The Largest Jet Fuel Power Plants in the US

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type MWh Generated CO2 Emissions Rank Emissions CO2 Emissions/MWh Rant Emissions/MWh Closing Date
Jasper County MO Natural Gas 16,098MWh 13,366,477.6kg 1 830.3kg/MWh 9
Dynegy Oakland Power PlantDynegy Energy Services (100.00%)
Oakland CA Jet Fuel 8,109MWh 9,047,721.6kg 2 1115.8kg/MWh 7
Tesoro HawaiiPAR Petroleum (100.00%)
Honolulu County HI Waste/other Oil 19,691MWh 6,601,630.2kg 3 335.3kg/MWh 11
Jasper County MO Natural Gas 2,629MWh 2,666,218kg 4 1014.3kg/MWh 8
MerrimackGranite Shore Power (100.00%)
Merrimack County NH Coal 1,137MWh 1,285,227.1kg 5 1130.4kg/MWh 5
White LakeGranite Shore Power (100.00%)
Carroll County NH Jet Fuel 707MWh 833,274.4kg 6 1178.6kg/MWh 3
TunnelFirstLight Hydro Generating Company (100.00%)
New London County CT Conventional Hydroelectric 548MWh 639,147kg 7 1166.3kg/MWh 4
SchillerGranite Shore Power (100.00%)
Portsmouth NH Jet Fuel 512MWh 577,543.3kg 8 1128.0kg/MWh 6
Grant County WV Coal 24MWh 568,588.1kg 9 23691.2kg/MWh 1
Peru IL Conventional Hydroelectric 177MWh 332,500.9kg 10 1878.5kg/MWh 2
University of Alaska FairbanksUniversity of Alaska (100.00%)
College CDP AK Coal 672MWh 295,379.8kg 11 439.6kg/MWh 10
Alakanuk AK Jet Fuel 3,249.9kg 12 12
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Published: 2021-06-02 Last Updated: 2022-03-09