The Largest Tire-derived Fuels Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Roxboro NC Wood/Wood Waste Solids94,459MWh123,635,520.3kg11308.9kg/MWh63/2021
Brunswick County NC Wood/Wood Waste Solids135,609MWh68,307,635.4kg2503.7kg/MWh203/2021
Maysville KY Coal70,430MWh60,363,921.5kg3857.1kg/MWh16
WestRock Southeast, LLC.WestRock Southeast, LLC (100.00%)
Laurens County GA Tire-derived Fuels76,449MWh35,028,648.4kg4458.2kg/MWh23
Rumford CogenerationND Paper LLC (100.00%)
Rumford CDP ME Black Liquour57,271MWh27,924,603.5kg5487.6kg/MWh22
Viking Energy of LincolnViking Energy of Lincoln LLC (100.00%)
Lincoln MI Wood/Wood Waste Solids27,749MWh27,046,162kg6974.7kg/MWh13
Viking Energy of McBainViking Energy of McBain LLC (100.00%)
McBain MI Wood/Wood Waste Solids23,421MWh22,513,737.6kg7961.3kg/MWh14
International Paper Georgetown MillInternational Paper (100.00%)
Georgetown County SC Black Liquour33,279MWh19,438,074.9kg8584.1kg/MWh18
Somerset PlantSappi Fine Paper North America-Somerset (100.00%)
Somerset County ME Black Liquour31,684MWh13,031,332.6kg9411.3kg/MWh29
Morton County ND Coal9,709MWh11,372,799.4kg101171.3kg/MWh10
Savannah River Site Biomass CogenU S Department of Energy (100.00%)
Aiken County SC Wood/Wood Waste Solids7,596MWh9,902,196.5kg111303.6kg/MWh8
TES Filer City StationWestern Michigan Cogeneration LP (44.00%)CMS Energy (50.00%)Louisiana Iron Works Inc (1.00%)KCR Power Co LLC (5.00%)
Filer City CDP MI Coal9,834MWh9,251,145.7kg12940.7kg/MWh15
Ashland WI Wood/Wood Waste Solids6,545MWh8,560,118.9kg131308.0kg/MWh7
Northampton Generating Company LPAres Management (100.00%)
Northampton PA Coal7,027MWh7,219,502.7kg141027.4kg/MWh11
De Soto Parish LA Natural Gas17,134MWh7,110,664.7kg15415.0kg/MWh28
ReEnergy Black RiverReEnergy Holdings (100.00%)
Fort Drum CDP NY Wood/Wood Waste Solids4,402MWh6,998,129.9kg161589.6kg/MWh2
Genesee Power Station LPCMS Energy (49.75%)Genesee Power Partners LP (49.75%)GPS NEWCO LLC (0.50%)
Genesee County MI Wood/Wood Waste Solids4,756MWh6,964,945.5kg171464.5kg/MWh3
Escanaba MillVerso Escanaba LLC (100.00%)
Delta County MI Black Liquour15,623MWh5,485,229.9kg18351.1kg/MWh33
John H WardenL'Anse Warden Electric Company LLC (100.00%)
L'Anse MI Wood/Wood Waste Solids3,805MWh4,642,723.9kg191220.1kg/MWh9
Grayling Generating StationCMS Energy (50.00%)Grayling Development Partners (50.00%)
Crawford County MI Wood/Wood Waste Solids2,919MWh4,231,271.5kg201449.4kg/MWh4
Pixelle Specialty Solutions LLC - Chillicothe FacilityPixelle Specialty Solutions LLC - (OH) (100.00%)
Chillicothe OH Black Liquour8,121MWh3,267,375.8kg21402.4kg/MWh30
AshdownDomtar Industries Inc (100.00%)
Little River County AR Black Liquour8,019MWh3,079,359.4kg22384.0kg/MWh31
Bowater Newsprint Calhoun OperationResolute Forest Products (100.00%)
McMinn County TN Black Liquour3,693MWh1,611,507.6kg23436.4kg/MWh26
Pioneer Valley Resource RecoveryCommunity Eco Springfield LLC (100.00%)
Agawam Town MA Non-biogenic Municipal Solid Waste495MWh1,359,701.5kg242744.8kg/MWh1
International Paper - OrangeInternational Paper (100.00%)
Orange TX Black Liquour2,411MWh1,240,633.1kg25514.6kg/MWh19
Archer Daniels Midland DecaturArcher Daniels Midland Co (100.00%)
Decatur IL Coal2,289MWh1,150,622.5kg26502.7kg/MWh21
Packaging Corp of AmericaPackaging Corp of America (100.00%)
Hardin County TN Black Liquour2,447MWh1,052,874.6kg27430.3kg/MWh27
Kaukauna Paper MillThilmany LLC (100.00%)
Kaukauna WI Black Liquour2,209MWh986,591.7kg28446.7kg/MWh25
Fernandina PlantRayonier Advanced Materials (100.00%)
Fernandina Beach FL Wood Waste Liquids1,379MWh868,554.9kg29629.7kg/MWh17
Brunswick CelluloseBrunswick Cellulose LLC (100.00%)
Dock Junction CDP GA Black Liquour1,957MWh717,591.6kg30366.6kg/MWh32
Purdue UniversityPurdue University (100.00%)
West Lafayette IN Natural Gas1,588MWh714,324.7kg31449.9kg/MWh24
Desert View PowerDesert View Power Inc (100.00%)
Riverside County CA Wood/Wood Waste Solids269MWh367,951.6kg321367.4kg/MWh5
Honolulu County HI Coal240MWh237,277.2kg33989.3kg/MWh129/2022
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Published: 2021-06-02Last Updated: 2022-03-09