The Largest Blast Furnace Gas Power Plants in the US

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type MWh Generated CO2 Emissions Rank Emissions CO2 Emissions/MWh Rant Emissions/MWh Closing Date
Dearborn Industrial GenerationCMS Energy (100.00%)
Dearborn MI Natural Gas 1,190,076MWh 1,761,328,344.2kg 1 1480.0kg/MWh 5
Gary WorksUnited States Steel-Gary (100.00%)
Gary IN Blast Furnace Gas 679,670MWh 1,079,640,401kg 2 1588.5kg/MWh 4
Indiana Harbor E 5 AC StationPrimary Energy (100.00%)
East Chicago IN Blast Furnace Gas 425,199MWh 484,056,019.4kg 3 1138.4kg/MWh 9
Mon Valley WorksUnited States Steel-Mon Valley (100.00%)
North Braddock PA Blast Furnace Gas 376,001MWh 455,083,987kg 4 1210.3kg/MWh 8
ArcelorMittal Burns HarborArcelorMittal USA Inc (100.00%)
Burns Harbor IN Natural Gas 242,874MWh 424,187,325.4kg 5 1746.5kg/MWh 2
Arcelormittal Cleveland IncArcelorMittal Cleveland Inc (100.00%)
Cleveland OH Blast Furnace Gas 94,623MWh 164,010,167.3kg 6 1733.3kg/MWh 3
ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor WestCleveland Cliffs (39.61%)Ironside Energy, LLC (60.39%)
East Chicago IN Blast Furnace Gas 103,890MWh 142,998,901.2kg 7 1376.4kg/MWh 7
Granite City WorksUnited States Steel Granite City Works (100.00%)
Granite City IL Purchased Steam 55,333MWh 120,848,658.5kg 8 2184.0kg/MWh 1
Borger PlantSid Richardson Carbon Ltd (100.00%)
Hutchinson County TX Blast Furnace Gas 52,041MWh 72,527,464.8kg 9 1393.7kg/MWh 6
Expander TurbineArcelorMittal USA Inc (100.00%)
East Chicago IN Blast Furnace Gas 36,380MWh 10 10
River Rouge MI Natural Gas -88MWh 10 10
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Published: 2021-06-02 Last Updated: 2022-03-09