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Electricity Providers in Nassau Bay, Texas

Nassau Bay has an estimated 5,191 citizens—the 404th most populous city in Texas.

People living in Nassau Bay have the ability to select their electricity provider because the local energy market operates under deregulation, which means suppliers vie for the dollars of area residents. At the end of the day, this competition is great for customers—as they enjoy compelling electricity plans and affordable rates per kWh There are, unfortunately, dishonest energy companies who are not above employing deceptive advertising tactics such as purposefully fraudulent plan terms to prey on new customers.

Find Energy has gone to great lengths to make sure that you’re protected from fly-by-night energy suppliers. The Find Energy marketplace can help you buy your next energy plan with confidence; our online marketplace features all the information you ought to know about the various energy companies in your location. The Find Energy website is home to the most dependable electricity providers in your location.

Enter your zip code to receive a shortlist of the most attractive energy offerings in Nassau Bay, Texas. Take a look at a few of the most trusted providers in Nassau Bay below.

Nassau Bay, TX Residential Electricity Rates


Nassau Bay Averages

Usage1,107 kWh

Texas Averages

Usage1,140 kWh

United States Averages

Usage860 kWh

If you’re living in Nassau Bay, the average cost of residential electricity is 13.74 cents for every kilowatt-hour. To put it into perspective, the state average is at 14.43 cents for every kilowatt-hour, and the countrywide average is at 15.73 cents per kWh.

The average monthly electricity bill in Nassau Bay, Texas is $152.18. As a point of comparison, $164.45 is presently the statewide monthly electricity bill average, while $135.39 is the nationwide monthly electricity bill average.

Your energy bill may vary dramatically depending on how much electricity you use per month. This tends to confuse plenty of consumers, as not everybody has a firm grasp on things like—kWh usage, individual electricity habits, plan-specific terms, etc.

We show the EFL of every plan we include on our website to ensure there will not be any confusion for those using our marketplace to procure their electricity plan. The Electricity Facts Label (EFL) of your electricity plan features invaluable plan information that you should read. Consulting the EFL will enable you to make a more direct comparison between your electricity plan and the different electricity offerings from different electricity companies.

You can check the Find Energy marketplace to conveniently review EFL highlights of the various electricity offerings from the numerous electricity companies in Nassau Bay, Texas. By consolidating crucial electricity information, such as the conditions, terms, and prices of the most attractive electricity offerings in the Nassau Bay area, the Find Energy marketplace makes energy shopping convenient.

Let our team assist you in finding the most compelling energy plan in your location—type in your zip code. Our team at Find Energy is keen on helping consumers in Nassau Bay, Texas look for the best-value residential electricity plans from only the most reputable electricity suppliers in Nassau Bay, Texas.

Our team at Find Energy has shortlisted the most attractive home energy plans available to Nassau Bay residents.

Nassau Bay, Texas Residential Electricity Plans


Nassau Bay, TX Commercial Electricity Rates


Nassau Bay Averages

Usage12,428 kWh

Texas Averages

Usage9,320 kWh

United States Averages

Usage5,591 kWh

Commercial electricity in the Nassau Bay area can be purchased at 10.42 cents per kWh. Just to compare: the average in Texas is 8.52 cents per kilowatt-hour, and the current nationwide average is 12.00 cents per kWh.

Nassau Bay business owners receive a monthly electricity bill of $1,294.63 on average. Put this side-by-side to the $794.45 statewide monthly energy bill average and the $670.91 national monthly energy bill average.

For companies of all sizes, electricity bills can be a decent sized portion of the monthly expenses needed to operate. Every year business locations use, on average, about 12 times more electricity each than the average residential property. If your business has significant electricity consumption then shopping for a lower electricity rate is simply good business. Small decreases in the price a company spends per kilowatt hour may have large affects on the monthly and annual overhead for a company.

If you're paying upwards of $3,000 each month on electricity, our team at Find Energy can help you get custom pricing from reputable Nassau Bay energy providers.

