Electricity In Ohio

  • Population11,689,100
  • Total Consumption147,630,920 MWh / 12.63 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Emissions from Consumption79,356,177,965 kg
  • Total Production125,658,644 MWh / 10.75 MWh per capita
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Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Ohio

Ohio residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in March.

Historical Electric Rates:

Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.134/kWh$0.116/kWh$147.99/mo.$83.17/mo.
26th12.66¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Ohio
19th$112.41Average residential monthly electricity bill for Ohio Residents

Energy Profile of Ohio

Ohio's Electricity Prices and Usage

Residents in Ohio enjoy a lower residential electricity rate than most people around the United States, with an average state electric rate of 12.66 cents per kilowatt hour compared to the US average of 13.62 cents. When shopping for electricity, consumers have multiple choices to choose from for their electricity provider due to the deregulated electricity market that exists in the state. The state has total emissions of 6,788.9 kilograms per capita of CO2 emissions, while the nationwide average is 4,539.83. Selling 10,718,263 megawatt hours, AEP Ohio is the largest electricity provider in the state. The state is the 7th largest state in the US, with a population of 11,689,100. There is a deficit of 21972276.360999987 megawatt hours in the state because of consumers using 17.49% more electricity than the state generates. This results in the need to purchase additional electricity from other states.

Residential Electricity Providers in Ohio

ProviderService TypeResidential Rate (¢)Residential Average Bill ($)Residential Sales (MWh)Residential Revenues ($)State Production (MWh)
AEP OhioBUNDLED13.00119.318,652,9721,124,687,00010,304,830.89
Ohio EdisonBUNDLED12.25103.183,024,460370,507,365
AES OhioBUNDLED9.1686.262,954,904270,621,0005,801,027.52
Duke Energy OhioBUNDLED11.15107.642,939,903327,795,9095,623,214
South Central Power CompanyBUNDLED12.63139.821,485,005187,544,500
Illuminating CompanyBUNDLED12.7581.61,315,741167,796,106
Toledo EdisonBUNDLED12.91101.64820,478105,959,160
Cleveland Public PowerBUNDLED14.6273.18392,37957,367,000517
Licking Rural ElectricBUNDLED14.24154.58320,85245,684,000
Pioneer Rural Electric CooperativeBUNDLED14.50192.68252,65036,635,600

Power Plants in Ohio

PlantCity/CountyPrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (KG)Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Toxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
Gallia County Coal 15,609,120.8914,953,251,510.7957.98Yes
Brilliant CDP Coal 10,810,348.999,910,558,512.47916.77Yes
PerryFirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (100.00%)
Perry Nuclear 9,729,145
Hanging Rock Energy FacilityDynegy Energy Services (100.00%)
Glendale Natural Gas 9,304,7753,555,020,848.96382.06
Ottawa County Nuclear 7,851,881
Hamilton County Coal 7,036,405.016,779,653,281.41963.51Yes
Clean Energy Future-Lordstown, LLCClean Energy Future-Lordstown, LLC (100.00%)
Lordstown Natural Gas 6,765,8302,354,481,256.4348
Washington County Natural Gas 6,129,1762,283,485,915.2372.56
Oregon Clean Energy CenterAres Management (50.00%)
Oregon Natural Gas 5,882,5552,156,513,547.44366.59
Gallia County Coal 5,623,7365,607,133,365.01997.05Yes

Quick Facts

Ohio ranks 26th for electricity consumption per capita, with citizens consuming 12.63 megawatt hours per year per person.

Ohio uses non-renewable sources to generate 10.4 megawatt hours per citizen, making them the 28th highest state for non-renewable generation per capita.

In Ohio, 121,517,705.51 megawatt hours of electricity are produced from non-renewable sources. Ohio is 6th worst in the country for total electricity production from non-renewable fuel types.

With a 0.00% decrease over the past year, Ohio’s population is estimated to be 11,689,100.

Ohio has seen a 6.46% rise in the burning of non-renewable fuel types for electricity production over the past 12 months.

Ohio uses over 147,600,000 megawatt hours for statewide electricity needs, making the state the 4th highest consumer of megawatt hours in the United States.

