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Electricity In Texas

  • Population28,995,881
  • Total Consumption413,495,428 MWh / 14.26 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Equivalent Emissions166,274,535,743 kg
  • Total Production475,632,103 MWh / 16.4 MWh per capita

Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Texas

Texas residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in January.

Historical Pricing:
Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.127/kWh$0.106/kWh$193.00/mo.$91.02/mo.
21st11.91¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Texas
47th$136.72Average residential monthly electricity bill for Texas Residents

Energy Profile of Texas

Texas's Electricity Prices and Usage

The average electricity rate in Texas in 2021 is 11.91 cents per kilowatt hour and the national average is 13.33 cents. This ranks Texas as the 21st lowest priced state in the United States based on average electricity rate. The state operates a deregulated electricity market, meaning consumers may choose from many electricity suppliers rather than be forced to buy electricity from a single option based on their home address. Texas has grown the quantity of electricity generated by hydroelectric sources by around 7.27% over the previous 12 months. The state is ranked as the largest consumer of electricity as 413,495,428 megawatt hours are consumed by consumers living there. The state ranks in the United States in total electricity generated within its borders, with 475,632,102.65 megawatt hours generated. Electricity generation facilities in the state generate 15.03% more electricity than residents of the state consume, meaning the excess electricity can be stored or exported.

Electricity Providers in Texas

ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Average Bill ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Sales (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Residential Revenues ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Production (MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Emissions (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
TXU Energy 13.95166.0919,807,5242,762,311,400No DataIcon representing missing value.17,577,404,855.96
Reliant Energy13.62151.9317,744,1402,415,935,400No DataIcon representing missing value.16,686,944,405.96
CPS Energy10.83121.6510,532,4611,140,140,78324,345,268.418,914,137,168.13
Direct Energy12.81139.627,916,1831,014,368,600No DataIcon representing missing value.3,264,868,576.56
Entergy Texas10.51132.746,299,319662,268,4738,295,54016,648,639,815.78
Ambit Energy 12.64133.215,147,467650,841,200No DataIcon representing missing value.2,591,175,819.72
Discount Power10.64141.464,869,635518,157,100No DataIcon representing missing value.3,031,485,309.55
Pedernales Electric Cooperative10.36128.454,713,331488,510,100No DataIcon representing missing value.2,609,998,626.98
Austin Energy10.8495.094,702,443509,935,7005,785,528.569,938,846,270.16
Stream Energy11.69148.613,918,736458,144,900No DataIcon representing missing value.1,723,035,811.56

Power Plants in Texas

PlantArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Primary Fuel TypeArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Production (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Emission (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Emissions per MWh (KG/MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Toxic Chemical ReleaseArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Closing DateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
South Texas ProjectNRG Energy (44.00%)Austin Energy (16.00%)CPS Energy (40.00%)
Nuclear 22,000,166312,287,022.1814.19No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Comanche Peak
Nuclear 20,150,918320,487,598.4415.9No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Martin LakeLuminant Energy (100.00%)
Coal 13,748,116.9815,142,329,094.651,101.41YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
Oak Grove (TX)Luminant Energy (100.00%)
Coal 11,969,191.9711,797,523,613.45985.66YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
W A ParishNRG Energy (100.00%)
Coal 11,861,655.0112,171,763,010.061,026.14No DataIcon representing missing value.1/2045
Fayette Power Project
Coal 9,761,880.0210,022,232,167.271,026.67No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Forney Energy CenterLaFrontera Holdings LLC (100.00%)
Natural Gas 9,580,7283,723,188,151.76388.61No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Deer Park Energy CenterCalpine (100.00%)
Natural Gas 7,391,3522,546,751,117.26344.56No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Lamar Power ProjectLaFrontera Holdings LLC (100.00%)
Natural Gas 6,694,0612,501,759,580.04373.73No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
J K SpruceCPS Energy (100.00%)
Coal 6,433,246.016,370,042,511.25990.18No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.

Quick Facts

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Texas produces 3.78 megawatt hours per resident of the state from renewable fuels. This makes Texas the 15th highest state for renewable production per capita in the country.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Texas has achieved a 14.82% rise in the use of renewable fuel types for electricity production during the past 12 months.

