Residual Fuel Oil Power Plants In the US

The Largest Residual Fuel Oil Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Honolulu County HI Residual Fuel Oil2,649,691MWh2,107,644,864.4kg1795.4kg/MWh15
Pearl City CDP HI Residual Fuel Oil1,166,697MWh963,201,146.7kg2825.6kg/MWh9
Kalaeloa Cogen PlantPSEG (51.00%)Harbert Power, LLC (49.00%)
Honolulu County HI Residual Fuel Oil1,304,072MWh782,761,732.3kg3600.2kg/MWh20
Fort Salonga CDP NY Natural Gas123,582MWh99,422,295.6kg4804.5kg/MWh13
Roseton Generating FacilityCCI Roseton LLC (100.00%)
Orange County NY Residual Fuel Oil132,359MWh99,180,505kg5749.3kg/MWh18
Cousins Island CDP ME Residual Fuel Oil112,487MWh92,123,651.5kg6819.0kg/MWh11
NewingtonGranite Shore Power (100.00%)
Rockingham County NH Residual Fuel Oil82,955MWh68,162,617.9kg7821.7kg/MWh10
CanalCanal Generating (52.32%)Canal 3 Generating (47.68%)
Barnstable County MA Residual Fuel Oil66,637MWh64,928,973kg8974.4kg/MWh4
Oswego Harbor PowerArcLight Capital Partners LLC (100.00%)
Oswego NY Residual Fuel Oil57,480MWh54,570,607.4kg9949.4kg/MWh5
New Haven HarborGeneration Bridge II Connecticut, LLC (78.93%)
New Haven CT Residual Fuel Oil47,733MWh42,583,873.8kg10892.1kg/MWh7
Northside Generating StationJacksonville Electric Authority (100.00%)
Jacksonville FL Natural Gas30,023MWh23,975,169.4kg11798.6kg/MWh14
Herbert A WagnerTalen Energy (100.00%)
Pasadena CDP MD Coal17,954MWh22,955,903.7kg121278.6kg/MWh2
Barnum Island CDP NY Natural Gas27,906MWh22,572,383.9kg13808.9kg/MWh12
Port Jefferson NY Natural Gas23,270MWh21,693,441.2kg14932.3kg/MWh6
Bowline PointGenOn Bowline, LLC (100.00%)
Rockland County NY Natural Gas26,443MWh20,649,382.1kg15780.9kg/MWh17
TalenEnergy Martins CreekMC Project Company LLC (100.00%)
Northampton County PA Natural Gas5,489MWh9,050,830.9kg161649.0kg/MWh1
New York NY Natural Gas10,929MWh6,810,326.2kg17623.1kg/MWh19
Essex County NY Natural Gas13,567MWh5,746,728.5kg18423.6kg/MWh24
Georgia-Pacific Cedar SpringsGeorgia-Pacific Cedar Springs LLC (100.00%)
Early County GA Black Liquour14,368MWh5,581,834.2kg19388.5kg/MWh28
Covington FacilityWestRock Corp (100.00%)
Alleghany County VA Black Liquour5,627MWh5,563,405.7kg20988.7kg/MWh3
Dartmouth College Heating PlantDartmouth College (100.00%)
Hanover CDP NH Residual Fuel Oil11,250MWh5,138,144.3kg21456.7kg/MWh22
Rumford CogenerationND Paper LLC (100.00%)
Rumford CDP ME Black Liquour12,400MWh5,071,683.3kg22409.0kg/MWh26
Somerset PlantSappi Fine Paper North America-Somerset (100.00%)
Somerset County ME Black Liquour12,217MWh4,319,149.6kg23353.5kg/MWh33
Bay County MI Coal5,309MWh4,213,315.3kg24793.7kg/MWh16
International Paper Georgetown MillInternational Paper (100.00%)
Georgetown County SC Black Liquour4,684MWh2,355,516.3kg25502.8kg/MWh21
Brunswick CelluloseBrunswick Cellulose LLC (100.00%)
Dock Junction CDP GA Black Liquour6,589MWh2,078,940.9kg26315.5kg/MWh35
Hopewell MillRockTenn-Hopewell (100.00%)
Hopewell VA Black Liquour2,221MWh1,960,746.9kg27882.7kg/MWh8
Escanaba MillVerso Escanaba LLC (100.00%)
Delta County MI Black Liquour5,052MWh1,526,900.3kg28302.2kg/MWh36
Rhode Island HospitalRhode Island Hospital (100.00%)
Providence RI Natural Gas2,348MWh940,371.1kg29400.5kg/MWh27
Nippon Dynawave Packaging Longview WANippon Dynawave Packaging Co. (100.00%)
Cowlitz County WA Black Liquour2,134MWh803,378.6kg30376.5kg/MWh31
Mosinee MillAhlstrom-Munksjo (23.30%)Expera Specialty Solutions (62.76%)
Mosinee WI Black Liquour1,717MWh667,052.1kg31388.5kg/MWh29
Florence MillWestRock-Florence (100.00%)
Florence County SC Black Liquour1,359MWh489,576.2kg32360.3kg/MWh32
Pixelle Specialty Solutions LLC - Spring Grove FacilityPixelle Specialty Solutions LLC - (PA) (100.00%)
Spring Grove PA Black Liquour917MWh382,927.7kg33417.5kg/MWh25
Gary WorksUnited States Steel-Gary (100.00%)
Gary IN Blast Furnace Gas566MWh242,456.8kg34428.4kg/MWh23
Southern Minnesota Beet SugarSouthern Minnesota Beet Sugar (100.00%)
Renville County MN Coal516MWh146,465.8kg35283.7kg/MWh38
KapStone Kraft Paper CorpWestrock Kraft Paper, LLC (100.00%)
Roanoke Rapids NC Black Liquour345MWh118,490kg36343.1kg/MWh34
WestRock-West Point MillWestRock-West Point Mill (100.00%)
West Point VA Black Liquour356MWh105,316.2kg37295.6kg/MWh37
Kaukauna Paper MillThilmany LLC (100.00%)
Kaukauna WI Black Liquour40MWh15,468.1kg38383.9kg/MWh30
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Published: 2023-11-30