CountyPopulationProvidersPlantsResidential Rate (¢)Residential Avg. Electric Bill
Adams County27,698813.92$137.26/mo
Allen County102,3519213.28$148.24/mo
Ashland County53,4841313.11$125.87/mo
Ashtabula County97,2417213.09$103.91/mo
Athens County65,327813.88$131.34/mo
Auglaize County45,65616312.87$123.75/mo
Belmont County67,006813.67$128.77/mo
Brown County43,43213312.56$116.13/mo
Butler County383,13411913.48$127.74/mo
Carroll County26,9149113.97$131.29/mo
Champaign County38,885611.26$124.76/mo
Clark County134,0839212.49$103.68/mo
Clermont County206,4288212.38$117.02/mo
Clinton County41,968910.09$97.49/mo
Columbiana County101,88310113.04$117.11/mo
Coshocton County36,60010113.85$132.03/mo
Crawford County41,49411213.67$123.51/mo
Cuyahoga County1,235,0727913.57$93.34/mo
Darke County51,11311611.34$128.30/mo
Defiance County38,08710213.33$138.21/mo
Delaware County209,17711213.15$123.63/mo
Erie County74,2669214.03$117.02/mo
Fairfield County157,574713.30$133.81/mo
Fayette County28,5251110.33$99.97/mo
Franklin County1,316,75612412.85$111.03/mo
Fulton County42,1268113.74$130.89/mo
Gallia County29,8987214.45$140.43/mo
Geauga County93,649713.14$101.94/mo
Greene County168,9378110.05$96.82/mo
Guernsey County38,875713.93$131.99/mo
Hamilton County817,4738712.41$117.57/mo
Hancock County75,7838413.72$133.64/mo
Hardin County31,36510413.59$141.62/mo
Harrison County15,040913.60$131.98/mo
Henry County27,00612513.89$129.21/mo
Highland County43,1611313.09$128.79/mo
Hocking County28,264713.49$132.17/mo
Holmes County43,9601013.72$133.18/mo
Huron County58,26614113.97$117.47/mo
Jackson County32,413814.36$133.35/mo
Jefferson County65,3258213.84$130.85/mo
Knox County62,32211113.73$133.96/mo
Lake County230,1497413.56$100.04/mo
Lawrence County59,463714.29$137.92/mo
Licking County176,86212113.81$134.32/mo
Logan County45,67213111.89$117.91/mo
Lorain County309,83311611.76$107.98/mo
Lucas County428,3487613.56$114.95/mo
Madison County44,7311312.62$116.13/mo
Mahoning County228,6836212.82$113.83/mo
Marion County65,09311413.28$125.66/mo
Medina County179,7469312.47$107.66/mo
Meigs County22,9077114.09$134.86/mo
Mercer County41,17210111.49$128.02/mo
Miami County106,9878310.92$109.25/mo
Monroe County13,6549213.37$117.03/mo
Montgomery County531,6871149.97$97.21/mo
Morgan County14,508813.88$130.82/mo
Morrow County35,3281113.36$122.76/mo
Muskingum County86,2159113.89$131.69/mo
Noble County14,424914.54$134.50/mo
Ottawa County40,52510213.24$107.61/mo
Paulding County18,6727613.53$140.55/mo
Perry County36,1347113.56$131.55/mo
Pickaway County58,4579112.87$131.14/mo
Pike County27,7722713.75$132.53/mo
Portage County162,4667112.83$113.42/mo
Preble County40,882810.85$108.81/mo
Putnam County33,86112213.26$149.76/mo
Richland County121,15418413.00$103.35/mo
Ross County76,6669113.37$130.40/mo
Sandusky County58,51812313.40$108.42/mo
Scioto County75,3149213.82$131.71/mo
Seneca County55,17811113.26$126.66/mo
Shelby County48,5909310.73$118.19/mo
Stark County370,60610113.59$113.02/mo
Summit County541,0139212.54$106.77/mo
Trumbull County197,97410411.41$84.55/mo
Tuscarawas County91,98714214.48$125.92/mo
Union County58,9881211.78$120.83/mo
Van Wert County28,27511212.92$138.07/mo
Vinton County13,0858114.02$134.66/mo
Warren County234,602911.57$109.53/mo
Washington County59,9117314.39$133.35/mo
Wayne County115,71011513.03$121.02/mo
Williams County36,69211613.10$120.60/mo
Wood County130,81719513.22$108.06/mo
Wyandot County21,77213112.23$114.95/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

