The Largest Tire-derived Fuels Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Maysville KY Coal80,193MWh69,518,694.8kg1866.9kg/MWh7
Rumford CogenerationND Paper LLC (100.00%)
Rumford CDP ME Black Liquour90,155MWh42,676,797.5kg2473.4kg/MWh9
Le Flore County OK Coal36,034MWh39,093,739.9kg31084.9kg/MWh3
WestRock Southeast, LLC.WestRock Southeast, LLC (100.00%)
Laurens County GA Wood/Wood Waste Solids65,188MWh29,290,924.7kg4449.3kg/MWh10
TES Filer City StationCMS Energy (50.00%)Western Michigan Cogeneration LP (44.00%)KCR Power Co LLC (5.00%)Louisiana Iron Works Inc (1.00%)
Filer City CDP MI Coal20,288MWh19,085,941.8kg5940.7kg/MWh6
International Paper Georgetown MillInternational Paper (100.00%)
Georgetown County SC Black Liquour31,619MWh18,468,591.2kg6584.1kg/MWh8
Somerset PlantSappi Fine Paper North America-Somerset (100.00%)
Somerset County ME Black Liquour38,143MWh15,683,335.2kg7411.2kg/MWh13
Savannah River Site Biomass CogenU S Department of Energy (100.00%)
Aiken County SC Wood/Wood Waste Solids7,029MWh9,572,501.6kg81361.8kg/MWh2
De Soto Parish LA Natural Gas18,782MWh7,795,415.7kg9415.1kg/MWh12
Pixelle Specialty Solutions LLC - Chillicothe FacilityPixelle Specialty Solutions LLC - (OH) (100.00%)
Chillicothe OH Black Liquour10,391MWh4,200,322.3kg10404.2kg/MWh14
Northampton Generating Company LPAres Management (100.00%)
Northampton PA Coal2,767MWh2,961,666.5kg111070.3kg/MWh4
AshdownDomtar Industries Inc (100.00%)
Little River County AR Black Liquour6,493MWh2,473,442.9kg12380.9kg/MWh15
ReEnergy Black RiverReEnergy Holdings (100.00%)
Fort Drum CDP NY Wood/Wood Waste Solids1,367MWh2,355,578kg131723.7kg/MWh1
Escanaba MillVerso Escanaba LLC (100.00%)
Delta County MI Black Liquour4,506MWh1,582,191.9kg14351.1kg/MWh17
Brunswick CelluloseBrunswick Cellulose LLC (100.00%)
Dock Junction CDP GA Black Liquour1,836MWh672,973.2kg15366.5kg/MWh16
Packaging Corp of AmericaPackaging Corp of America (100.00%)
Hardin County TN Black Liquour503MWh216,300.5kg16430.2kg/MWh11
Honolulu County HI Coal150MWh146,578.9kg17977.7kg/MWh59/2022
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Published: 2023-11-30