The Largest Wind Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Mohave County Wind FarmMohave County Wind Farm (100.00%)
Mohave County AZ Wind997,237MWh11
Balko Wind LLCBalko Wind LLC (100.00%)
Beaver County OK Wind996,043MWh11
Sherman County OR Wind986,262MWh11
Atchison County MO Wind98,604MWh11
Aurora Wind ProjectAurora Wind Project, LLC (100.00%)
Williams County ND Wind984,850MWh11
Searsburg Wind TurbineGreen Mountain Power (100.00%)
Bennington County VT Wind9,846MWh11
Miami Wind Energy CenterInvenergy (100.00%)
Hemphill County TX Wind984,307MWh11
TG EastTG East Wind Project LLC (100.00%)
Knox County TX Wind983,535MWh11
Lincoln Land WindLincoln Land Wind, LLC (100.00%)
Sangamon County IL Wind981,806MWh11
Little Blue Wind Project, LLCLittle Blue Wind Project, LLC (100.00%)
Webster County NE Wind975,928MWh11
Torrecillas Wind Energy, LLCNextEra Energy (100.00%)
Duval County TX Wind969,927MWh11
Block Island Wind FarmDeepwater Wind Block Island LLC (100.00%)
RI Wind96,506MWh11
Thunder Ranch Wind ProjectEnel Green Power (100.00%)
Noble County OK Wind961,320MWh11
Caddo County OK Wind959,410MWh11
TX Jumbo Road WindBHE Renewables (100.00%)
Castro County TX Wind959,162MWh11
Pratt County KS Wind953,118MWh11
Chisholm View Wind ProjectEnel Green Power (100.00%)
Garfield County OK Wind934,708MWh11
Deerfield Wind LLCAvangrid (100.00%)
Bennington County VT Wind93,275MWh11
Thunderhead Wind Energy LLCInvenergy (100.00%)
Antelope County NE Wind932,097MWh11
Atchison County WindAmeren Missouri (100.00%)
Atchison County MO Wind930,845MWh11
High Prairie Wind FarmAmeren Missouri (100.00%)
Schuyler County MO Wind929,383MWh11
High Lonesome Wind Power, LLC HybridHigh Lonesome Wind Power, LLC (100.00%)
Upton County TX Wind922,963MWh11
Ponderosa Wind Energy CenterPonderosa Wind, LLC (100.00%)
Beaver County OK Wind921,158MWh11
Diamond Spring, LLCALLETE (100.00%)
Johnston County OK Wind921,104MWh11
Kay County OK Wind921,021MWh11
Priddy Wind ProjectENGIE (100.00%)
Mills County TX Wind920,971MWh11
Triple H Wind ProjectTriple H Wind Project, LLC (100.00%)
Hyde County SD Wind920,198MWh11
Neosho Ridge Wind Energy CenterEmpire District Electric (100.00%)
Neosho County KS Wind914,510MWh11
Skeleton Creek Energy Center HybridSkeleton Creek Energy Center (100.00%)
Garfield County OK Wind914,487MWh11
Roth Rock Wind Farm LLCRoth Rock Wind Farm LLC (100.00%)
Garrett County MD Wind91,387MWh11
Lacy Creek Wind Energy CenterLacy Creek Wind, LLC (100.00%)
Sterling City TX Wind910,966MWh11
Las Majadas Wind FarmLas Majadas Wind Farm, LLC (100.00%)
Willacy County TX Wind909,593MWh11
Rush Springs WindNextEra Energy (100.00%)
Grady County OK Wind899,937MWh11
Great Western Wind Energy, LLCEDF Renewables (100.00%)
Woodward County OK Wind895,099MWh11
Major County OK Wind893,876MWh11
Blooming Grove Wind Energy CenterInvenergy (100.00%)
Livingston County IL Wind893,313MWh11
Plum Creek Wind Project (NE)Plum Creek Wind, LLC (100.00%)
Lincoln NE Wind892,879MWh11
Haystack Wind Project, LLCHaystack Wind Project, LLC (100.00%)
Wayne County NE Wind891,883MWh11
Garrett County MD Wind88,601MWh11
Grandview Wind Farm, LLCRWE Renewables Americas (100.00%)
Carson County TX Wind885,224MWh11
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Published: 2023-11-30