The state of Ohio’s primary fuel source used for electricity production is Natural Gas. They produce 52,784,063.07 megawatt hours from this fuel. Combined with Coal (39.35%) and Nuclear (13.99%), the three fuel types account for 95.35% of the production. The state's electricity use levels result in CO2 pollution totaling 79,356,177,964.54 kilograms, which is the 3rd most of any state in the US. Averaging 6,788.9 kilograms of CO2 emissions per resident, the state ranks 11th worst for emissions per capita from electricity consumption. Ohio has 173 electricity generation plants, which is the 17th most in the United States and 46th most when considering facilities per citizen.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Petroleum Coke

Ohio Net Metering

Roughly 25.86% of the electric companies in Ohio offer net metering to their customers. At the state level, Ohio is known for restricted net metering and feed in tariff legislation.

Energy Loss

The average energy loss for electricity providers in Ohio is 2.74%. This includes data from 35 companies, including AEP Ohio, Ohio Edison, and AES Ohio. For comparison, the US average energy loss is 2.76%. Ohio ranks 33rd best in the nation for grid efficiency based on energy loss.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

State governments can help encourage private residents to consider installing solar panels at their private residence by giving rebates and tax breaks to people who choose to make those installs. Ohio currently does not offer a state tax credit for solar panel installation at a private residence. There are currently no statewide rebates available to citizens who are considering purchasing solar panels. The state only offers some optional tax exemptions for residents at their home. There is currently a 100% sales tax exemption in place for the install of private solar panels.

State Level Initiatives

Consumers shopping for electricity options that are powered by renewable fuel types will benefit from statewide initiatives that encourage green energy usage. States that have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) have requirements in place for electric providers who operate in the state. These standards require that a certain amount of electricity must be produced from green energy. Unfortunately, Ohio only has limited or optional standards plan established. Also, the state does not have any sort of low income solar programs that encourage the installation of solar panels at low income households.

Learn about going solar in Ohio, find out which system size is best for you, compare local installers and see which incentives are available in your area.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Ohio

How many electric companies offer service in Ohio?

Ohio has 116 electricity companies operating in the area.

Where does Ohio get its electricity?

Ohio’s electricity is generated using primarily Natural Gas, which accounts for 42.01% of the fuel used in the state. Coal and Nuclear also make up 39.35% and 13.99% respectively.

Which electricity company is the largest supplier in Ohio?

By total revenue, AEP Ohio is the largest electricity provider in Ohio.

Does Ohio have a deregulated electricity market?

Ohio has a deregulated electricity market, meaning consumers in the state can often choose from an abundance of electricity suppliers for their electricity needs.

What power companies offer service in Ohio?

State Customers RankProviderState Customers
1AEP Ohio868,494
2Ohio Edison323,864
3AES Ohio281,847
4Duke Energy Ohio275,464
5Illuminating Company186,002
6South Central Power Company121,608
7Toledo Edison94,494
8Cleveland Public Power74,400
9Hamilton Utilities29,491
10Licking Rural Electric26,344

What is a good electricity rate in Ohio?

A good electricity rate in Ohio would be anything below the state average of 12.66 cents per kilowatt hour. Anything below that amount would be better than most other rates in the state. Currently, the different rates in the state range from 6.18 cents per kilowatt hour up to 18.81 cents per kilowatt hour.

What is the average electric bill in Ohio?

The average electric bill in the state of Ohio in 2022 is $112 while the countrywide average is $122.

How many power plants are located in Ohio?

Ohio is home to 173 active power plants producing electricity for the state.

What is the cheapest electricity company in Ohio?

Residential Rate RankProviderResidential Rate (¢)State Customers
1Jackson Center, Ohio Electric Utility6.18764
2Niles Electric Company7.8012,694
3Wharton, Ohio Electric Utility7.81174
4Hubbard Electric8.134,306
5Grafton, Ohio Electric Utility8.351,407
6AES Ohio9.16281,847
7Georgetown Ohio Utilities9.782,133
8Bethel Village Utilities10.161,625
9Wadsworth Utilities10.2313,214
10Glouster, Ohio Electric Utility10.81942

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