Agricultural By-products Power Plants In the US

The Largest Agricultural By-products Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Clewiston Sugar HouseUnited States Sugar Corp (100.00%)
Hendry County FL Agricultural By-products269,431MWh221,435,808.8kg1821.9kg/MWh4
Okeelanta CogenerationNew Hope Power Company (100.00%)
Palm Beach County FL Agricultural By-products38,912MWh97,122,741.3kg22495.9kg/MWh2
Wheelabrator ShastaShasta Sustainable Resource Management, Inc. (100.00%)
Shasta County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids22,648MWh48,420,275.7kg32137.9kg/MWh3
Rio Grande Valley Sugar GrowersRio Grande Valley Sugar Growers, Inc. (100.00%)
Hidalgo County TX Agricultural By-products79MWh4,665,706.1kg458837.6kg/MWh1
International Paper Vicksburg MillInternational Paper (100.00%)
Warren County MS Black Liquour296MWh195,689.5kg5660.6kg/MWh5
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Published: 2023-11-30