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Electricity Providers in Bel Air, Maryland

Bel Air has the 126th largest city by population in the state, with 10,663 people calling it home.

Competition is strong in the deregulated electricity market of Bel Air. Customers can compare providers who provide the electricity to the area. This competition has made highly competitive energy plans available to Bel Air residents for a low cost. However, you should be especially wary of fly-by-night electricity suppliers that turn to deceptive marketing and purposefully false plan terms to attract new customers.

Don’t be lured by these fly-by-night energy companies; use The Find Energy team has done the necessary research to empower you to make solid choices when you’re buying a new power plan; all you have to do is visit our marketplace by entering your zip code. The Find Energy website can connect you with the most reputable electricity providers in the Bel Air area, so you can get the most compelling energy plans in Bel Air.

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Bel Air, MD Residential Electricity Rates


Bel Air Averages

Usage867 kWh

Maryland Averages

Usage889 kWh

United States Averages

Usage871 kWh

If you’re residing in Bel Air, Maryland, you’re paying an average electricity rate of 19.15 cents per kilowatt-hour for every kilowatt-hour. Current statewide and countrywide average is at 16.51 cents for every kilowatt-hour and 15.53 cents per kWh respectively.

Bel Air consumers pay $166.06 on average for electricity each month. On the other hand, Maryland’s current monthly energy bill averages $146.77, and the national monthly electricity bill averages $135.37.

Your energy costs may be significantly different depending on how much electricity you consume every month. This correlation between electricity usage levels and electricity rates is what frequently leaves a lot of consumers confused about the details of their energy plans.

To assist in bringing clarity to our users, we have a TOS with all plans we feature on Read your Terms of Service (TOS) to find out useful information about your energy plan. Going over the TOS will give you access to valuable energy information such as prices, contract terms, generation sources, and emissions levels.

To help you make better energy decisions, our team at Find Energy has taken the first step of compiling TOS highlights on the many different electricity plans available in your location. Our team at Find Energy is committed to helping Bel Air residents make the right energy decisions; our marketplace provides essential energy information, including the conditions, terms, and prices of the most attractive energy plans available to you, as well as the most reputable electricity companies that serve your location.

Confidently buy a new electricity plan with the Find Energy website—type in your zip code to get started. Use our online marketplace to gain access to Bel Air’s most reliable electricity suppliers and their most compelling residential electricity plans.

Below are some of the most competitive residential energy plans you can get in the Bel Air area.

Bel Air, Maryland Residential Electricity Plans


Bel Air, MD Commercial Electricity Rates


Bel Air Averages

Usage14,805 kWh

Maryland Averages

Usage3,193 kWh

United States Averages

Usage5,619 kWh

If you’re a business owner in Bel Air, you’re paying an average electricity rate of 14.57 cents for every kWh. Compare this to Maryland’s average electricity rate of 14.84 cents per kWh, and the current nationwide average electricity rate of 11.97 cents per kilowatt-hour.

If you’re doing business in the Bel Air area, chances are you’re spending $2,156.99 on your energy bill every month, on average. Meanwhile: the average monthly commercial electricity bill in the state of Maryland is $473.95, and the average monthly business energy bill countrywide is $672.32.

Electricity is highly important in most types of businesses. While your residential electricity bill may not be a significant expense for your family, the average business electricity usage is 12 times that of a residential property. Securing the best priced rates possible is even more important for owners and managers looking to reduce costs. Many companies may have four or five figure reductions in their annual overhead by finding an electricity rate that is lower by just a fraction of a cent.

Our team at Find Energy can send customized price requests to reliable Bel Air electricity suppliers if you normally get an electricity bill upwards of $3,000 dollars.

There could be up to 25% energy savings to be had if you shop for your next energy plan using the Find Energy marketplace.

Use the Find Energy marketplace to get access to established energy suppliers in Bel Air and their most competitive commercial electricity plans. Conveniently shop for a new business electricity plan with—enter your zip code to get started.

Our team at Find Energy has compiled the most competitive commercial energy plans you can get in your area; learn more about them in the list below.

Bel Air, Maryland Commercial Electricity Plans


There are no Commercial plans available.

The right decision to make would be to compare the best available prices in the deregulated market versus the prices you are currently paying, specifically when you consider the following:

  • No unnecessary surprises besides the amount you'll save - We work almost solely with fixed rate plans. If electricity rates are currently trending upwards, then securing current rates may very well be one of the most crucial business decisions you make this week.
  • There is no disruption of service when you shift to a different plan - Power keeps flowing to your organization if you already have service. In fact, about the only difference you will notice when you change providers is the lower rate on your new bill.
  • The whole process takes just a couple of minutes - All we need from you is for you to spend a couple of minutes submitting your information with Find Energy. After that is done, our staff at Find Energy will take care of the heavy lifting. You will secure a brand new electricity plan and spend almost no time at all.
  • Zero “break up” call with your current electric supplier - There is no need for a “break up” call with your existing supplier if you are not under contract. If you haven't signed a contract with an electricity service company, the entire switching process can be taken care of by our team. If you aren't sure, however, we can confirm it for you as well. If you are under contract, we still may be able to save you money, so reach out!
  • No obligation to purchase a new plan - It doesn't matter if our staff has already put in the time getting a quote for your business. There is zero obligation on your part to make the transition, unless you're perfectly happy with the prices you receive from Find Energy. We've created our shopping experience to be as safe as possible for you and your business!

If you're ready for your establishment to begin cutting back on electricity expenses immediately, all you have to do is type in your zip code on this page and answer these few easy questions. Find Energy will start recommending you the lowest electricity prices as quickly as possible!

Bel Air, MD Utility Company

Versant Power is responsible for transmitting electricity in the Bel Air area. Immediately connect with Versant Power if you're experiencing any troubles with your electricity services.

(207) 973-2000 is Versant Power's phone number in Bel Air, Maryland. You can also get a hold of Versant Power on the internet here.

Bel Air, Maryland Electricity Rates Over Time


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.184/kWh$0.108/kWh$199.47/mo.$80.16/mo.


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.184/kWh$0.108/kWh$199.47/mo.$80.16/mo.

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Bel Air, Maryland Electricity FAQs


How do I shop for a renewable electricity plan in Bel Air?

Finding a green electricity plan in Bel Air is a pretty hassle-free process! Just fill out your zip code, and then search for electricity plans that indicate the 100% Green label on Find Energy. Simple as that!

What electric utility company does Bel Air, Maryland use?

Bel Air's electric utility is Versant Power, but Bel Air citizens can buy their electricity through many different providers, including the ones listed below:

Who is the most affordable electricity company in Bel Air?

The lowest priced residential electricity plan that can currently be had is priced at 8.35 cents per kWh, offered by WGL Energy.

How many providers are in Bel Air?

Bel Air has a total of 11 electricity providers carrying electricity within the city limits.

How should I pick an electricity company in Bel Air?

With many different electricity suppliers vying for your business, it is a wise move to make use of a website like Find Energy to help you compare your choices. You can get the ball rolling by entering your zip code on this page. Alternatively, you can visit different company websites, and with the use of an Excel sheet or a Word document, you can take note of and evaluate the various rates you find.

Who has the lowest electricity deals in Bel Air?

The lowest priced electricity plans in Bel Air can be seen below.

ProviderRate (¢/kWh)
WGL Energy8.35
Just Energy11.89

What is a fair electricity rate in Bel Air?

The best plan that can be purchased in Bel Air is 8.35 cents per kWh, presently being offered by WGL Energy.

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