The Largest Landfill Gas Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Brea Expansion PlantBrea Power II (100.00%)
Orange County CA Landfill Gas249,540MWh121,645,725.7kg1487.5kg/MWh29
Puente Hills Energy RecoveryLos Angeles County Sanitation (100.00%)
Los Angeles County CA Landfill Gas172,258MWh119,757,042.7kg2695.2kg/MWh10
Johnston LFG Turbine PlantRhode Island LFG Genco (100.00%)
Providence County RI Landfill Gas222,332MWh114,854,391.8kg3516.6kg/MWh28
Sunshine Gas ProducersSunshine Gas Producers LLC (100.00%)
Los Angeles County CA Landfill Gas119,326MWh85,865,669kg4719.6kg/MWh9
Omega Hills Gas RecoveryWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Menomonee Falls WI Landfill Gas81,802MWh75,158,827.3kg5918.8kg/MWh3
Waste Management King George LFGTEWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
King George County VA Landfill Gas81,083MWh73,899,045.8kg6911.4kg/MWh4
GRS Arbor HillsGas Recovery Systems Inc (100.00%)
Washtenaw County MI Landfill Gas78,021MWh70,815,512.4kg7907.6kg/MWh5
Seneca County NY Landfill Gas97,853MWh57,304,128.5kg8585.6kg/MWh20
Ocean County LandfillEPP Renewable Energy (100.00%)
Ocean County NJ Landfill Gas86,674MWh49,382,354.9kg9569.7kg/MWh21
Metro Methane Recovery FacilityWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Polk County IA Landfill Gas81,695MWh48,810,574.2kg10597.5kg/MWh18
Ameresco Ox MountainAMERESCO Ox Mountain Energy LLC (100.00%)
San Mateo County CA Landfill Gas88,134MWh47,378,336.8kg11537.6kg/MWh25
Waste Management Columbia Ridge LFGTEWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Gilliam County OR Landfill Gas73,968MWh46,043,418.2kg12622.5kg/MWh15
Pine Tree AcresEPP Renewable Energy (100.00%)
Macomb County MI Landfill Gas66,031MWh41,874,433.7kg13634.2kg/MWh14
Concord EnergyConcord Energy LLC (100.00%)
Concord NC Landfill Gas47,132MWh37,743,876.8kg14800.8kg/MWh6
Pine Tree Acres WM LFGTEWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Macomb County MI Landfill Gas61,161MWh37,113,517.3kg15606.8kg/MWh17
Middlesex County Utilities AuthorityMiddlesex Generating Company LLC (100.00%)
Sayreville NJ Landfill Gas101,540MWh32,799,726.1kg16323.0kg/MWh30
Dart Container CorpDart Container Corp (100.00%)
Lancaster County PA Landfill Gas45,371MWh27,544,457.2kg17607.1kg/MWh16
Zimmerman EnergyAria Energy (100.00%)
Argos IN Landfill Gas49,341MWh25,524,245.4kg18517.3kg/MWh27
Loraine County ProjectEDL Inc (100.00%)
Lorain County OH Landfill Gas37,033MWh24,016,350.2kg19648.5kg/MWh132/2023
JBER Landfill Gas Power PlantDoyon Utilities, LLC (100.00%)
Anchorage municipality AK Landfill Gas38,671MWh20,946,875.8kg20541.7kg/MWh24
Carbon LimestoneEDL Inc (100.00%)
Mahoning County OH Landfill Gas12,652MWh14,714,825.8kg211163.0kg/MWh112/2022
Terry Bundy Generating StationLincoln Electric System (100.00%)
Lancaster County NE Natural Gas21,272MWh13,894,306.7kg22653.2kg/MWh12
DFW Gas RecoveryWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Lewisville TX Landfill Gas14,761MWh11,694,713.7kg23792.3kg/MWh711/2022
Archbald Power StationPEI Power Corp (100.00%)
Archbald PA Natural Gas14,478MWh11,404,163.1kg24787.7kg/MWh8
De Witt County IL Landfill Gas19,587MWh10,709,184.8kg25546.7kg/MWh23
Orange County FL Coal16,043MWh9,461,066.9kg26589.7kg/MWh19
Hill AFB LFG Facility, Bldg #737U.S. Air Force, Hill AFB (100.00%)
Davis County UT Landfill Gas13,907MWh9,203,476.6kg27661.8kg/MWh11
UNH 7.9 MW PlantEmcor Energy Services (100.00%)
Durham CDP NH Landfill Gas39,317MWh8,659,605.5kg28220.3kg/MWh33
Bannock County LFG to EnergyBannock County Landfill (100.00%)
Bannock County ID Landfill Gas12,482MWh6,639,445.7kg29531.9kg/MWh26
MMSD Jones Island WastewaterMilwaukee Metro Sewerage Dist (100.00%)
Milwaukee WI Natural Gas23,158MWh6,307,343.2kg30272.4kg/MWh32
WaxdaleS.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. (100.00%)
Mount Pleasant WI Natural Gas17,924MWh5,145,974kg31287.1kg/MWh31
Blue Ridge GeneratingNorth American Biofuels, LLC (100.00%)
Estill County KY Landfill Gas2,649MWh2,969,135.5kg321120.9kg/MWh2
MAS ASB Cogen PlantCube District Energy, LLC (100.00%)
Atlanta GA Natural Gas2,366MWh1,321,484.5kg33558.5kg/MWh22
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Published: 2023-11-30