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Electricity use per person in Texas amounts to 14.26 megawatt hours per year.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

With a national average electric bill of $120.11, Texas residents pay about 13.83% more than their fellow Americans per month for electricity.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Texas is the 14th highest state for non-renewable generation per capita, with an average of 12.62 megawatt hours per resident generated from non-renewable fuel types a year.

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When measuring CO2 emissions per capita, Texas saw a 3.65% decrease throughout the last 12 months.

CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PopulationArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProvidersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PlantsArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Avg. Electric BillArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Anderson County57,73513 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.00$126.80/mo
Andrews County18,7058 providers310.11$119.58/mo
Angelina County86,71513 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.33$127.47/mo
Aransas County23,5107 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.11$145.84/mo
Archer County8,55320 providers210.88$124.98/mo
Armstrong County1,88715 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.90$92.99/mo
Atascosa County51,15313 providers110.68$128.96/mo
Austin County30,03224 providers111.42$135.57/mo
Bailey County7,00011 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.9.88$90.43/mo
Bandera County23,11213 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.55$124.80/mo
Bastrop County88,72326 providers311.19$128.93/mo
Baylor County3,50916 providers210.83$115.89/mo
Bee County32,56510 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.22$139.16/mo
Bell County362,92416 providers210.43$137.71/mo
Bexar County2,003,55416 providers2010.47$127.18/mo
Blanco County11,93116 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.60$122.25/mo
Borden County65413 providers511.20$105.16/mo
Bosque County18,68510 providers49.90$137.09/mo
Bowie County93,24515 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.47$149.66/mo
Brazoria County374,26410 providers911.19$121.12/mo
Brazos County229,21118 providers211.30$133.43/mo
Brewster County9,2036 providers114.77$117.37/mo
Briscoe County1,54614 providers111.42$89.86/mo
Brooks County7,0939 providers111.71$140.02/mo
Brown County37,86414 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.73$122.65/mo
Burleson County18,44313 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.02$140.02/mo
Burnet County48,15514 providers210.75$128.79/mo
Caldwell County43,66415 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.75$124.92/mo
Calhoun County21,29010 providers710.80$123.08/mo
Callahan County13,94313 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.15$121.71/mo
Cameron County423,1638 providers49.84$116.78/mo
Camp County13,0949 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.64$143.04/mo
Carson County5,9269 providers910.15$95.26/mo
Cass County30,02611 providers111.35$142.45/mo
Castro County7,53017 providers111.26$90.57/mo
Chambers County43,8378 providers411.48$141.59/mo
Cherokee County52,64617 providers111.37$131.19/mo
Childress County7,30612 providers112.49$112.86/mo
Clay County10,47119 providers110.68$129.08/mo
Cochran County2,8539 providers19.86$98.66/mo
Coke County3,38710 providers112.69$108.52/mo
Coleman County8,17519 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.95$122.53/mo
Collin County1,034,73017 providers211.51$150.15/mo
Collingsworth County2,92013 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.60$108.52/mo
Colorado County21,49317 providers111.51$127.65/mo
Comal County156,20916 providers110.51$126.16/mo
Comanche County13,63513 providers111.35$129.98/mo
Concho County2,72612 providers111.92$104.27/mo
Cooke County41,25719 providers311.04$142.60/mo
Coryell County75,95116 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.37$134.59/mo
Cottle County1,39815 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.11$112.16/mo
Crane County4,79712 providers111.71$118.64/mo
Crockett County3,46412 providers113.23$109.44/mo
Crosby County5,73712 providers410.91$95.86/mo
Culberson County2,17114 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.35$113.15/mo
Dallam County7,2877 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.72$114.40/mo
Dallas County2,635,51618 providers610.82$147.25/mo
Dawson County12,7288 providers310.06$103.56/mo
DeWitt County20,16023 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.75$124.80/mo
Deaf Smith County18,54610 providers212.11$94.92/mo
Delta County5,33116 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.81$141.35/mo
Denton County887,20717 providers710.72$141.83/mo
Dickens County2,21110 providers110.85$99.33/mo
Dimmit County10,1249 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.13.04$136.37/mo
Donley County3,27811 providers112.31$104.55/mo
Duval County11,15710 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.34$144.12/mo
Eastland County18,36015 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.44$132.01/mo
Ector County166,22312 providers510.97$131.21/mo
Edwards County1,93212 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.08$118.83/mo
El Paso County839,2383 providers714.31$116.87/mo
Ellis County184,82614 providers210.34$144.09/mo
Erath County42,69815 providers210.00$130.60/mo
Falls County17,29713 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.35$140.09/mo
Fannin County35,51417 providers111.81$147.08/mo
Fayette County25,34626 providers211.14$130.52/mo
