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Electricity Providers in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

Jersey Shore is home to the 342nd largest population in the state of Pennsylvania.

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania has a deregulated electricity market that fosters a very high level of competition between energy providers that serve in Jersey Shore. This competition has made compelling electricity plans available to energy consumers for low costs. However, consumers should be cautious of less-than-reputable energy providers who use deceptive marketing tactics and confusing terms to get ahead of the competition.

Find Energy went the extra mile to ensure that you’re protected from dishonest energy suppliers. Please feel free to search for the information you need about the various electricity providers in Jersey Shore on our online marketplace. Make sure that you're shopping for the most attractive power offerings from only the most reputable energy providers in your location by using our online marketplace.

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Jersey Shore, PA Residential Electricity Rates


Jersey Shore Averages

Usage833 kWh

Pennsylvania Averages

Usage767 kWh

United States Averages

Usage859 kWh

Jersey Shore presently has a residential electricity rate of 20.35 cents for every kWh. For the sake of comparison: residential electricity can be had in the state of Pennsylvania for 17.04 cents per kilowatt-hour; while, nationwide, residential electricity can be had for 15.76 cents for every kWh.

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania homeowners spend $169.45 on average on their energy bill each month. Meanwhile, the state of Pennsylvania’s present monthly electricity bill averages $130.8, and the current national monthly electricity bill averages $135.34.

It is important for consumers to learn that energy bills can vary depending on the amount of power consumed every month. The impact of different electricity usage levels on individual energy plans isn’t exactly cut-and-dry and is commonly a point of confusion to a lot of consumers.

By only showing plans with a TOS, we eliminate the confusion related to your electricity plan. Make sure you read the Terms of Service (TOS) when shopping for an electricity plan. Terms of Service are full of energy information—including energy prices, contract terms, generation sources, and emissions levels—that would empower energy users to make better electricity decisions when purchasing a new energy plan.

There are many different electricity companies in the Jersey Shore area, and Find Energy has already compared the TOSs of the many different energy plans they offer. To make energy shopping a lot simpler, our website highlights the conditions, terms, and price information of these electricity plans being offered in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

Save on your next energy bill—go to and fill in your zip code. Home to the most dependable Jersey Shore energy suppliers, our website carries the best residential energy plans available in the Jersey Shore area.

Below are some of the most attractive residential energy plans being offered in your location.

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Residential Electricity Plans


Jersey Shore, PA Commercial Electricity Rates


Jersey Shore Averages

Usage13,408 kWh

Pennsylvania Averages

Usage1,794 kWh

United States Averages

Usage5,604 kWh

If you’re doing business in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, the average rate of commercial electricity currently is 13.13 cents for every kilowatt-hour. Currently, 13.94 cents per kWh and 12.01 cents for every kWh are the state and countrywide average respectively.

On average, entrepreneurs in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania spend $1,760.63 on their electricity bill per month. Currently, $250.05 and $673.32 are the statewide and national monthly energy bill average, respectively.

Businesses regularly heavily rely on electricity to create or provide their products and services. While your residential electricity bill may not be a significant expense for your family, the average business electricity usage is 12 times that of an apartment or house. If your business has significant electricity consumption then shopping for a new lower electricity rate is good business. Take the time to do the math (or use our marketplace tools instead) to see how much even a penny or fraction of a penny reduction in your price per kilowatt hour could save your business.

If you're in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania and you run a business that consistently racks up a monthly electricity bill of more than $3,000, Find Energy can request our partner providers in the area to send you customized pricing rates for your company.

There could be up to 25% energy savings to be had if you buy your next electricity plan using our marketplace.

Get your hands on the most compelling commercial energy plans being offered in the Jersey Shore area using the Find Energy marketplace. Your new commercial electricity plan is underway—type in your zip code.

If you're looking for a new business electricity plan, you might want to see the list below as it carries some of the most competitive rates in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Commercial Electricity Plans


There are no Commercial plans available.

Just remember the following when determining whether looking into deregulated rates in Jersey Shore is a worthwhile idea:

  • Fixed-rate plans mean no surprises - Buying a low fixed rate enables establishments to save now and project their monthly electricity bills with a high level of predictability.
  • Zero power inconvenience during the switching period - Zero service interruptions will occur when switching providers. Your customers and employees will not notice any differences during the changeover.
  • Switching your service provider only takes a couple of minutes of your time - Our shopping process is created to be fast and efficient for consumers. Simply fill out your information. Once that's done, we'll take the reins and handle the heavy lifting. We'll make sure we provide your company the lowest rates out there.
  • Find Energy will take charge of the entire switching process - There is no need to inform your current supplier if you are not under contract. In many cases, this remains just as true even if you are in contract. Our team takes care of the communication with the electricity companies. At the end of the day, Find Energy will present you with the most attractive deals currently available in your area.
  • No obligation to switch - Not impressed with the deal you received after you submit your information? No worries. There is zero obligation on your part to make the transition. It is completely your call whether to sign up for a new deal. This, of course, is what motivates us to find you a great plan that you can't refuse!

Find Energy is committed to getting you the best plans in Pennsylvania. To start saving on your monthly electricity expenses, all you have to do is just enter your zip code and answer the following questions.

Jersey Shore, PA Utility Company

When it comes to shopping for an electricity plan, Jersey Shore residents can choose from multiple energy companies; when it comes to energy distribution, however, the city depends on PPL Electric Utilities as their primary utility provider. As PPL Electric Utilities is charged with delivering energy to your residence or business establishment, you can contact them if you're having problems with your energy services, such as power interruptions, energy fluctuations, etc.

You can also connect with PPL Electric Utilities on the internet here.

Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Electricity Rates Over Time


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.212/kWh$0.139/kWh$216.23/mo.$105.56/mo.


Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.212/kWh$0.139/kWh$216.23/mo.$105.56/mo.

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Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Electricity FAQs


How do I shop for a green electricity plan in Jersey Shore?

Just fill out your zip code, and you can find all electricity deals sold in your city that are powered completely by green electricity. Look for the “100% Green” label!

How many electricity providers are in Jersey Shore?

A total of 14 electricity providers currently offer electricity for sale in Jersey Shore.

What electric utility company does Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania use?

PPL Electric Utilities is the primary utility company in Jersey Shore, but many other different suppliers offer electricity in the deregulated Jersey Shore market. The following is a registry of our most trusted providers selling electricity in Jersey Shore:

What is a fair electricity rate in Jersey Shore?

The best electricity plan offered in Jersey Shore is 8.19 cents per kWh, currently supplied by Energy Harbor.

How do I pick an electricity provider in Jersey Shore?

Choosing an electricity company through is a simple and convenient process. Start by entering your zip code. Once done, take a minute to see what plans are currently available in your area.

Who is the most affordable electricity company in Jersey Shore?

Energy Harbor currently offers the cheapest residential electricity plan with a price point of 8.19 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Who offers the best priced electricity deals in Jersey Shore?

Here you can find the cheapest electricity plans currently available in Jersey Shore:

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