The Largest Wood/Wood Waste Solids Power Plants in the US

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type MWh Generated CO2 Emissions Rank Emissions CO2 Emissions/MWh Rant Emissions/MWh Closing Date
Gainesville FL Wood/Wood Waste Solids 595,248MWh 741,634,390kg 1 1245.9kg/MWh 61
Burgess BioPowerBerlin Station, LLC (100.00%)
Berlin NH Wood/Wood Waste Solids 514,294MWh 649,589,106.6kg 2 1263.1kg/MWh 58
GRP Madison Renewable Energy FacilityGRP Madison Renewable Energy Facility, LLC (100.00%)
Madison County GA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 389,992MWh 585,675,381.2kg 3 1501.8kg/MWh 36
GRP Franklin Renewable Energy FacilityGRP Franklin Renewable Energy Facility, LLC (100.00%)
Franklin County GA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 367,014MWh 570,651,153.8kg 4 1554.8kg/MWh 29
ReEnergy Black RiverReEnergy Holdings (100.00%)
Fort Drum CDP NY Wood/Wood Waste Solids 291,857MWh 509,015,361.4kg 5 1744.1kg/MWh 17
Wheelabrator ShastaWheelabrator Environmental Systems (100.00%)
Shasta County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 285,943MWh 478,813,731.2kg 6 1674.5kg/MWh 23
Piedmont Green PowerPiedmont Green Power LLC (100.00%)
Barnesville GA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 383,120MWh 467,137,694.8kg 7 1219.3kg/MWh 63
Desert View PowerDesert View Power Inc (100.00%)
Riverside County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 306,010MWh 465,213,294kg 8 1520.3kg/MWh 34
Altavista Power StationDominion Energy (100.00%)
Altavista VA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 296,894MWh 441,586,199.6kg 9 1487.4kg/MWh 38 1/2028
Southampton Power StationDominion Energy (100.00%)
Southampton County VA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 270,833MWh 432,072,253.2kg 10 1595.3kg/MWh 26 1/2028
Mt Poso CogenerationDTE Energy (66.66%)MacPherson Power Co (33.34%)
Kern County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 292,156MWh 430,919,169.8kg 11 1475.0kg/MWh 41
Sierra Pacific Quincy FacilitySierra Pacific Industries (100.00%)
East Quincy CDP CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 163,216MWh 416,428,664.4kg 12 2551.4kg/MWh 4
ReEnergy Livermore FallsReEnergy Holdings (100.00%)
Androscoggin County ME Wood/Wood Waste Solids 266,745MWh 403,910,679.2kg 13 1514.2kg/MWh 35
Albany Green EnergyExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Dougherty County GA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 359,195MWh 401,185,789.2kg 14 1116.9kg/MWh 71
Kettle Falls Generating StationAvista Utilities (100.00%)
Stevens County WA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 264,585MWh 384,120,661.4kg 15 1451.8kg/MWh 44
Burlington VT Wood/Wood Waste Solids 272,801MWh 382,572,680kg 16 1402.4kg/MWh 51
ReEnergy Stratton LLCReEnergy Holdings (100.00%)
Franklin County ME Wood/Wood Waste Solids 297,942MWh 368,152,993.6kg 17 1235.7kg/MWh 62
Craven County NC Wood/Wood Waste Solids 221,461MWh 341,229,110.6kg 18 1540.8kg/MWh 32
Plainfield Renewable Energy LLCPlainfield Renewable Energy, LLC (100.00%)
Windham County CT Wood/Wood Waste Solids 291,523MWh 326,263,602kg 19 1119.2kg/MWh 70
Novo BioPower PlantNovo Biopower LLC (100.00%)
Navajo County AZ Wood/Wood Waste Solids 201,205MWh 311,885,187.6kg 20 1550.1kg/MWh 30
Stockton BiomassDTE Energy (100.00%)
Stockton CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 371,950MWh 288,635,732kg 21 776.0kg/MWh 88
Biomass One LPBiomass One LP (100.00%)
Jackson County OR Wood/Wood Waste Solids 166,577MWh 287,422,147.6kg 22 1725.5kg/MWh 19
Burney Forest ProductsBurney Forest Products, A Joint Venture (100.00%)
Shasta County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 203,878MWh 284,618,934.6kg 23 1396.0kg/MWh 52
Humboldt Sawmill CompanyMendocino Forest Products (100.00%)
Scotia CDP CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 126,536MWh 275,762,151kg 24 2179.3kg/MWh 7
HL PowerGreenleaf Power LLC (100.00%)
Lassen County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 201,735MWh 273,984,265.8kg 25 1358.1kg/MWh 53
Rio Bravo FresnoRio Bravo Fresno (100.00%)
Fresno County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 187,100MWh 265,166,503kg 26 1417.2kg/MWh 50
Rio Bravo RocklinRio Bravo Rocklin (100.00%)
Placer County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 174,522MWh 258,638,961kg 27 1482.0kg/MWh 39
Allendale BiomassAllendale Biomass LLC (100.00%)
Allendale County SC Wood/Wood Waste Solids 158,028MWh 251,499,749.2kg 28 1591.5kg/MWh 27
Halifax County BiomassNOVEC Energy Production (100.00%)
Halifax County VA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 181,757MWh 237,968,724kg 29 1309.3kg/MWh 55
Dorchester BiomassDorchester Biomass LLC (100.00%)
Dorchester County SC Wood/Wood Waste Solids 154,025MWh 234,708,329.8kg 30 1523.8kg/MWh 33
Ashland WI Wood/Wood Waste Solids 161,788MWh 230,697,066.6kg 31 1425.9kg/MWh 47
Nacogdoches PowerAustin Energy (100.00%)
Nacogdoches County TX Wood/Wood Waste Solids 160,843MWh 228,031,739.6kg 32 1417.7kg/MWh 49
Roxboro NC Wood/Wood Waste Solids 142,582MWh 204,363,373.2kg 33 1433.3kg/MWh 46 3/2021
Multitrade Rabun Gap, LLCMultitrade Rabun Gap LLC (100.00%)
Rabun County GA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 120,421MWh 203,542,435.6kg 34 1690.3kg/MWh 21
Ryegate Associates, LLCENGIE (100.00%)
Caledonia County VT Wood/Wood Waste Solids 161,519MWh 202,328,663.6kg 35 1252.7kg/MWh 60
Stored Solar Fitchburg, LLCStored Solar Fitchburg, LLC (100.00%)
Worcester County MA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 104,104MWh 195,081,019kg 36 1873.9kg/MWh 13
Covington FacilityWestRock Corp (100.00%)
Alleghany County VA Black Liquour 160,279MWh 193,787,329.4kg 37 1209.1kg/MWh 64
Pacific-Ultrapower Chinese StationPacific Energy Resources Inc (55.00%)CII Wood Power Inc (45.00%)
Tuolumne County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids 131,979MWh 191,779,446.6kg 38 1453.1kg/MWh 43
Chatham County GA Black Liquour 102,013MWh 178,939,164.6kg 39 1754.1kg/MWh 16
Bridgewater Power LPBridgewater Power Co LP (20.00%)Olympus Power (80.00%)
Grafton County NH Wood/Wood Waste Solids 111,161MWh 164,110,979.2kg 40 1476.3kg/MWh 40
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Published: 2021-06-02 Last Updated: 2022-03-09