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Electricity Providers in Mont Belvieu, Texas

Mont Belvieu is home to 7,339 citizens and covers 17.26 square miles. It is the 323rd largest city in Texas by population and 162nd largest by land area.

Mont Belvieu’s deregulated electricity market is very competitive, with various energy suppliers for citizens to buy electricity from. This competition motivates these companies to provide their consumers competitive energy plans at the lowest possible prices per kWh. While it’s mostly good news for Mont Belvieu residents, at least for the most part, there are dishonest electricity providers who are desperately trying to lure customers by using deceptive marketing tactics and deliberately false terms.

Don’t be lured by these predatory energy companies; use There are many different electricity suppliers that provide service in the Mont Belvieu area, and Find Energy has already done the necessary research on them, so you can shop a new electricity plan with confidence. Find Energy only works with the most dependable Mont Belvieu energy companies to make sure that you are getting the most competitive electricity offerings when you use our marketplace.

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Mont Belvieu, TX Residential Electricity Rates


Mont Belvieu Averages

Usage1,143 kWh

Texas Averages

Usage1,173 kWh

United States Averages

Usage871 kWh

Residential electricity in Mont Belvieu can be had at 13.21 cents per kWh at the moment. Compare this to the 13.93 cents for every kWh statewide average and the 15.53 cents for every kilowatt-hour national average.

The average monthly energy bill in the Mont Belvieu area is $150.96. As a point of comparison: residential electricity can be had on a state level at a monthly average of $163.29; while residential electricity can be had on a nationwide level at a monthly average of $135.37.

It is worth knowing that electricity costs may vary from the averages depending on how much electricity you use. The effect of various electricity consumption levels on particular electricity plans isn’t cut-and-dry and is often a point of confusion to a lot of consumers.

Our marketplace only shows plans with EFLs to help eliminate consumer confusion. The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) of your energy plan showcases valuable plan information that you should learn. In a similar fashion to reading the nutrition labels you find on food items, reading the Electricity Facts Label of your electricity plan will help you better make sense of the terms, conditions, and price information of your electricity plan. allows you to easily find EFL highlights of various electricity offerings from numerous energy companies in the Mont Belvieu area. For your shopping convenience, showcases the conditions, terms, and price information of these energy plans.

Be certain you’re getting the best energy plan from the most reputable energy companies in Mont Belvieu, Texas—enter your zip code. Our team at Find Energy is keen on assisting residents in Mont Belvieu, Texas shop for the best-value home energy plans from only the most reliable electricity providers in your location.

Here’s a list of some of the most compelling residential energy plans you can get in your location.

Mont Belvieu, Texas Residential Electricity Plans


Mont Belvieu, TX Commercial Electricity Rates


Mont Belvieu Averages

Usage12,797 kWh

Texas Averages

Usage9,557 kWh

United States Averages

Usage5,619 kWh

Business electricity prices in Mont Belvieu, Texas are presently at an average of 10.57 cents for every kWh. You can put this side-by-side to both the state and national average rates that are at 8.62 cents per kWh and 11.97 cents for every kWh respectively.

Monthly commercial electricity bill in Mont Belvieu, Texas is presently at an average of $1,352.43. For comparison: the state’s monthly electricity bill averages $823.59, and the nationwide monthly electricity bill averages $672.32.

When managing a business the odds are one of your main monthly costs is electricity. Electricity is an important cost for a majority of businesses in existence. If your business is close to or above this average electricity usage then it is all the more urgent to confirm you procure the best electricity rate out there. The difference in price of a new electricity plan doesn't even need to be that large when you think about the overall amount of electricity consumed. Just do the math!

If you're in Mont Belvieu and you run a company that regularly racks up a monthly energy bill higher than $3,000, our team at Find Energy can request our partner providers in the area to get you customized pricing rates for your company.

Shop for your new energy plan through Find Energy and potentially reduce your electricity bill by 15% to 25%.

Secure the most compelling commercial energy plans in your location using Let our team help you in finding the best business electricity plan in the Mont Belvieu area—fill in your zip code.

If you're a business owner or manager in Mont Belvieu, you might want to check this shortlist of the most competitive commercial electricity plans available in your area below.

Mont Belvieu, Texas Commercial Electricity Plans


Keep in mind the following if you're still undecided about shopping for a new commercial electricity rate:

  • Fixed-rate plans result in no surprises - Fixed rate plans are the preferred plan of choice here at Find Energy. These plans lock in the most attractive rates and ensure that you know exactly what you will be paying per kilowatt-hour in the future.
  • Zero power inconvenience during the switching process - You don't need to be concerned with a temporary loss of electricity when changing providers as your utility company will continue providing power. You will simply notice is the lower number on your new monthly bill!
  • You'll save a lot of money in the long-term without wasting time - All we need from you is for you to spend a couple of minutes filling out your information with us. Once done, our team at Find Energy will take care of everything else. You will secure a brand new electricity plan and spend almost no time at all.
  • We will handle the transition - There isn't any need for a “break up” call with your existing provider if you are not under contract. If you haven't signed a contract with an electricity supplier, the entire process can be handled by our staff at Find Energy. If you're not sure, however, we can confirm it for you too. If you are under contract, we still may be able to save you money, so reach out!
  • There's no obligation to commit - There isn't any obligation to commit to a plan if you aren't impressed with the quotes you receive. We've worked hard to make this process as risk free as we can for consumers. Look around. Review your options. Switch if it makes sense. It's really that straightforward!

Find Energy is dedicated to recommending you the best plans in Texas. To get started, simply enter your zip code and answer a few questions.

Mont Belvieu, TX Utility Company

The primary utility company in Mont Belvieu, Texas is CenterPoint Energy. Regardless of where you buy your electricity from, if you're experiencing power interruptions or any other issues, you should contact CenterPoint Energy.

If you wish to get a hold of CenterPoint Energy, you can call them at (800) 332-7143. You can also connect with CenterPoint Energy online here.

Mont Belvieu, Texas Electricity Rates Over Time


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.132/kWh$0.094/kWh$150.96/mo.$107.42/mo.


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.132/kWh$0.094/kWh$150.96/mo.$107.42/mo.

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Mont Belvieu, Texas Electricity FAQs


How many electricity providers are in Mont Belvieu?

A total of 11 electricity companies currently offer electricity for sale in Mont Belvieu.

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Mont Belvieu?

The lowest electricity services in Mont Belvieu can be seen below.

ProviderRate (¢/kWh)
Constellation Energy11.90
Just Energy14.80
Payless Power17.80

What electric company does Mont Belvieu, Texas use?

CenterPoint Energy is Mont Belvieu's most trusted utility company. There are, however, many suppliers that carry electricity supply in Mont Belvieu, including the companies in the following list:

Who is the cheapest electricity company in Mont Belvieu?

The cheapest residential electricity rate currently on the market is priced at 11.90 cents per kWh, supplied by Constellation Energy.

How should I pick an electricity supplier in Mont Belvieu?

The most convenient way to shop for an electricity company in Mont Belvieu is to make use of our free marketplace in comparing all the different price points available to you right now. Similarly, you can look up all the different individual websites of each supplier and take note of what plans they have to offer. It's a good idea to start with these suppliers:

How do I find a green electricity plan in Mont Belvieu?

Our marketplace provides shoppers the ability to inspect what percentage of each plan is driven by green electricity, so you have the chance to select the plan that you're most comfortable with.

What is an affordable electricity rate in Mont Belvieu?

The lowest priced plan that can be had in Mont Belvieu is 11.90 cents per kWh, presently being sold by Constellation Energy.

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