 52,554,737,077.09 kilograms of CO2 emissions from electricity consumption, causing them to be the 8th worst polluting state in the United States when considering total CO2 emissions. Power generation plants in the state produce 92.95% of the electricity consumed by the state's residents, meaning they must bring in the remaining 7.05%. Rising 7.63% during the past year, renewable fuel types continually make up a larger amount of the fuels used for electricity production in Georgia.

Residential Electricity Providers in Georgia

ProviderService TypeResidential Rate (¢)Residential Average Bill ($)Residential Sales (MWh)Residential Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
Georgia PowerBUNDLED12.97131.8928,196,7083,656,459,77960,443,363.02
Jackson EMCBUNDLED11.36136.273,146,570357,466,000
Cobb Electric Membership CorpBUNDLED11.91130.912,537,553302,278,494
Sawnee Electric Membership CorporationBUNDLED11.34132.312,365,427268,348,000
Walton EMCBUNDLED11.67144.011,812,514211,515,2006,019
GreyStone Power CorporationBUNDLED10.46123.051,776,843185,908,000
Snapping Shoals Electric Membership CorporationBUNDLED10.08126.941,486,114149,772,000
North Georgia ElectricBUNDLED10.72141.171,374,693147,390,000
Flint EnergiesBUNDLED12.56158.971,176,028147,752,400
Coweta Fayette EMCBUNDLED11.13134.021,111,393123,733,400

Power Plants in Georgia

PlantCity/CountyPrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (KG)Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Toxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Burke County Nuclear 19,588,408
Cobb County Natural Gas 18,455,5606,831,807,909.33370.18
Appling County Nuclear 14,222,038
Bartow County Coal 11,399,153.9310,384,234,038.88910.97Yes
Monroe County Coal 8,642,408.929,254,078,120.191,070.78Yes
McIntosh Combined Cycle FacilityGeorgia Power (100.00%)
Effingham County Natural Gas 8,364,2033,109,624,650.02371.78
Thomas A Smith Energy FacilityOglethorpe Power Corporation (100.00%)
Whitfield County Natural Gas 7,760,1663,068,659,517.84395.44
Wansley Combined CycleSouthern Company (100.00%)
Heard County Natural Gas 7,686,7772,855,691,746.88371.51
Chattahoochee Energy FacilityOglethorpe Power Corporation (100.00%)
Heard County Natural Gas 3,018,2681,124,050,047.54372.42
Heard County Natural Gas 2,821,4171,085,479,407.04384.73

Quick Facts

Georgia ranks 6th in the US for natural gas generation, with 57,920,408.49 megawatt hours generated using the fuel type.

Throughout the last 12 months, Georgia had a 14.49% rise in CO2 emissions per capita.

The state of Georgia produces 12.06 megawatt hours per capita a year, making it the 31st highest producer per capita in the country.

Georgia is the 8th most populated state in the country.

Georgia is 19th in the US in megawatt hours generated from coal use.

The largest supplier in the state of Georgia by number of customers is Georgia Power.