Fisher County3,83011 providers212.66$123.24/mo
Floyd County5,71211 providers510.85$92.95/mo
Foard County1,15516 providers110.49$121.47/mo
Fort Bend County811,68817 providers411.58$140.06/mo
Franklin County10,72510 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.59$140.75/mo
Freestone County19,7178 providers110.96$122.91/mo
Frio County20,3069 providers111.97$130.19/mo
Gaines County21,4928 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.9.79$104.85/mo
Galveston County342,1396 providers611.11$132.69/mo
Garza County6,22911 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.92$97.02/mo
Gillespie County26,98818 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.14$116.03/mo
Glasscock County1,40912 providers511.23$105.09/mo
Goliad County7,65810 providers110.74$129.43/mo
Gonzales County20,83722 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.75$125.29/mo
Gray County21,88610 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.84$109.75/mo
Grayson County136,21217 providers611.73$147.27/mo
Gregg County123,9459 providers111.52$139.39/mo
Grimes County28,88012 providers211.59$139.06/mo
Guadalupe County166,84717 providers610.58$127.09/mo
Hale County33,40610 providers310.67$89.25/mo
Hall County2,96411 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.12$104.23/mo
Hamilton County8,46110 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.45$130.32/mo
Hansford County5,3996 providers411.20$107.01/mo
Hardeman County3,93316 providers111.45$112.16/mo
Hardin County57,6028 providers111.23$132.71/mo
Harris County4,713,32512 providers2611.68$145.72/mo
Harrison County66,55310 providers311.44$139.90/mo
Hartley County5,5767 providers112.72$113.98/mo
Haskell County5,65811 providers311.21$124.24/mo
Hays County230,19112 providers110.73$124.26/mo
Hemphill County3,8197 providers112.62$116.03/mo
Henderson County82,73713 providers111.04$138.61/mo
Hidalgo County868,70710 providers59.56$121.02/mo
Hill County36,64912 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.30$139.28/mo
Hockley County23,02110 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.04$99.47/mo
Hood County61,64312 providers39.90$137.04/mo
Hopkins County37,08415 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.78$142.52/mo
Houston County22,96813 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.19$125.01/mo
Howard County36,66414 providers711.25$105.41/mo
Hudspeth County4,88613 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.14.29$116.83/mo
Hunt County98,59415 providers311.92$147.15/mo
Hutchinson County20,9386 providers510.34$101.68/mo
Irion County1,53612 providers112.21$102.35/mo
Jack County8,93520 providers310.39$128.81/mo
Jackson County14,76017 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.04$124.06/mo
Jasper County35,52922 providers211.47$131.42/mo
Jeff Davis County2,27410 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.13.85$107.16/mo
Jefferson County251,5659 providers711.18$133.58/mo
Jim Hogg County5,2007 providers112.71$141.14/mo
Jim Wells County40,48210 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.32$146.51/mo
Johnson County175,81715 providers19.84$143.41/mo
Jones County20,08313 providers112.15$118.87/mo
Karnes County15,60116 providers111.00$136.91/mo
Kaufman County136,15414 providers111.26$147.16/mo
Kendall County47,43119 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.31$120.43/mo
Kenedy County4049 providers511.40$145.39/mo
Kent County76213 providers110.79$117.17/mo
Kerr County52,60016 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.40$121.12/mo
Kimble County4,33714 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.57$111.65/mo
King County2729 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.00$113.48/mo
Kinney County3,6679 providers112.34$120.96/mo
Kleberg County30,6808 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.70$153.34/mo
Knox County3,66417 providers210.80$116.04/mo
La Salle County7,52010 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.61$138.22/mo
Lamar County49,85912 providers411.95$144.53/mo
Lamb County12,89313 providers210.16$90.39/mo
Lampasas County21,42812 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.25$134.82/mo
Lavaca County20,15420 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.04$121.69/mo
Lee County17,23916 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.19$133.95/mo
Leon County17,40411 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.88$125.26/mo
Liberty County88,2198 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.39$140.42/mo
Limestone County23,43710 providers210.65$128.61/mo
Lipscomb County3,23310 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.11$115.74/mo
Live Oak County12,20712 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.42$140.40/mo
Llano County21,79510 providers210.49$116.03/mo
Loving County1699 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.13.40$126.32/mo
Lubbock County310,56910 providers510.12$101.98/mo
Lynn County5,95115 providers310.29$101.30/mo
Madison County14,28411 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.39$130.69/mo
Marion County9,8549 providers111.46$139.47/mo
Martin County5,77110 providers110.21$104.46/mo
Mason County4,27413 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.92$102.49/mo
Matagorda County36,64310 providers211.05$117.50/mo
Maverick County58,7226 providers113.99$136.48/mo
McCulloch County7,98418 providers211.28$105.96/mo
McLennan County256,62313 providers310.23$141.02/mo
McMullen County7439 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.71$139.23/mo
Medina County51,58415 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.70$126.45/mo
Menard County2,13811 providers110.79$97.83/mo
