The Largest Landfill Gas Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Puente Hills Energy RecoveryLos Angeles County Sanitation (100.00%)
Los Angeles County CA Landfill Gas194,232MWh126,183,574.1kg1649.7kg/MWh99
Brea Expansion PlantBrea Power II (100.00%)
Orange County CA Landfill Gas247,253MWh122,050,882.4kg2493.6kg/MWh305
Johnston LFG Turbine PlantRhode Island LFG Genco (100.00%)
Providence County RI Landfill Gas204,201MWh104,743,543.4kg3512.9kg/MWh296
Carbon LimestoneEDL Inc (100.00%)
Mahoning County OH Landfill Gas127,287MWh104,125,524.5kg4818.0kg/MWh37
GRS Arbor HillsGas Recovery Systems Inc (100.00%)
Washtenaw County MI Landfill Gas111,868MWh100,430,637.3kg5897.8kg/MWh28
Sunshine Gas ProducersSunshine Gas Producers LLC (100.00%)
Los Angeles County CA Landfill Gas140,052MWh93,841,543.3kg6670.0kg/MWh82
Loraine County ProjectEDL Inc (100.00%)
Lorain County OH Landfill Gas139,964MWh81,687,936.7kg7583.6kg/MWh209
Archbald Power StationPEI Power Corp (100.00%)
Archbald PA Landfill Gas109,022MWh79,110,940.3kg8725.6kg/MWh56
Bowerman Power LFG, LLCBowerman Power LFG, LLC (100.00%)
Orange County CA Landfill Gas144,414MWh76,851,102.3kg9532.2kg/MWh282
Omega Hills Gas RecoveryWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Menomonee Falls WI Landfill Gas78,672MWh73,556,893.8kg10935.0kg/MWh27
Waste Management King George LFGTEWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
King George County VA Landfill Gas67,534MWh65,901,250kg11975.8kg/MWh20
Livingston Generating FacilityHoosier Energy (100.00%)
Livingston County IL Landfill Gas64,390MWh60,217,809.5kg12935.2kg/MWh26
DFW Gas RecoveryWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Lewisville TX Landfill Gas79,394MWh59,731,319.5kg13752.3kg/MWh48
Ontario County NY Landfill Gas85,400MWh59,150,686.9kg14692.6kg/MWh71
Bucks County PA Landfill Gas76,485MWh58,539,541.3kg15765.4kg/MWh456/2020
Waste Management Columbia Ridge LFGTEWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Gilliam County OR Landfill Gas93,619MWh58,370,157.6kg16623.5kg/MWh139
Ocean County LandfillEnergy Power Partners (100.00%)
Ocean County NJ Landfill Gas95,563MWh56,977,128.9kg17596.2kg/MWh186
Seneca County NY Landfill Gas94,836MWh54,209,139.7kg18571.6kg/MWh233
Hendricks County IN Landfill Gas85,221MWh52,782,838.3kg19619.4kg/MWh147
Sumpter Energy AssociatesEnergy Power Partners (100.00%)
Wayne County MI Landfill Gas72,115MWh52,763,364.1kg20731.7kg/MWh53
Metro Methane Recovery FacilityWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Polk County IA Landfill Gas87,461MWh52,548,106.7kg21600.8kg/MWh179
CSL Gas RecoveryWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Broward County FL Landfill Gas48,821MWh51,595,642.3kg221056.8kg/MWh9
Schuylkill County PA Landfill Gas50,816MWh49,419,949.4kg23972.5kg/MWh22
White County IN Landfill Gas81,150MWh47,904,972.8kg24590.3kg/MWh196
Ameresco Ox MountainAMERESCO Ox Mountain Energy LLC (100.00%)
San Mateo County CA Landfill Gas86,713MWh46,798,693.5kg25539.7kg/MWh274
Kiefer LandfillSacramento County of Dpt Waste (100.00%)
Sacramento County CA Landfill Gas67,687MWh46,447,741.7kg26686.2kg/MWh76
Riverview Energy SystemsDTE Energy (100.00%)
Riverview MI Landfill Gas43,640MWh42,915,312.9kg27983.4kg/MWh19
Concord EnergyConcord Energy LLC (100.00%)
Concord NC Landfill Gas50,673MWh42,840,123.9kg28845.4kg/MWh35
High Acres Gas RecoveryWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Monroe County NY Landfill Gas72,722MWh41,641,212.1kg29572.6kg/MWh229
Macomb County MI Landfill Gas65,231MWh40,345,137.8kg30618.5kg/MWh149
Chesterfield Landfill GasIndustrial Power Generating Company LLC (100.00%)
Chesterfield County VA Landfill Gas69,912MWh39,978,460.8kg31571.8kg/MWh231
MM West CovinaMM West Covina Energy LLC (100.00%)
West Covina CA Landfill Gas42,679MWh38,153,719.7kg32894.0kg/MWh30
Altamont Gas RecoveryWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Alameda County CA Landfill Gas38,079MWh37,553,404.7kg33986.2kg/MWh18
Charles CityIndustrial Power Generating Company LLC (100.00%)
Charles City County VA Landfill Gas62,164MWh37,127,263.8kg34597.2kg/MWh183
Georgia LFG Richland Creek PlantCube District Energy, LLC (100.00%)
Buford GA Landfill Gas62,866MWh36,910,860.9kg35587.1kg/MWh203
Wood RoadEDL Inc (100.00%)
Clinton County MI Landfill Gas63,956MWh36,727,991.1kg36574.3kg/MWh223
Zimmerman EnergyAria Energy (100.00%)
Argos IN Landfill Gas59,115MWh36,318,304.3kg37614.4kg/MWh156
Green Knight Energy CenterGreen Knight Economic Development Corpor (100.00%)
Northampton County PA Landfill Gas34,631MWh35,945,951.7kg381038.0kg/MWh13
Covel Gardens Gas RecoveryEDL Inc (100.00%)
San Antonio TX Landfill Gas58,621MWh35,829,887.7kg39611.2kg/MWh160
Pine Tree Acres WM LFGTEWM Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Macomb County MI Landfill Gas58,902MWh34,530,272.6kg40586.2kg/MWh204
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Published: 2021-06-02Last Updated: 2022-03-09