CountyPopulationProvidersPlantsResidential Rate (¢)Residential Avg. Electric Bill
Appling County18,3863212.08$132.40/mo
Atkinson County8,165312.08$132.40/mo
Bacon County11,164312.08$132.40/mo
Baker County3,038313.69$148.87/mo
Baldwin County44,8904212.78$135.85/mo
Banks County19,234312.29$133.74/mo
Barrow County83,2404112.21$134.62/mo
Bartow County107,7386313.53$124.64/mo
Ben Hill County16,700413.11$144.50/mo
Berrien County19,397411.97$129.56/mo
Bibb County153,1595412.92$135.58/mo
Bleckley County12,8734213.05$134.64/mo
Brantley County19,109412.58$138.25/mo
Brooks County15,4575112.50$123.34/mo
Bryan County39,6275112.81$140.10/mo
Bulloch County79,6084111.73$129.35/mo
Burke County22,3834513.02$141.82/mo
Butts County24,936412.00$131.47/mo
Calhoun County6,189413.54$148.41/mo
Camden County54,6663212.76$139.14/mo
Candler County10,8034111.70$128.77/mo
Carroll County119,992412.47$134.28/mo
Catoosa County67,580311.84$136.53/mo
Charlton County13,3924112.77$138.76/mo
Chatham County289,4304612.95$134.66/mo
Chattahoochee County10,9074112.90$147.09/mo
Chattooga County24,789312.30$134.66/mo
Cherokee County258,773512.24$132.22/mo
Clarke County128,3314312.50$134.73/mo
Clay County2,834413.49$146.19/mo
Clayton County292,256312.75$131.80/mo
Clinch County6,618312.80$136.29/mo
Cobb County760,1416213.23$123.96/mo
Coffee County43,273511.40$130.29/mo
Colquitt County45,6006113.30$134.14/mo
Columbia County156,7143312.85$132.82/mo
Cook County17,2704111.74$128.46/mo
Coweta County148,5095112.14$122.32/mo
Crawford County12,404512.76$142.41/mo
Crisp County22,372312.30$143.15/mo
Dade County16,116312.90$131.88/mo
Dawson County26,108412.19$132.39/mo
DeKalb County759,2975412.38$124.24/mo
Decatur County26,4046414.34$149.01/mo
Dodge County20,605413.05$134.57/mo
Dooly County13,390412.47$142.25/mo
Dougherty County87,9564513.00$134.30/mo
Douglas County146,343311.82$127.86/mo
Early County10,1904313.44$129.86/mo
Echols County4,0063112.80$136.29/mo
Effingham County64,2963613.03$137.22/mo
Elbert County19,1944112.59$126.17/mo
Emanuel County22,6466112.63$132.24/mo
Evans County10,654412.25$133.75/mo
Fannin County26,1884112.57$119.83/mo
Fayette County114,421312.12$132.87/mo
Floyd County98,4983212.72$132.93/mo
Forsyth County244,252512.19$126.00/mo
Franklin County23,3493212.58$133.03/mo
Fulton County1,063,93781513.07$127.60/mo
Gilmer County31,369312.04$132.56/mo
Glascock County2,971412.64$132.62/mo
Glynn County85,2923412.82$136.96/mo
Gordon County57,963511.87$135.25/mo
Grady County24,633514.39$145.57/mo
Greene County18,324412.95$135.89/mo
Gwinnett County936,2508112.27$119.95/mo
Habersham County45,328312.97$133.92/mo
Hall County204,441612.13$128.12/mo
Hancock County8,4574112.72$130.78/mo
Haralson County29,792312.55$134.96/mo
Harris County35,2364213.55$155.07/mo
Hart County26,2053212.60$132.98/mo
Heard County11,9235612.52$134.72/mo
Henry County234,561511.80$130.39/mo
Houston County157,8634212.81$142.27/mo
Irwin County9,416313.42$138.42/mo
Jackson County72,9775112.17$134.02/mo
Jasper County14,2194112.01$131.96/mo
Jeff Davis County15,1153412.08$132.40/mo
Jefferson County15,3624112.70$133.78/mo
Jenkins County8,6765113.02$143.20/mo
Johnson County9,643512.61$129.35/mo
Jones County28,735412.85$139.21/mo
Lamar County19,0776112.87$135.65/mo
Lanier County10,4233112.80$136.27/mo
Laurens County47,5467213.18$131.32/mo
Lee County29,992412.57$134.28/mo
Liberty County61,4354112.93$142.24/mo
Lincoln County7,921313.02$135.63/mo
Long County19,559412.69$137.45/mo
Lowndes County117,4063811.73$128.06/mo
Lumpkin County33,610612.21$132.63/mo
Macon County12,9473112.82$141.53/mo
Madison County29,8804212.25$133.85/mo
Marion County8,359412.87$145.94/mo
McDuffie County21,312312.73$133.74/mo
McIntosh County14,378513.17$144.62/mo
Meriwether County21,1676413.35$148.38/mo
Miller County5,7183113.42$127.68/mo
Mitchell County21,8634413.14$141.71/mo
Monroe County27,5785212.29$136.45/mo
Montgomery County9,172313.40$135.85/mo
Morgan County19,276412.42$136.46/mo
Murray County40,0965211.71$136.84/mo
Muscogee County195,7694413.27$148.50/mo
Newton County111,744711.91$126.49/mo
Oconee County40,2803112.32$137.93/mo
Oglethorpe County15,259413.01$135.67/mo
Paulding County168,667512.02$129.35/mo
Peach County27,546412.79$142.35/mo
Pickens County32,591312.17$132.47/mo
Pierce County19,465312.08$132.40/mo
Pike County18,962512.87$133.74/mo
Polk County42,6133312.93$132.19/mo
Pulaski County11,137512.97$131.82/mo
Putnam County22,1194212.83$139.03/mo
Quitman County2,299413.61$151.99/mo
Rabun County17,1374613.09$132.26/mo
Randolph County6,778413.52$150.35/mo
Richmond County202,5183712.73$133.77/mo
Rockdale County90,8964111.63$130.53/mo
Schley County5,257514.13$145.70/mo
Screven County13,966313.12$144.99/mo
Seminole County8,0903113.42$127.68/mo
Spalding County66,7034112.53$127.86/mo
Stephens County25,9254112.68$133.06/mo
Stewart County6,6213113.04$148.82/mo
Sumter County29,5243113.04$148.68/mo
Talbot County6,1955112.64$136.55/mo
Taliaferro County1,537313.02$135.64/mo
Tattnall County25,2865112.63$136.59/mo
Taylor County8,0204612.79$142.67/mo
Telfair County15,8604113.40$128.82/mo
Terrell County8,5313313.04$148.87/mo
Thomas County44,4515113.36$141.70/mo
Tift County40,644512.23$131.34/mo
Toombs County26,830413.33$135.99/mo
Towns County12,037312.78$121.31/mo
Treutlen County6,901413.38$135.65/mo
Troup County69,9228213.24$135.64/mo
Turner County7,985612.82$144.65/mo
Twiggs County8,1205413.00$139.74/mo
Union County24,5113112.77$120.79/mo
Upson County26,3205212.40$130.69/mo
Walker County69,761511.94$135.65/mo
Walton County94,5935711.66$129.68/mo
Ware County35,7345212.59$135.94/mo
Warren County5,254412.67$131.26/mo
Washington County20,3744312.59$128.63/mo
Wayne County29,9274212.14$133.60/mo
Webster County2,607313.04$148.90/mo
Wheeler County7,855313.66$133.07/mo
White County30,798412.97$133.30/mo
Whitfield County104,6284211.72$134.62/mo
Wilcox County8,635512.51$142.45/mo
Wilkes County9,777313.02$135.64/mo
Wilkinson County8,954413.01$140.92/mo
Worth County20,2476212.94$149.98/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