Midland County176,83213 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.19$117.40/mo
Milam County24,82317 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.76$139.30/mo
Mills County4,87315 providers211.53$123.95/mo
Mitchell County8,54512 providers211.98$115.70/mo
Montague County19,81816 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.67$130.75/mo
Montgomery County607,3918 providers211.56$143.18/mo
Moore County20,9408 providers612.32$116.72/mo
Morris County12,38810 providers111.65$141.56/mo
Motley County1,20015 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.94$105.77/mo
Nacogdoches County65,20415 providers111.33$131.76/mo
Navarro County50,11312 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.42$144.73/mo
Newton County13,59523 providers211.61$132.39/mo
Nolan County14,7149 providers1412.97$119.29/mo
Nueces County362,2948 providers712.96$156.84/mo
Ochiltree County9,8366 providers111.47$106.65/mo
Oldham County2,11210 providers510.15$91.82/mo
Orange County83,39612 providers311.37$132.46/mo
Palo Pinto County29,18915 providers110.03$129.34/mo
Panola County23,19412 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.03$134.23/mo
Parker County142,87813 providers19.82$136.80/mo
Parmer County9,60510 providers110.75$90.42/mo
Pecos County15,8238 providers1314.24$107.95/mo
Polk County51,35312 providers111.56$126.44/mo
Potter County117,4158 providers210.65$88.92/mo
Presidio County6,7046 providers216.44$147.29/mo
Rains County12,51411 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.71$145.34/mo
Randall County137,71311 providers211.18$86.15/mo
Reagan County3,84912 providers112.95$102.57/mo
Real County3,45212 providers111.63$122.55/mo
Red River County12,02313 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.69$137.91/mo
Reeves County15,97613 providers114.32$116.37/mo
Refugio County6,9489 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.86$131.82/mo
Roberts County8548 providers111.74$110.44/mo
Robertson County17,07417 providers211.03$133.70/mo
Rockwall County104,91511 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.40$150.24/mo
Runnels County10,26411 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.83$110.72/mo
Rusk County54,40612 providers211.27$134.52/mo
Sabine County10,54220 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.83$134.27/mo
San Augustine County8,23717 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.60$135.24/mo
San Jacinto County28,85911 providers111.44$133.34/mo
San Patricio County66,7308 providers412.34$149.82/mo
San Saba County6,05514 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.67$115.95/mo
Schleicher County2,79312 providers112.22$107.50/mo
Scurry County16,70314 providers811.24$117.58/mo
Shackelford County3,26513 providers312.00$119.07/mo
Shelby County25,27417 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.57$136.94/mo
Sherman County3,0226 providers112.06$116.52/mo
Smith County232,75113 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.18$134.75/mo
Somervell County9,12810 providers19.83$133.91/mo
Starr County64,6339 providers610.47$123.21/mo
Stephens County9,36615 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.91$128.53/mo
Sterling County1,29110 providers312.56$103.54/mo
Stonewall County1,35013 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.04$120.39/mo
Sutton County3,77610 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.32$118.11/mo
Swisher County7,39714 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.80$88.57/mo
Tarrant County2,102,51515 providers39.82$138.38/mo
Taylor County138,03411 providers312.60$119.69/mo
Terrell County7767 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.14.24$107.95/mo
Terry County12,33710 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.9.64$104.96/mo
Throckmorton County1,50114 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.32$127.91/mo
Titus County32,75010 providers111.55$139.99/mo
Tom Green County119,20010 providers212.19$97.89/mo
Travis County1,273,95416 providers1110.93$124.54/mo
Trinity County14,65111 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.47$127.30/mo
Tyler County21,67210 providers111.26$132.11/mo
Upshur County41,75311 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.60$140.83/mo
Upton County3,6579 providers614.22$107.65/mo
Uvalde County26,74112 providers111.69$128.61/mo
Val Verde County49,02514 providers212.61$117.25/mo
Van Zandt County56,59013 providers111.58$143.92/mo
Victoria County92,08421 providers510.65$125.15/mo
Walker County72,97111 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.48$131.71/mo
Waller County55,24615 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.68$145.84/mo
Ward County11,99813 providers113.02$123.35/mo
Washington County35,88214 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.30$136.43/mo
Webb County276,6529 providers614.00$136.62/mo
Wharton County41,55619 providers411.70$128.90/mo
Wheeler County5,0569 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.69$110.82/mo
Wichita County132,23019 providers211.35$127.68/mo
Wilbarger County12,76921 providers610.77$121.36/mo
Willacy County21,3589 providers310.93$137.31/mo
Williamson County590,55113 providers111.29$130.96/mo
Wilson County51,07015 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.10.52$130.23/mo
Winkler County8,01010 providers110.58$129.13/mo
Wise County69,98414 providers310.23$136.19/mo
Wood County45,53911 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.11.58$143.40/mo
Yoakum County8,7138 providers39.67$103.96/mo
Young County18,01016 providers210.77$126.67/mo
Zapata County14,1798 providers212.28$134.68/mo
Zavala County11,8409 providersNo DataIcon representing missing value.12.73$131.24/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

