The Largest Distillate Fuel Oil Power Plants in the US

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type MWh Generated CO2 Emissions Rank Emissions CO2 Emissions/MWh Rant Emissions/MWh Closing Date
Maalaea CDP HI Distillate Fuel Oil 620,269MWh 432,223,410kg 1 696.8kg/MWh 984
Kalaoa CDP HI Distillate Fuel Oil 278,780MWh 211,244,340.8kg 2 757.7kg/MWh 817
Campbell Industrial ParkHawaiian Electric (100.00%)
Honolulu County HI Distillate Fuel Oil 95,062MWh 117,828,270.7kg 3 1239.5kg/MWh 227
North Pole AK Waste/other Oil 89,445MWh 82,005,806.4kg 4 916.8kg/MWh 444
Wheelabrator PortsmouthWheelabrator Environmental Systems (100.00%)
Portsmouth VA Non-biogenic Municipal Solid Waste 48,277MWh 76,286,895.2kg 5 1580.2kg/MWh 136
Cumberland City TN Coal 75,325MWh 61,144,330kg 6 811.7kg/MWh 648 12/2028
Putnam County WV Coal 54,219MWh 40,095,571.7kg 7 739.5kg/MWh 876
Platte County MO Coal 53,093MWh 38,138,817.4kg 8 718.3kg/MWh 950
Pearl City CDP HI Residual Fuel Oil 28,711MWh 36,667,084.5kg 9 1277.1kg/MWh 219
East Shoreham CDP NY Distillate Fuel Oil 36,483MWh 35,170,311.6kg 10 964.0kg/MWh 394
Jefferson County OH Coal 47,806MWh 35,035,480.5kg 11 732.9kg/MWh 921
Spencer County IN Coal 35,921MWh 33,780,514.5kg 12 940.4kg/MWh 418 12/2028
Marshall County WV Coal 42,039MWh 33,302,308.7kg 13 792.2kg/MWh 708
Buncombe County NC Natural Gas 42,370MWh 33,276,750.1kg 14 785.4kg/MWh 724
Gibson County IN Coal 39,294MWh 32,271,221.5kg 15 821.3kg/MWh 626
Pasadena CDP MD Coal 33,786MWh 31,229,021.9kg 16 924.3kg/MWh 436
Bethel AK Distillate Fuel Oil 43,039MWh 30,325,061.1kg 17 704.6kg/MWh 974
Unalaska AK Distillate Fuel Oil 45,654MWh 30,290,834.8kg 18 663.5kg/MWh 1,021
Palo Pinto County TX Natural Gas 32,335MWh 28,273,999.2kg 19 874.4kg/MWh 523
Commonwealth Chesapeake
New Church CDP VA Distillate Fuel Oil 37,804MWh 28,181,914kg 20 745.5kg/MWh 858
Homer City Generating StationGeneral Electric (100.00%)
Indiana County PA Coal 33,305MWh 27,988,112.9kg 21 840.4kg/MWh 585
Kauai County HI Distillate Fuel Oil 37,418MWh 27,301,882.1kg 22 729.6kg/MWh 927
Platte County WY Coal 34,710MWh 27,287,287.7kg 23 786.1kg/MWh 719
Linn County KS Coal 32,344MWh 26,127,518.4kg 24 807.8kg/MWh 667
Caroline County VA Natural Gas 32,458MWh 25,887,785.8kg 25 797.6kg/MWh 697
Chesterfield County VA Natural Gas 34,193MWh 25,833,927.4kg 26 755.5kg/MWh 826
Berkeley County SC Coal 33,710MWh 25,500,998.4kg 27 756.5kg/MWh 821
Maui County HI Distillate Fuel Oil 32,034MWh 24,154,910.3kg 28 754.0kg/MWh 833
Unisea G 2Unisea Inc (100.00%)
Unalaska AK Distillate Fuel Oil 30,454MWh 24,113,349.8kg 29 791.8kg/MWh 709
Palaau Power HybridHawaiian Electric (100.00%)
Maui County HI Distillate Fuel Oil 32,073MWh 24,108,460.3kg 30 751.7kg/MWh 841
Council Bluffs IA Coal 32,165MWh 24,100,237.1kg 31 749.3kg/MWh 850
Rockingham County NH Natural Gas 41,830MWh 23,633,291.9kg 32 565.0kg/MWh 1,104
Grant County WV Coal 29,706MWh 23,353,110kg 33 786.1kg/MWh 720
Gallia County OH Coal 30,120MWh 23,275,100.6kg 34 772.7kg/MWh 769
Anderson County TN Coal 5,330MWh 22,683,251.5kg 35 4255.5kg/MWh 32 12/2023
Keaau CDP HI Residual Fuel Oil 25,412MWh 22,428,924.6kg 36 882.6kg/MWh 505
Noble County OK Coal 27,074MWh 22,258,681.8kg 37 822.2kg/MWh 624
Citrus County FL Natural Gas 26,780MWh 21,781,291kg 38 813.3kg/MWh 646
Pebbly Beach Generating Station HybridSouthern California Edison (100.00%)
Avalon CA Distillate Fuel Oil 28,209MWh 21,020,014.1kg 39 745.2kg/MWh 859
Apache County AZ Coal 25,931MWh 20,818,582.4kg 40 802.8kg/MWh 677
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Published: 2021-06-02 Last Updated: 2022-03-09