In Georgia, Natural Gas makes up 45.24% of the fuel used in electricity production. Nuclear and Coal make up 26.41% and 16.73% of electricity production, respectively. Emitting 52,554,737,077.09 kilograms of CO2 emissions per year, the state is the 8th worst in the country for total pollution from electricity consumption. This total can be equated to 4,949.86 kilograms of CO2 emissions per capita, which ranks the state 24th worst in the nation for emissions per capita. Georgia has 202 power generation plants within its borders. This is the 15th highest number of power plants within a state and the 37th highest number of plants per citizen in a state.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Conventional Hydroelectric

Georgia Net Metering

Of the 94 electricity companies in Georgia, 54 of them report that they offer net metering. The state has pretty good net metering and feed in tariffs that make solar and other alternative types of electricity generation more attractive.

Energy Loss

The average energy loss for providers in Georgia is 3.96%. This includes data from 53 companies, including Georgia Power, Jackson EMC, and Cobb Electric Membership Corp. For comparison, the countrywide average energy loss is 2.76%. Georgia ranks 15th best in the US for grid efficiency based on energy loss.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

State governments can encourage private consumers to consider installing home solar panels by promoting tax incentives and rebates to their populace. Georgia currently offers no state tax credit to consumers who purchase solar at their place of residence. The state offers limited local rebates for solar purchases. There are currently no property tax exemptions for residents in Georgia who wish to purchase private solar panels at their home. Residents in the state do not have access to a sales tax exemption when installing solar panels.

State Level Initiatives

Legislation drawn up at the state level determines whether a state is friendly towards customers searching for renewable energy sources. States that have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) have requirements in place for electricity providers who do business in the state. These standards dictate that a certain amount of electricity must be generated using green fuel sources. Georgia does not currently have any standards established that providers have to follow. Additionally, there are currently no low income solar programs to assist low income families to install solar panels.

Learn about going solar in Georgia, find out which system size is best for you, compare local installers and see which incentives are available in your area.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Georgia

Where does Georgia get its electricity?

Georgia’s electricity is generated using mainly Natural Gas, which makes up 45.24% of the fuel used in the state. The second and third most used fuel sources are Nuclear and Coal, which make up 26.41% and 16.73% of total generation respectively.

What is the average electric bill in Georgia?

The Georgia average electric bill is $136 so far in 2022.

How many power plants are located within Georgia?

There are 202 electricity plants in Georgia

Which electricity company is the largest provider in Georgia?

By total revenue, Georgia Power is the largest electricity supplier in Georgia.

Does Georgia have a deregulated electricity market?

No, Georgia has a regulated electricity market where consumers often have only a single supplier choice for their electricity needs.

What is the cheapest electricity company in Georgia?

What is a good electricity rate in Georgia?

The average price for electricity in Georgia in 2022 is 12.42 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh).

How many electric companies offer service in Georgia?

There are 94 electricity providers serving customers in Georgia.

What power companies are in Georgia?

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