Conventional Hydroelectric Power Plants In the US

The Largest Conventional Hydroelectric Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Douglas County WA Conventional Hydroelectric9,970,082MWh11
Graniteville Enterprise DivisionEnterprise Mill LLC (100.00%)
Augusta-Richmond County consolidated government GA Conventional Hydroelectric97MWh11
Butte County CA Conventional Hydroelectric966,629MWh11
Big Creek Water WorksBig Creek Water Works Ltd (100.00%)
Hyampom CDP CA Conventional Hydroelectric9,666MWh11
Garland Canal Power PlantShoshone Irrigation District (100.00%)
Park County WY Conventional Hydroelectric9,382MWh11
Collierville PowerhouseCalaveras County Water Dist (100.00%)
Calaveras County CA Conventional Hydroelectric928,835MWh11
Rhinelander MillAhlstrom-Munksjo (100.00%)
Rhinelander WI Conventional Hydroelectric8,577MWh11
Sibley MillAugusta Canal Authority (100.00%)
Augusta-Richmond County consolidated government GA Conventional Hydroelectric8,567MWh11
Folsom CA Conventional Hydroelectric843,062MWh11
El Dorado County CA Conventional Hydroelectric837,876MWh11
Carter HydroNorthern Colorado Water Conservancy District (100.00%)
Larimer County CO Conventional Hydroelectric8,234MWh11
William F Matson Generating StationAllegheny Electric Cooperative (100.00%)
Huntingdon County PA Conventional Hydroelectric82,046MWh11
Great Falls Hydro Project
Paterson NJ Conventional Hydroelectric8,076MWh11
Hancock County GA Conventional Hydroelectric79,350MWh11
Whatcom County WA Conventional Hydroelectric768,687MWh11
San Bernardino CA Conventional Hydroelectric745,646MWh11
Tallassee Hydro ProjectTallassee Shoals LLC (100.00%)
Athens-Clarke County unified government GA Conventional Hydroelectric7,216MWh11
Lewis County WA Conventional Hydroelectric719,409MWh11
Murray County GA Conventional Hydroelectric71,398MWh11
Klickitat County WA Conventional Hydroelectric7,047,577MWh11
St. Lawrence County NY Conventional Hydroelectric6,937,594MWh11
Shasta County CA Conventional Hydroelectric689,783MWh11
El Dorado County CA Conventional Hydroelectric683,463MWh11
Maricopa County AZ Conventional Hydroelectric67,729MWh11
Fresno County CA Conventional Hydroelectric666,262MWh11
Fairfield Pumped StorageDominion Energy (100.00%)
Fairfield County SC Conventional Hydroelectric65,070MWh11
Tuolumne County CA Conventional Hydroelectric640,995MWh11
Benton County MO Conventional Hydroelectric62,638MWh11
Pepperell Hydro Power PlantPepperell Hydro Company LLC (100.00%)
East Pepperell CDP MA Conventional Hydroelectric6,217MWh11
Chester Diversion Hydroelectric ProjectFall River Electric (100.00%)
Fremont County ID Conventional Hydroelectric6,107MWh11
Shasta County CA Conventional Hydroelectric60,612MWh11
Butte County CA Conventional Hydroelectric604,809MWh11
Metropolitan Sewerage DistrictMetropolitan Sewerage District (100.00%)
Woodfin NC Conventional Hydroelectric5,897MWh11
Hilo CDP HI Conventional Hydroelectric5,851MWh11
Fresno County CA Conventional Hydroelectric58,447MWh11
Wasco County OR Conventional Hydroelectric5,577,683MWh11
Chelan County WA Conventional Hydroelectric5,259,982MWh11
Avalon HydropowerAvalon Hydropower LLC (100.00%)
Mayodan NC Conventional Hydroelectric5,259MWh11
Cornell HydroCornell Hydro (100.00%)
Ithaca NY Conventional Hydroelectric5,231MWh11
Deer Island Treatment PlantMassachusetts Wtr Rauth-Deer I (100.00%)
Boston MA Other Biomass Gas5,174MWh11
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Published: 2023-11-30