Electricity production in the state of Texas creates 166,274,535,743.06 kilograms of CO2 and CO2 equivalent gases. This is the 1st most of any state in the US. This total results in 5,734.42 kilograms of CO2 and CO2 equivalent gases per resident, ranking the state 17th worst in the US for emissions per capita. Natural Gas is the primary fuel in the state of Texas, with 49.81% of electricity generation coming from the fuel. Taken together with Wind (20.32%) and Coal (17.68%), these three fuels account for 87.81% of the state electricity generation. Texas has the 5th most electricity producing plants of any state in the country, with 518 power plants. This translates to the 43rd most power plants per citizen in the United States.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
WIND Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
SOLAR Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.

Net Metering

Of the 202 electric providers in Texas, 70 of them report that they offer net metering. Regulations put in place at the state level are highly restricted for consumers interested in installing solar or other alternative electricity generation sources.

Energy Loss

There are 132 electricity companies in Texas that reported energy loss, including Reliant Energy, CPS Energy, and Direct Energy. Combined, these 132 electricity providers average a yearly energy loss of 0.96% of electricity produced. With a United States average of 2.72%, Texas is ranked as the 50th worst state in the United States.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

When it comes to stimulating solar panel installs at private residences, one of the best uses of government resources is tax breaks and rebates for solar installs. Texas offers a credit that is $1000 or less or there is no state tax. The state has no all encompassing rebate program, but local rebates are available to many consumers who wish to purchase solar. Texas residents have the ability to apply a 100% property tax exemption for the purchase of private solar panels, which is great news for the consumer and solar efforts. There is currently no sales tax exemption for citizens who purchase solar.

State Level Initiatives

State level initiatives play a large role in whether a state is friendly towards customers searching for renewable energy sources. Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) encourage or require electric companies to produce a certain amount of their electricity using green fuels. The state of Texas, regrettably, only has a limited or voluntary plan set up. Additionally, the state does not have any sort of low income solar programs that encourage the installation of solar panels at low income households.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Texas

Where does Texas get its electricity?

The main fuel used for electricity production in Texas is Natural Gas, making up 49.81% of the fuel used in the state.

What is the average electric bill in Texas?

The average electricity bill in Texas in 2021 is $137 while the countrywide average is $120.

How much does electricity cost in Texas?

The average price per kilowatt hour of electricity is 11.91 cents in Texas in 2021.