Our energy professionals at Find Energy report that businesses in Nassau Bay, Texas may be able to save anywhere between 15% to 25% on their energy bill by purchasing their electricity plan through

Our team is committed to helping you buy the most compelling commercial electricity plans in the Nassau Bay area. Be sure you're getting the most attractive commercial energy plan from the most reliable electricity suppliers in Nassau Bay, Texas—enter your zip code.

While there are quite a number of commercial energy offerings available to businesses in Nassau Bay, here's a list of the best ones.

Nassau Bay, Texas Commercial Electricity Plans


If you are considering whether to give this a try, the following are a number of important points you might want to consider:

  • A low fixed-rate plan may save your business thousands - Fixed rate plans are the recommended plan of choice here at Find Energy. These plans secure competitive rates and ensure you know what you will be paying per kilowatt-hour every month.
  • The switching process is seamless as there is zero service interruptions - If you purchase a new plan, you get a bill with your new electricity supplier's name on it. Your utility company doesn't change and power never stops flowing continuously.
  • The entire experience takes just a couple of minutes of your time - Our goal is to instantaneously and effectively help your organization to save money as soon as possible. Find Energy has created our purchasing process to be as hands free for you as possible. Simply submit your information. After you confirm your account with us, Find Energy will take care of the rest of the switching process. We will make sure that your company is enjoying only the lowest prices from the most reliable electricity suppliers on the market.
  • We will handle the entire switching process - There isn't any need to contact your current supplier if you are not under contract. In most cases, this is just as true even if you do have a contract. Our team takes care of the communication with the electricity service providers. At the end of the day, Find Energy will provide you with the most attractive deals currently available in your area.
  • Zero obligation to buy into a new plan - If you aren't impressed with the quotes you receive after entering your information, or if you change your mind for some other reason, know that there isn't any responsibility on your part to go though with the switching process. Just let us know that you have changed your mind, and you will continue on with your existing service.

Find Energy is dedicated to finding you the best plans in Texas. To get started, simply enter your zip code on this page and answer a few questions.

Nassau Bay, TX Utility Company

CenterPoint Energy is responsible for delivering electricity in Nassau Bay. In the event of a black out in your location, you can connect with CenterPoint Energy.

If you need to get in touch with CenterPoint Energy, you can do so at (800) 332-7143. You can get a hold of CenterPoint Energy online through CenterPoint Energy's official website here.

Nassau Bay, Texas Electricity Rates Over Time


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.143/kWh$0.092/kWh$237.39/mo.$76.46/mo.


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.143/kWh$0.092/kWh$237.39/mo.$76.46/mo.

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Nassau Bay, Texas Electricity FAQs


What is the most affordable electricity supplier in Nassau Bay?

At the moment, our lowest plan offered in your neighborhood is from Constellation Energy, with a residential pricing of 11.90 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Who offers the best electricity deals in Nassau Bay?

The most affordable electricity deals in Nassau Bay can be found below.

ProviderRate (¢/kWh)
Constellation Energy11.90
Just Energy14.80
Payless Power17.80

How do I pick an electricity provider in Nassau Bay?

The easiest way of shopping for an electricity provider in Nassau Bay is to make use of in evaluating all the different deals currently on the market. Alternatively, you can look up all the different individual websites of each company and research what rates they have currently. It's best to start with these companies:

What electric company does Nassau Bay, Texas use?

The following suppliers are our top electricity companies in Nassau Bay:

How many companies are in Nassau Bay?

As of writing, there are 11 providers offering electricity in Nassau Bay.

How do I find a green electricity plan in Nassau Bay?

Just enter your zip code on this page, and you can look up all available plans and take a closer look at what percentage of each plan comes from green electricity.

What is an affordable electricity rate in Nassau Bay?

The cheapest plan that can be bought in Nassau Bay is 11.90 cents per kWh, currently sold by Constellation Energy.

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